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Donna Leon

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  • Unto Us a Son Is Given by Donna Leon
    Unto Us a Son Is Given (English, Hardback) Donna Leon

    For the 28th novel in Donna Leon's bestselling mystery series, the apparent indiscretion of an elderly family friend involves a reluctant Commissario Guido Brunetti . . . until the sudden natural death of his friend sets in motion a murder

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  • Blood From A Stone by Donna Leon
    Blood From A Stone (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    On a cold night shortly before Christmas, an immigrant street vendor is killed in Venice's Campo Santo Stefano. But once Brunetti begins investigating this unfamiliar Venetian underworld, he discovers that matters of great value are at stake in the immigrant community...

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  • Death and Judgment by Donna Leon
    Death and Judgment (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    In Death and Judgment, the fourth novel in Donna Leon's best selling Commissario Guido Brunetti series, a truck crashes and spills its dangerous cargo on a treacherous road in the Italian Dolomite Mountains. Meanwhile, a prominent international lawyer is found dead aboard an intercity train bound for Venice. Brunetti suspects a connection between the two tragedies. Digging deep for an answer, he...

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  • About Face by Donna Leon
    About Face (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    In the eighteenth novel in Donna Leon's bestselling mystery series, Commissario Guido Brunetti is faced with a toxic situation that puts Italy's environment--and his own family--at risk

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  • My Venice and Other Essays by Donna Leon
    My Venice and Other Essays (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    Donna Leon's wildly popular novels starring Venetian Commissario Guido Brunetti have been praised for their intricate plots and gripping narratives, but also for their insight into the culture, politics, family life, and history of Venice, one of the world's most treasured cities and Leon's home for over thirty years. Leon's books open the doors to a private Venice, beyond the reach of the...

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  • A Question of Belief by Donna Leon
    A Question of Belief (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    As Venice experiences a debilitating heatwave, Commissario Brunetti escapes the city to spend time with his family. Not knowing what to do, he consults Brunetti and asks permission to trail her. Intrigued, Brunetti asks Signorina Elettra to find out what she can while he's away.

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  • Fatal Remedies by Donna Leon
    Fatal Remedies (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    As his professional and personal lives clash, Brunetti's own career is under threat - and the conspiracy which Paola had risked everything to expose draws him inexorably to the brink ...

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  • Brunetti's Cookbook by Roberta Pianaro
    Brunetti's Cookbook (English, Hardback) Roberta Pianaro

    Among their many pleasures, Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti novels have long been celebrated for their mouth-watering descriptions of food. Multicourse lunches at home with Paola and the children, snacks grabbed at a bar with a glass of wine or two, a quick sandwich during a busy day, or a working lunch at a neighborhood trattoria in the course of an investigation have all delighted Brunetti, as well as Leon's readers and reviewers. And then there's the coffee, the pastries, the wine, and the grappa. In Brunetti's Cookbook, Donna Leon's best friend and favorite cook brings to life these fabulous Venetian meals. Eggplant crostini, orrechiette with asparagus, pumpkin ravioli, roasted artichokes, baked branzino, pork ragu with porcini?these are just a few of the over ninety recipes for antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci. The recipes are joined by excerpts from the novels, four-color illustrations, and six original essays by Donna Leon on food and life in Venice. Charming, insightful, and full of personality, they are the perfect addition to this long awaited book.

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  • Brunetti's Venice by Toni Sepeda
    Brunetti's Venice (English, Paperback) Toni Sepeda

    Follow Commissario Guido Brunetti, star of Donna Leon's internationally best-selling mystery series, on over a dozen walks that highlight Venice's churches, markets, bars, cafes, and palazzos In Brunetti's Venice, tourists and armchair travelers follow in the footsteps of Brunetti as he traverses the city he knows and loves. With his acute eye for change in his native city, his fascination with the past, his ear for language and his passion for food and drink, and his familiarity with the dark realities of crime and corruption, Brunetti is the perfect companion for any walk across La Serenissima. Over a dozen walks, encompassing all six regions of Venice as well as the lagoon, lead readers down calli, over canali, and through campi. Important locations from the best-selling novels are highlighted and major themes and characters are explored, all accompanied by poignant excerpts from the novels. This is a must-have companion book for any lover of Donna Leon's wonderful mysteries.

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  • Drawing Conclusions by Donna Leon
    Drawing Conclusions (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    A heart attack seems the likely cause, but Commissario Brunetti is not so sure and decides to take a closer look. Brunetti's investigation takes him deep into the dark heart of his beloved Venice.

