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  • The Country Where No One Ever Dies
    The Country Where No One Ever Dies (English, Paperback) Ornela Vorpsi

    The spare, unsentimental first novel by an extraordinary new voice in world literature.

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  • Night
    Night (English, Paperback) Vedrana Rudan

    An unforgettable invective, Night marks the emergence of an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction.

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  • Things in the Night
    Things in the Night (English, Hardback) Mati Unt

    Things in the Night explores a world on the edge of disaster--plagued by mysterious power-outages and threatened by ominous conspiracies--juxtaposed against images and stories of unsurpassed beauty and tenderness. Beginning with the simple but moving words, "My Dear, I feel I owe you an explanation," and ending with the passionate, lyrical, and immensely sad, "Those were beautiful years, beautiful...

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  • A Tomb for Boris Davidovich
    A Tomb for Boris Davidovich (English, Paperback) Danilo Kis

    "Kis is one of the handful of incontestably major writers of the second half of the century . . . Danilo Kis preserves the honor of literature."—Partisan Review

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  • Chinese Letter
    Chinese Letter (English, Hardback) Svetislav Basara

    Ordered by two mysterious, intimidating men to "write a statement of about 100 pages," the narrator of Chinese Letter - who's not even sure of his name, but calls himself Fritz - faithfully records the twisted experiences of his daily life: his absurd conversations with his mother, his visits to a friend who works in the hospital's morgue, and his sister's tumultuous marriage to the butcher's son,...

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  • Natural Novel
    Natural Novel (English, Paperback) Georgi Gospodinov

    "Natural Novel is simultaneously erudite and funny?a lucky combination that rarely occurs in Bulgarian books."?Kapital

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  • The Questionnaire
    The Questionnaire (English, Paperback) Jiri Grusa

    Originally circulated in Czechoslovakia in an underground edition of nineteen typewritten copies (which landed the author in jail for "initiating disorder"),The Questionnaire is Jirí Grusa's internationally acclaimed masterpiece.In completing a standard employment questionnaire, narrator Jan Kepka manages to write a beautifully impressionistic history of his life, his family, and his...

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  • Diary of a Blood Donor
    Diary of a Blood Donor (English, Hardback) Mati Unt

    In this contemporary retelling of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Estonian writer Mati Unt offers a playful yet unsettling mixture of fact and fiction, combining pieces of Estonian political history--in particular the figure of Lydia Koidula (1843-1886), widely regarded as the first Estonian woman to express an Estonian longing for independence--with portraits of life in contemporary Estonia, all set...

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  • Pigeon Post
    Pigeon Post (English, Hardback) Dumitru Tsepeneag

    A man, a writer, lives alone in a rather squalid Paris apartment. He is trying to write a novel, but he has nothing to say. He tries multiple beginnings, interspersed with one digression (but from what?) after another. In the hope of finding subject matter for his would-be realistic story, he then sends letters to three friends - Edmond, Edgar, and Edourd - with a list of questions about their...

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  • The City Builder
    The City Builder (English, Hardback) George Konrad, Ivan Sanders

    An architect in an unnamed city considers his life, his work, and the many-layered history of the city he and his family?architects all?have contributed to building. In the days after World War II?during which American bombers destroyed much of what his father built?he becomes a Stalinist planner and realizes that the power of the nobility, the wealthy and the bourgeois has been usurped by...

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