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  • Dear
    Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda (Paperback) F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald

    Through his alcoholism and her mental illness, his career highs (and lows) and her institutional confinement, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's devotion to each other endured for more than twenty-two years. This book presents a collection of correspondence between Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

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  • Letters
    Letters to a Young Poet (English, Paperback) Rainer Maria Rilke

    An Unabridged, Unaltered Edition with All Ten Letters, to include three poems from The Book of Pictures: Kings In Legends, The Knight & The Woman Who Loves -

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  • Sakhalin
    Sakhalin Island (English, Paperback) Anton Chekhov

    Highly valuable both as a detailed depiction of the Tsarist system of penal servitude and as an insight into Chekhov's motivations and objectives for visiting the colony and writing the expose, Sakhalin Island is a haunting work of tremendous importance which had a huge impact both on Chekhov's subsequent work and on Russian society.

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  • Get
    Get a Life (Hardback) Vivienne Westwood

    Vivienne Westwood began Get A Life, her online diary, in 2010 with an impassioned post about Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Since then, she has written two or three entries each month, discussing her life in fashion and her involvement with art, politics and the environment. Reading Vivienne's thoughts, in her own words, is as fascinating and provocative as you would expect from...

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  • The
    The Magical Battle of Britain (English, Paperback) Dion Fortune

    The weekly war letters of Dion Fortune to her Society of the Inner Light.

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  • Fifty
    Fifty Bales of Hay (English, Hardback) Roger Evans $15.74 $18.00
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  • Letters
    Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (English, Paperback) Mary Wollstonecraft

    Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (1796) is both an arresting travel book and a personal memoir. In it Wollstonecraft describes the sublime landscape and the events and people she encounters. This edition includes reviews, additional letters, and documents on the background to the journey.

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  • The
    The New Journalism (Multiple languages, Paperback) Tom Wolfe

    With an anthology edited by Tom Wolfe and E. W. Johnson

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  • The
    The Letters of Samuel Beckett: 1966-1989 Volume 4 (Multiple languages, Hardback) Samuel Beckett

    This final volume in the acclaimed edition of The Letters of Samuel Beckett covers the last twenty-four years of Beckett's life and work.

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  • Letters
    Letters to a Young Poet (Paperback) Rainer Maria Rilke

    'What matters is to live everything. Live the questions for now.' This title features profound and lyrical letters the author wrote to a young friend with advise on writing, love, sex, suffering and the nature of advice itself.

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  • Resistance"/
    Resistance (Paperback) Agnes Humbert

    'Agnes Humbert bears devastating witness to her time An insider's account of the germination of the French Resistance' William Boyd

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  • How
    How Can it be? (English, Hardback) Ronnie Wood

    Wood's original handwritten diary is shared here for the first time, giving unique insight into his life and the period. Throughout the diary, Wood reflects on the words he wrote 50 years ago, in a new manuscript of over 12,000 words. Wood discusses memories of the Birds, The Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and the Rolling Stones, recounting stories of the breakups, breakdowns, cars and guitars that...

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  • Play
    Play it Again (Paperback) Alan Rusbridger

    In 2010, the author was the editor of the Guardian, set himself an almost impossible task: to learn, in the space of a year, Chopin's Ballade No 1 - a piece that inspires dread in many professional pianists. His timing could have been better. This title deals with his works.

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  • On
    On Further Reflection (Hardback) Jonathan Miller

    A selection of writings by Jonathan Miller, from the 1960s to the present day. The book covers every side of Miller from comedy to drama, opera to photography, medicine to psychology.

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  • Lord
    Lord Chesterfield's Letters (Multiple languages, Paperback) Lord Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield

    Not originally intended for publication, the celebrated and controversial correspondences between Lord Chesterfield and his son Philip, dating from 1737, were praised in their day as a complete manual of education, and despised by Samuel Johnson for teaching "the morals of a whore and the manners of a dancing-master." Reflecting the political craft of a leading statesman and the urbane wit of a...

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  • Walden"/
    Walden (Paperback) Henry Thoreau

    Features a story about one man's attempt to live the simple life in the wilderness, and the great, founding text both for the environmental movement and the entire counter-culture.

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  • I'm
    I'm Very into You (English, Paperback) Kathy Acker, McKenzie Wark

    "Why am I telling you all this? Partly 'cause the whole queerness/identity thing for me stretches through everything, absolutely everything. Slipping between straight/gay is child's play compared to slipping between writer/teacher/influence-peddler whatever. I forget who I am. You reminded me of who I prefer to be." [M.W.]"It's two in the morning... I know what you mean about...

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  • A
    A Russian Journal (Paperback) John Steinbeck, Robert Capa

    Just after the iron curtain fell on Eastern Europe John Steinbeck and acclaimed war photographer, Robert Capa ventured into the Soviet Union to report for the New York Herald Tribune. This title deals with the two artists, who at the height of their powers, answer their needs to document human struggle.

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  • The
    The Paston Letters (English, Paperback) Norman Davis

    The Pastons of Norfolk left behind them an incomparable picture of life in fifteenth-century England in the earliest great collection of family letters in English. The letters span three generations and most were written during the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV, and Richard III, in a period of political turmoil, local anarchy, and war abroad and at home. They reveal personal hopes and anxieties,...

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