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  • Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
    Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers (English, Paperback) Stanley J. Farlow

    Practical text shows how to formulate and solve partial differential equations. Coverage includes diffusion-type problems, hyperbolic-type problems, elliptic-type problems, and numerical and approximate methods. Solution guide available upon request. 1982 edition.

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  • Differential Geometry
    Differential Geometry (English, Paperback) Erwin Kreyszig

    An introductory textbook on the differential geometry of curves and surfaces in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, presented in its simplest, most essential form. With problems and solutions. Includes 99 illustrations.

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  • An Introduction to Information Theory, Symbols, Signals and Noise
    An Introduction to Information Theory, Symbols, Signals and Noise (English, Paperback) John R. Pierce

    Covers encoding and binary digits, entropy, language and meaning, efficient encoding and the noisy channel, and explores ways in which information theory relates to physics, cybernetics, psychology, and art. 1980 edition.

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  • Groups, Rings, Modules
    Groups, Rings, Modules (English, Paperback) Maurice Auslander

    Classic monograph covers sets and maps, monoids and groups, unique factorization domains, localization and tensor products, applications of fundamental theorem, algebraic field extension, Dedekind domains, and much more. 1974 edition.

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  • Mathematical Logic
    Mathematical Logic (English, Hardback) Stephen Cole Kleene

    Undergraduate students with no prior classroom instruction in mathematical logic will benefit from this evenhanded multipart text. It begins with an elementary but thorough overview of mathematical logic of first order. The treatment extends beyond a single method of formulating logic to offer instruction in a variety of techniques: model theory (truth tables), Hilbert-type proof theory, and proof...

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  • One, Two, Three...Infinity
    One, Two, Three...Infinity (English, Paperback) George Gamow

    Over 120 delightful pen-and-ink illustrations by the author add another dimension of good-natured charm to these wide-ranging explorations. A mind-expanding volume for the layman and the science-minded.

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  • How to Calculate Quickly
    How to Calculate Quickly (English, Paperback) Henry Sticker

    Many useful procedures explained and taught: 2-column addition, left-to-right subtraction, mental division of large numbers, more. Also numerous helpful shortcuts. More than 8,000 problems, with solutions. 1945 edition.

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  • The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book
    The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book (English, Paperback) George Polya, Jeremy Kilpatrick

    Based on Stanford University's well-known competitive exam, this excellent mathematics workbook offers students at both high school and college levels a complete set of problems, hints, and solutions. 1974 edition.

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  • Curvature in Mathematics and Physics
    Curvature in Mathematics and Physics (English, Paperback) Shlomo Sternberg

    Expert treatment introduces semi-Riemannian geometry and its principal physical application, Einstein's theory of general relativity, using the Cartan exterior calculus as a principal tool. Prerequisites include linear algebra and advanced calculus. 2012 edition.

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  • Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension
    Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension (English, Paperback) Rudolf V. B. Rucker

    Exposition of fourth dimension, concepts of relativity as Flatland characters continue adventures. Topics include curved space time as a higher dimension, special relativity, and shape of space-time. Includes 141 illustrations.

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  • Introductory Discrete Mathematics
    Introductory Discrete Mathematics (English, Paperback) V.K. Balakrishnan

    This concise, undergraduate-level text focuses on combinatorics, graph theory with applications to some standard network optimization problems, and algorithms. More than 200 exercises, many with complete solutions. 1991 edition.

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  • Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
    Fundamental Concepts of Algebra (English, Paperback) Bruce E. Meserve

    Presents the fundamental concepts of algebra illustrated by numerous examples, and in many cases, suitable sequences of exercises without solutions. Preface. Index. Bibliography. 39 figures.

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  • Introduction to Graph Theory
    Introduction to Graph Theory (English, Paperback) Richard J. Trudeau

    Aimed at "the mathematically traumatized," this text offers nontechnical coverage of graph theory, with exercises. Discusses planar graphs, Euler's formula, Platonic graphs, coloring, the genus of a graph, Euler walks, Hamilton walks, more. 1976 edition.

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  • Excursions in Number Theory
    Excursions in Number Theory (English, Paperback) C. Stanley Ogilvy, John T. Anderson

    Challenging, accessible mathematical adventures involving prime numbers, number patterns, irrationals and iterations, calculating prodigies, and more. "Splendidly written, well selected and presented collection." ? Martin Gardner.

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  • The Geometry of Rene Descartes
    The Geometry of Rene Descartes (English, Paperback) Rene Descartes

    The great work that founded analytical geometry. Includes the original French text, Descartes' own diagrams, and the definitive Smith-Latham translation. "The greatest single step ever made in the progress of the exact sciences." ? John Stuart Mill.

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  • A Course on Group Theory
    A Course on Group Theory (English, Paperback) John S. Rose

    Text for advanced courses in group theory focuses on finite groups, with emphasis on group actions. Explores normal and arithmetical structures of groups as well as applications. 679 exercises. 1978 edition.

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  • Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with Applications
    Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with Applications (English, Paperback) E. C. Zachmanoglou

    This text explores the essentials of partial differential equations as applied to engineering and the physical sciences. Discusses ordinary differential equations, integral curves and surfaces of vector fields, the Cauchy-Kovalevsky theory, more. Problems and answers.

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  • Continued Fractions
    Continued Fractions (English, Paperback) A. Y. Khinchin

    Elementary-level text by noted Soviet mathematician offers superb introduction to positive-integral elements of theory of continued fractions. Properties of the apparatus, representation of numbers by continued fractions, and more. 1964 edition.

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  • Foundations of Mathematical Analysis
    Foundations of Mathematical Analysis (English, Paperback) Richard Johnsonbaugh, W. E. Pfaffenberger

    Definitive look at modern analysis, with views of applications to statistics, numerical analysis, Fourier series, differential equations, mathematical analysis, and functional analysis. More than 750 exercises; some hints and solutions. 1981 edition.

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  • Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability with Solutions
    Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability with Solutions (English, Paperback) Frederick Mosteller

    Remarkable puzzlers, graded in difficulty, illustrate elementary and advanced aspects of probability. These problems were selected for originality, general interest, or because they demonstrate valuable techniques. Also includes detailed solutions.

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