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Douglas Murray

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  • Neoconservatism by Douglas Murray
    Neoconservatism (English, Hardback) Douglas Murray

    Features a defense of the controversial political philosophy of our era. This book looks at the movement that replaced Great-Society liberalism, helped Ronald Reagan bring down the Wall, and provided the intellectual rationale for the Bush administration's War on Terror.

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  • Fair Trade by Laura T. Raynolds
    Fair Trade (English, Paperback) Laura T. Raynolds

    Explores the challenges and potential of Fair Trade. This book reveals the challenges the movement faces in its effort to transform globalization, emphasizing the inherent tensions in working both in, and against, the market. It explores Fair Trade's rapid growth into various production regions, market arenas, and commodity areas.

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  • Sir Samuel Baker by T Douglas Murray
    Sir Samuel Baker (Paperback) T Douglas Murray $28.57
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  • The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray
    The Strange Death of Europe (English, CD-Audio) Douglas Murray

    An examination of the continent's current socio-political climate takes the author from Paris to Greece to uncover the malaise at the heart of European culture and paint a picture of crisis.

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  • The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray
    The Strange Death of Europe (English, Paperback) Douglas Murray

    A controversial and devastatingly honest depiction of the demise of Europe, now including new material by the author, Douglas Murray.

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  • Bloody Sunday by Douglas Murray
    Bloody Sunday (English, Hardback) Douglas Murray

    The very human stories from one of the most catastrophic events in modern British and Irish history.

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  • The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray
    The Madness of Crowds (English, Hardback) Douglas Murray

    In the long-awaited follow-up to his 2016 best-seller The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray interrogates the vicious new culture wars playing out in our media, universities, homes and perhaps the most violent place of all: online. The Madness of Crowds is a must-read polemic-a vociferous demand for a return to free speech in an age of mass hysteria and political correctness. ...

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  • Catharine and Other Writings by Jane Austen
    Catharine and Other Writings (English, Paperback) Jane Austen

    This new collection of Austen's brilliant short fiction is the first annotated edition of her short writings. The texts have been compared with the manuscripts to give a number of new readings. In addition to prose fiction and prayers, this collection contains many of her poems written to amuse and console her friends, and are unavailable in any other single volume....

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