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Dr Benjamin Wardhaugh

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  • How to Read Historical Mathematics by Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh
    How to Read Historical Mathematics (English, Hardback) Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

    Writings by early mathematicians feature language and notations that are quite different from what we're familiar with today. Sourcebooks on the history of mathematics provide some guidance, but what has been lacking is a guide tailored to the needs of readers approaching these writings for the first time. This book intends to fill this gap.

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  • A Wealth of Numbers by Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh
    A Wealth of Numbers (English, Hardback) Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

    An anthology that gathers together nearly one hundred selections from the past 500 years of popular math writing. Ranging from the late fifteenth to the late twentieth century, and drawing from books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, it includes recreational, classroom, and work mathematics; mathematical histories and biographies; and, more.

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  • The Correspondence of Charles Hutton by Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh
    The Correspondence of Charles Hutton (English, Hardback) Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

    This book is the first edition of the surviving correspondence of celebrated Georgain mathematician and educator Charles Hutton (1737-1823).

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  • Poor Robin's Prophecies by Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh
    Poor Robin's Prophecies (English, Hardback) Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

    From the reign of Charles II to the early 19th century, a curious Almanac - part 'teach-yourself mathematics', part political satire - promoted the use of science in everyday life and trades. Benjamin Wardaugh tells the story of the rumbustious 'Poor Robin of Saffron Walden', and the rise of popular science in Georgian England.

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