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  • How Will Capitalism End?
    How Will Capitalism End? (English, Hardback) Wolfgang Streeck

    How Will Capitalism End? is a collection of essays on capitalism after the erosion of postwar stability: on the capitalist crisis, how it may continue, and what may come after it. Special attention is paid to Europe and the European Union, as one local or regional manifestation of the global economic and social drama that is our present. A central theme is capitalist democracy and its...

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  • The Power of Market Fundamentalism
    The Power of Market Fundamentalism (English, Paperback) Research Professor of Sociology Fred Block

    What is it about free-market ideas that gives them staying power in the face of such failures as persistent unemployment, widening inequality, and financial crises? The Power of Market Fundamentalism extends economist Karl Polanyi's work to explain why these dangerous utopian ideas have become the dominant economic ideology of our time.

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  • Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century
    Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century (English, Paperback) John Smith

    Winner of the first Paul A. Baran-Paul M. Sweezy Memorial Award for an original monograph concerned with the political economy of imperialism, John Smith's Imperialism in the TwentyFirst Century is a seminal examination of the relationship between the core capitalist countries and the rest of the world in the age of neoliberal globalization.

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  • Capitalism
    Capitalism (Paperback) Arundhati Roy

    An impassioned manifesto from the author of Booker-winner God of Small Things, one of the most vocal campaigners in the world


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  • The Happiness Industry
    The Happiness Industry (English, Paperback) William Davies

    "In winter 2014, a Tibetan monk lectured the world leaders gathered at Davos on the importance of Happiness. The recent DSM-5, the manual of all diagnosable mental illnesses, for the first time included shyness and grief as treatable diseases. Happiness has become the biggest idea of our age, a new religion dedicated to well-being. In this brilliant dissection of our times, political economist...

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  • The Mythology of Work
    The Mythology of Work (English, Paperback) Peter Fleming

    How neoliberal society has transformed the nature of work into a pointless ritual.

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  • Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction
    Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Manfred B. Steger, Ravi K. Roy

    In its heyday in the late 1990s, neoliberalism emerged as the world's dominant economic paradigm. But the global financial crisis of 2008-9 fundamentally shocked a globalized economy built on neoliberal assumptions. This VSI examines the origins, core claims, and considerable variations of neoliberalism with examples from around the world.

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  • The Seneca Effect
    The Seneca Effect (English, Hardback) Ugo Bardi

    The essence of this book can be found in a line written by the ancient Roman Stoic Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca: "Fortune is of sluggish growth, but ruin is rapid". This sentence summarizes the features of the phenomenon that we call "collapse," which is typically sudden and often unexpected, like the proverbial "house of cards." But why are such collapses so common, and what generates them?...

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  • Saving Capitalism
    Saving Capitalism (English, Paperback) Robert B Reich

    From the author of Aftershock and The Work of Nations, his most important book to dateĀ—a myth-shattering breakdown of how the economic system that helped make America so strong is now failing us, and what it will take to fix it.Perhaps no one is better acquainted with the intersection of economics and politics than Robert B. Reich, and now he reveals how power and influence have created a new...

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  • The Sharing Economy
    The Sharing Economy (English, Paperback) Arun Sundararajan

    Sharing isn't new. Giving someone a ride, having a guest in your spare room, running errands for someone, participating in a supper club -- these are not revolutionary concepts. What is new, in the "sharing economy," is that you are not helping a friend for free; you are providing these services to a stranger for money. In this book, Arun Sundararajan, an expert on the sharing economy, explains...

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  • The Limits of the Market
    The Limits of the Market (English, Hardback) Paul de Grauwe

    Paul De Grauwe examines why a healthy mix of market and state seems so difficult and analyses the internal and external limits of the market and the government, and the swing between these two points.

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  • Why we can't afford the rich
    Why we can't afford the rich (English, Paperback) Andrew Sayer

    Why we can't afford the rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others. With an updated Afterword, Andrew Sayer shows how the rich worldwide have increased their ability to hide their wealth, create indebtedness and expand their political influence.

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  • The Corruption of Capitalism
    The Corruption of Capitalism (English, Hardback) Guy Standing

    Guy Standing, best-selling author of The Precariat, reveals the devastating effects of the construction of a global market economy. The Corruption of Capitalism shows why, in the interests of democracy and our common wealth, the rise of rentier capitalism must be resisted. If it is not, we risk dire social and political consequences.

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  • Deciphering Capital
    Deciphering Capital (Paperback) Alex Callinicos

    Marx's Capital is back where it belongs, at the centre of debate about Marxism and its purchase on the contemporary world. In recent years there has been an explosion of much wider interest in Capital, after the debate on Capital largely fell silent in the late-1970s. In Deciphering Capital, Alex Callinicos offers his own substantial contribution to the debate. He tackles the question of Marx's...

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  • The Racket
    The Racket (English, Paperback) Matt Kennard

    An investigation of how the US empire continues to enslave much of humanity, both at home and abroad.

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  • The Goal
    The Goal (English, Paperback) Eliyahu M Goldratt $26.45
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