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  • Quietly in Their Sleep by Donna Leon
    Quietly in Their Sleep (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    In the sixth book featuring Donna Leon's ever-charming and sympathetic protagonist, Commissario Guido Brunetti comes to the aid of a young nursing sister who has had five patients unexpectedly die and decides to leave her convent. In the course of his inquiries, Brunetti encounters an unusual cast of characters but discovers nothing that seems criminal. Is the nun simply creating a smoke screen to...

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  • Acqua Alta by Donna Leon
    Acqua Alta (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    In Leon's fifth Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery, the beating of renowned art historian Dotoressa Brett Lynch draws the contemporary Venetian police detective out of his warm and loving home and into the yearly onslaught of acqua alta, the torrential winter rains. Brett, an American who spearheaded a recent exhibition of Chinese pottery in Venice, lives with her lover, Flavia Petrelli, the reigning diva of La Scala. With his open mind and good sense, Brunetti finds himself more fazed by Flavia's breathtaking talent than by the nontraditional relationship between the two women. Brunetti's deliberate and humane investigation to uncover a motive for Brett's beating takes him to dark, wet corners of Venice and into a sinister web of art theft, fakery and base human desires. ?Every fan's first-pick Brunetti novel.? ?The New Yorker ?Music and art mingle delightfully with murder and mayhem in the course of this very engaging story.? ?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ?A subtle study of emotion and character? A sophisticated mystery.? ?Library Journal

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  • The Jewels of Paradise by Donna Leon
    The Jewels of Paradise (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    Internationally praised for her Commissario Guido Brunetti series, Donna Leon's first standalone novel features a widely different but equally compelling sleuth, Caterina Pellegrini. Caterina is a native Venetian, and like so many of them, she's had to leave home to pursue her career. With a doctorate in baroque opera from Vienna, she lands in Manchester, England. Manchester, however, is no Venice. When Caterina gets word of a position back home, she jumps at the opportunity. The job is an unusual one. After nearly three centuries, two locked trunks, believed to contain the papers of Agostino Steffani, a baroque composer have been discovered. Deeply-connected in religious and political circles, the composer died childless; now two Venetians, descendants of his cousins, each claim inheritance. Caterina's job is to examine any papers found in the trunks to discover Steffani's ?testamentary disposition? of the composer. But when her research takes her in unexpected directions she begins to wonder just what secrets these trunks may hold. From a masterful writer, The Jewels of Paradise is a superb novel, a gripping tale of intrigue, music, history and greed.

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  • Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon
    Death in a Strange Country (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    Early one morning Commissario Guido Brunetti of the Venice Police confronts a grisly sight when the body of a young man is fished out of a fetid canal. All the clues point to a violent mugging, but for Brunetti the motive of robbery seems altogether too convenient. When something is discovered in the victim's apartment that suggests the existence of a high-level conspiracy, Brunetti becomes convinced that somebody is taking great pains to provide a ready-made solution to the crime. Rich with atmosphere and marvelous plotting, Death in a Strange Country is a superb novel in Donna Leon's chilling Venetian mystery series.

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  • Dressed for Death by Donna Leon
    Dressed for Death (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    Venetian Commissario Guido Brunetti's hopes of escaping the sweltering heat of Venice in August for a refreshing family holiday in the mountains are dashed when a gruesome discovery is made in a field in Margheraa body so badly beaten the face is completely unrecognizable. The victim appears to be a transsexual prostitute. Brunetti searches Venice--including the red-light district--for someone who...

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  • Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon
    Death at La Fenice (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    There is little violent crime in Venice, a serenely beautiful floating city of mystery and magic, history and decay. But the evil that does occasionally rear its head is the jurisdiction of Guido Brunetti, the suave, urbane vice-commissario of police and a genius at detection. Now all of his admirable abilities must come into play in the deadly affair of Maestro Helmut Wellauer, a world-renowned...

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  • Minuit sur le canal San Boldo by Donna Leon
    Minuit sur le canal San Boldo (French, Paperback) Donna Leon $14.87
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  • Testamento mortal by Donna Leon
    Testamento mortal (Spanish, Paperback) Donna Leon $17.47
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  • The Waters of Eternal Youth by Donna Leon
    The Waters of Eternal Youth (English, Hardback) Donna Leon

    Hired to investigate a suspicious near-drowning that left a girl permanently brain damaged years earlier, Brunetti struggles to determine if a crime was actually committed, in a case set against a backdrop of dynamic transitions in contemporary Venice.

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  • Fatal Remedies by Donna Leon
    Fatal Remedies (English, Paperback) Donna Leon

    In the eighth book in Donna Leon's internationally bestselling series, Commissario Guido Brunetti's career comes under threat as his professional and personal lives unexpectedly intersect....

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