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Dinosaurs and The Prehistoric World books

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  • The Tyrannosaur Chronicles by David Hone
    The Tyrannosaur Chronicles (English, Paperback) David Hone

    The fascinating story of the king of the dinosaurs as never told before.

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  • Dinosaurs by Darren Naish
    Dinosaurs (Paperback) Darren Naish, Paul M. Barrett

    A fully-revised state-of-the-art guide to dinosaur biology, revealing the latest findings about their anatomy, behaviour, evolution, diversity and lifestyle.

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  • Complete Book of Dinosaurs by Dougal Dixon
    Complete Book of Dinosaurs (English, Paperback) Dougal Dixon

    An encyclopedia of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, containing descriptions of their key features, evolutionary adaptations and details of fossil evidence, reconstructed in stunning expert illustrations.

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  • Why Dinosaurs Matter by Kenneth Lacovara
    Why Dinosaurs Matter (Hardback) Kenneth Lacovara

    Dr Kenneth Lacovara, world-renowned paleontologist and discoverer of the super-massive Dreadnoughtus reveals how understanding dinosaurs can help us better understand our own humanity.

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  • The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Gregory S. Paul
    The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Gregory S. Paul

    Covers nearly 750 different dinosaur species, discussing their history, biology, and the extinction of nonavian dinosaurs and providing a history of paleontology.

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  • Dinosaurs by Christine Argot
    Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Christine Argot, Luc Vives

    Blending history and fantasy, science and art, the story of how dinosaurs were discovered and reimagined comes to life through splendid illustrations in this handsome slipcased volume....

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  • The Sauropod Dinosaurs by Mark Hallett
    The Sauropod Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Mark Hallett, Mathew J. Wedel

    From The Land Before Time to Jurassic Park, images of fantastically large, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs have captured our imaginations. These are the sauropods: centerpieces of museums and gentle giants of the distant past. Imagine what it must have been like to crest a hill and see in the valley below not just one sauropod, but an entire herd, feeding its way across the landscape....

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  • Humanology by Luke O'Neill
    Humanology (Hardback) Luke O'Neill

    This book answers all of life's big questions and more. An amazing account of our incredible lives - from insignificant atoms to sophisticated space explorers.

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  • Dinosaurus by Steve Parker
    Dinosaurus (English, Paperback) Steve Parker

    The complete guide to dinosaurs describing in detail and in stunning illustrations what they looked like, what they ate and how they fought, lived and died.

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  • Dinosaur Art 2 by Steve White
    Dinosaur Art 2 (English, Hardback) Steve White

    Following on from Dinosaur Art, this new volume showcases 10 amazing artists whose work represents the cutting edge of paleoart. Many are rising stars in the field; others have embraced digital technology and continue to assert long-standing reputations as leaders in the discipline. This volume also includes state-of-the-art modellers, allowing the reader to explore restoring prehistoric animals...

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  • Paleoart. Visions of the Prehistoric Past by Zoe Lescaze
    Paleoart. Visions of the Prehistoric Past (English, Hardback) Zoe Lescaze, Walton Ford

    Despite vanishing from Earth 66 million years ago, dinosaurs are one of our favorite cultural fascinations. In this history of paleoart, writer Zoe Lescaze and artist Walton Ford scour the globe for dinosaur paintings, drawings, prints, mosaics, and murals. Dating from early 19th century to the digital era, this collection is a celebration of...

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  • Flying Dinosaurs by John Pickrell
    Flying Dinosaurs (English, Paperback) John Pickrell

    Unearthing the recent paleontologial discoveries, this fascinating popular science book shows that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. The discovery of the first feathered dinosaur in China in 1996 sent shockwaves through the paleontologial world. Were the feathers part of a complex mating ritual, or a stepping stone in the evolution of flight? And just how closely related is T. rex to a...

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  • The Dinosauria by David B. Weishampel
    The Dinosauria (English, Paperback) David B. Weishampel

    Includes comprehensive coverage of dinosaur systematics, reproduction, and life history strategies, biogeography, taphonomy, paleoecology, thermoregulation, and extinction. This book offers documentation of dinosaur distribution through time and space, and discussion of the interface between geology and biology.

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  • The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte
    The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Steve Brusatte

    "THE ULTIMATE DINOSAUR BIOGRAPHY," hails Scientific American: A sweeping and revelatory new history of the age of dinosaurs, from one of our finest young scientists....

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  • Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved 2016 by Darren Naish
    Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved 2016 (Hardback) Darren Naish, Paul Barrett

    This state-of-the-art guide to dinosaur biology, reveals the latest findings about their anatomy, behaviour, evolution, diversity and lifestyle.

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  • Animals Of A Bygone Era by Maja Safstrom
    Animals Of A Bygone Era (English, Hardback) Maja Safstrom

    A beautifully illustrated collection of fascinating, surprising, and funny facts about extinct animals. In the past, amazing and strange animals roamed the earth, including giant sea scorpions, tiny horses, enormous sloths, and fierce "terror birds." These and many more fantastic extinct animals are illustrated in this whimsical collection by Swedish artist Maja Säfström.

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  • Dinosaurs - The Grand Tour by Keiron Pim
    Dinosaurs - The Grand Tour (English, Paperback) Keiron Pim

    Now in paperback: A jargon-free, fully (and appealingly) illustrated guide to the key geology, history, and evolutionary theory for every dinosaur worth knowing about, along with their size and weight, what they ate, when they lived, and where they roamed the earth From Aardonyx, a lumbering beast that formed a link between two- and four-legged dinosaurs, to Zuniceratops, who boasted a deadly pair of horns, Dinosaurs?The Grand Tour pairs the latest findings with spectacular illustrations to bring every dinosaur worth knowing about to life.

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  • Dinosaur Art by Steve White
    Dinosaur Art (English, Hardback) Steve White

    Suitable for dinosaur enthusiasts, art lovers and budding illustrators, this book is filled with artwork and paleontology.

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  • Megalodon - The Mega Shark! by Enrique Fiesta
    Megalodon - The Mega Shark! (English, Paperback) Enrique Fiesta, John Davidson

    Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Appearance Chapter 2: Behavior Chapter 3: Environment Conclusion Author Bio Bonus Dinosaur Content Introduction to Dinosaurs Facts about Dinosaurs Dinosaur Extinction Dinosaur Fossils Dinosaur Eggs Dinosaur Names Dinosaur Diet Feathered Dinosaurs Plant Eating Dinosaurs The Weirdest Dinosaurs The Deadliest Dinosaurs Flying Dinosaurs Kinds of Dinosaurs The...

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