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Dominic Couzens

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  • The British Wildlife Year by Dominic Couzens
    The British Wildlife Year (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    In this unique book Dominic Couzens provides a precise record of what happens in the natural world in Britain for each week of the year. What sets this book apart from other wildlife books is that it includes individual 'diaries' for all the common animals, and covers aquatic life as wells as plants.

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  • Wild & Free by Dominic Couzens
    Wild & Free (English, Paperback) Dominic Couzens, AA Publishing

    Wild destinations away from the crowds and back to nature that you don't have to pay to visit.

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  • Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife by Dominic Couzens
    Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife (Paperback) Dominic Couzens, Peter Partington

    Did you know that slugs and snails have spine-tingly good sex; that mosquitoes can dodge raindrops and that Grey Squirrels have regular sleepovers with their neighbours?

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  • The Secret Lives of Garden Birds by Dominic Couzens
    The Secret Lives of Garden Birds (Paperback) Dominic Couzens, Peter Partington

    Have you ever wondered what the birds in your garden get up to when they're not tucking into peanuts and seeds on the birdtable? This book takes us, month by month, into the secret lives of our most familiar garden birds, revealing inspiring, intriguing and scandalous real-life dramas.

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  • Extreme Animals by Dominic Couzens
    Extreme Animals (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    This title is a must have for all wildlife enthusiasts and it showcases the extremes of nature, from the biggest and smallest mammals and reptiles to the highest flying birds and insects, from the deepest swimming creatures to those that live in the hottest and coldest places.

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  • Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs by Dominic Couzens
    Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs (English, Mixed media product) Dominic Couzens, David Nurney

    Research has shown that there are many different learning styles, and adding a tactile/kinesthetic element helps your brain to retain the information you've learned. Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs does just that. Have fun while learning and improve your memory with this revolutionary new series. Author Dominic Couzens has selected 52 popular dinosaurs and has compiled them here, including intriguing speculations about what led to dinosaur extinction, scientific advances in research and exploration throughout history, dinosaur biology and geography, and a geological profile for each dinosaur. Everything you need for a crash course in dinosaur history is right here in one set, ready to open and begin, or to take on the go. This incredible set includes 52 plates to color, colored pencils from Faber-Castell, and everything you need to begin your introduction to the Jurassic period. Journey back in time and explore the exciting world of dinosaurs, page by page. Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs offers the most holistic and fun way to learn about the largest creatures to ever traverse the land.

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  • Atlas of Rare Birds by Dominic Couzens
    Atlas of Rare Birds (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    Captivating stories of the very rare--birds not seen for centuries, birds brought back from the brink of extinction--illustrated with color photographs and maps.

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  • The Crossley ID Guide by Richard Crossley
    The Crossley ID Guide (English, Paperback) Richard Crossley, Dominic Couzens

    Presents a celebration of the beauty of birds and the British and Irish countryside. Following The Crossley ID Guides' award-winning design, this book looks at all regularly occurring species in Britain and Ireland, and shows readers how to identify birds in their natural habitats using size, structure, shape, probability, and behavior.

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  • Extreme Birds by Dominic Couzens
    Extreme Birds (English, Paperback) Dominic Couzens

    "A wonderful collection of bird superlatives. ... Fascinating facts and beautiful photographs make this one a winner." -- Booklist

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  • Secret Lives of British Birds by Dominic Couzens
    Secret Lives of British Birds (Paperback) Dominic Couzens, Peter Partington

    Following in the footsteps of the bestselling Secret Lives of Garden Birds, this trip around Britain's principal habitats looks beyond the confines of our gardens to expose the extraordinary hidden world of some our most familiar birds.

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  • Birds: ID Insights by Dominic Couzens
    Birds: ID Insights (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens, Dave Nurney

    Originally published with subtitle: Identifying the more difficult birds of Britain & north-west Europe: London: New Holland, 2013.

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  • A Patch Made in Heaven by Dominic Couzens
    A Patch Made in Heaven (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    A Patch Made in Heaven is the diary of a wildlife-watching year in a single square kilometre of southern England. Written in wryly humorous style, it details the birds, the animals and the human visitors that turn up and use this tiny parcel of land.

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  • Tales of Remarkable Birds by Dominic Couzens
    Tales of Remarkable Birds (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    An intriguing exploration of strange and surprising bird behavior from throughout the avian world.

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  • Songs of Love and War by Dominic Couzens
    Songs of Love and War (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    A naturalist's journey to explore and understand the birds that fill the air with their music.

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  • RSPB Guide to Birdwatching by David Chandler
    RSPB Guide to Birdwatching (Paperback) David Chandler, Dominic Couzens

    This inspiring new book launches readers into the world of birds. It is split into 6 sections: principles of identification; birdwatching equipment / field skills; how birds are built and how they work; breeding, feeding, migration; bird habitats and distribution; how to help birds in your garden.

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  • Top 100 Birding Sites Of The World by Dominic Couzens
    Top 100 Birding Sites Of The World (Hardback) Dominic Couzens

    Suitable for those who have ever dreamt of seeing King Penguins in Antarctica, cassowaries in Queensland or cocks-of-the-rock in Peru, this book features detailed accounts of the best birdwatching sites in the world, giving background and first-hand experience of what you can find there. Each is ranked from one to 100.

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  • 100 Birds to See Before You Die by Nick Baker
    100 Birds to See Before You Die (English, Hardback) David Chandler, Dominic Couzens

    Contains entries on 100 of the most incredible avian species across the world, illustrated with photographs of each. This book describes the natural history and significance of the featured species, with summary information including size; distribution; habitat; classification; population & conservation status; and the reason for inclusion.

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  • Birds: ID Insights by Dominic Couzens
    Birds: ID Insights (Hardback) Dominic Couzens, Dave Nurney

    Suitable for birders of various levels, this title covers more than 230 species, with easy-to-identify birds such as Magpie and Kingfisher given minimal coverage or excluded altogether so that the more difficult ID issues can be covered as fully as possible.

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  • The Secret Lives of Puffins by Dominic Couzens
    The Secret Lives of Puffins (English, Hardback) Dominic Couzens, Mark Sisson

    An intimate photographic and pen portrait of one of the world's favorite birds.

    4 stars

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