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  • The Ecological Thought
    The Ecological Thought (English, Paperback) Timothy Morton

    Argues that various forms of life are connected in a vast, entangling mesh and this interconnectedness penetrates different dimensions of life. This title investigates the profound philosophical, political, and aesthetic implications of the fact that these life forms are interconnected.

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  • Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction
    Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) David C. Catling

    Astrobiologists study the origin and evolution of life on Earth and the possibility of life beyond Earth; a question that has fascinated scientists for hundreds of years. In this Very Short Introduction, David C. Catling introduces the latest scientific understanding of astrobiology, incorporating aspects of microbiology, geology, and astronomy.

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  • Ecology in Action
    Ecology in Action (English, Hardback) Fred D. Singer

    Integrates process and content of core areas of ecology using an engaging narrative, fascinating case studies, and stunning images throughout.

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  • Biogeochemistry
    Biogeochemistry (English, Paperback) W. H. Schlesinger, Emily S. Bernhardt

    Considers how the basic chemical conditions of the Earth - from atmosphere to soil to seawater - have been and are being affected by the existence of life. This title helps students extrapolate small-scale examples to the global level, and also discusses the instrumentation being used by NASA and its role in studies of global change.

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  • The Seneca Effect
    The Seneca Effect (English, Hardback) Ugo Bardi

    The essence of this book can be found in a line written by the ancient Roman Stoic Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca: "Fortune is of sluggish growth, but ruin is rapid". This sentence summarizes the features of the phenomenon that we call "collapse," which is typically sudden and often unexpected, like the proverbial "house of cards." But why are such collapses so common, and what generates them?...

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  • Growing a Revolution
    Growing a Revolution (English, Hardback) David R. Montgomery

    An inspiring vision for restoring the soil that feeds us all and turns agriculture into a solution for environmental crises.

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  • Letters to a Young Scientist
    Letters to a Young Scientist (English, Paperback) Edward O. Wilson

    Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson imparts the wisdom of his storied career to the next generation.

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  • Essentials of Ecology 4E
    Essentials of Ecology 4E (English, Paperback) Michael Begon, Robert Warren Howarth

    * In a concise, engaging style, this text outlines the essential principles of ecology from the theoretical fundamentals to their practical applications. * Full color artwork, simple pedagogical features, and a wide range of carefully-chosen examples make this book an ideal introduction to ecology for students at all levels.

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  • The New Neotropical Companion
    The New Neotropical Companion (English, Paperback) John Kricher

    Revised edition of: A neotropical companion. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. c1997.

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  • An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology
    An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology (English, Paperback) Nicholas B. Davies, John R. Krebs

    Covers the influence of natural selection on behaviour an animal s struggle to survive and reproduce by exploiting and competing for resources, avoiding predators, selecting mates and caring for offspring, and how animal societies reflect both cooperation and conflict among individuals.

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  • What Nature Does For Britain
    What Nature Does For Britain (English, Paperback) Tony Juniper

    From the peat bogs and woodlands that help to secure our water supply, to the bees and soils that produce most of the food we eat, Britain is rich in 'natural capital'. Yet we take supplies of clean water and secure food for granted, rarely considering the free work nature does for Britain. In fact for years we have damaged the systems that sustain us under the illusion that we are keeping prices...

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  • Gods, Wasps and Stranglers
    Gods, Wasps and Stranglers (English, Hardback) Mike Shanahan

    They are trees of life and trees of knowledge. They are wish-fulfillers … rainforest royalty … more precious than gold. They are the fig trees, and they have affected humanity in profound but little-known ways. Gods, Wasps and Stranglers tells their amazing story.Fig trees fed our pre-human ancestors, influenced diverse cultures and played key roles in the dawn of civilization. They feature in...

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  • Life's Engines
    Life's Engines (English, Paperback) Paul G. Falkowski

    For almost four billion years, microbes had the primordial oceans all to themselves. The stewards of Earth, these organisms transformed the chemistry of our planet to make it habitable for plants, animals, and us. Life's Engines takes readers deep into the microscopic world to explore how these marvelous creatures made life on Earth possible--and how human life today would cease to exist without...

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  • Applied Ecology
    Applied Ecology (English, Paperback) Anne Goodenough, Adam Hart

    Applied Ecology shows students how an understanding of ecological theory can be used to address the important issues facing ecologists today. Its problem-solving approach reflects the reality of using ecological tools in applied contexts, while highlighting the underlying theories so the link between theory and practice is clear.

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  • Wildlife Habitat Conservation
    Wildlife Habitat Conservation (English, Hardback) Michael L. Morrison

    Waits, John A. Wiens

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  • Community Ecology
    Community Ecology (English, Paperback) Mark Gardener

    Covers many of the mainstays of community analysis including: diversity, similarity and cluster analysis, ordination and multivariate analyses. Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers seeking a step-by-step methodology for analysing plant and animal communities using R and Excel.

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  • Diving Beetles of the World
    Diving Beetles of the World (English, Hardback) Kelly B. Miller, Johannes Bergsten

    Diving beetles are fast becoming important models for aquatic ecology, world biogeography, population ecology, and animal sexual evolution and, with this book, the diversity of the group is finally accessible.

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  • A Sea of Glass
    A Sea of Glass (English, Hardback) Drew Harvell

    It started with a glass octopus. Fashioned in detail by the father-son glassmaking team of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka, the octopus belonged to a menagerie of unusual marine creatures that had been stored in a Corning Museum of Glass storage unit. This book reveals the unusual biology of some of the most ancient animals on the tree of life.

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  • Mountains and Plains
    Mountains and Plains (English, Paperback) Dennis H. Knight, George, P. Jones

    An up-to-date and comprehensive guide to the ecology of Wyoming and adjacent Rocky Mountain states

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