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  • Great
    Great Thinkers (Hardback) The School of Life

    Simple tools from 60 great thinkers through the ages, to improve your life today

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  • Requiem
    Requiem for the American Dream (English, Paperback) Kelly Nyks

    NOAM CHOMSKY is widely regarded as the most influential thinker of our time, but never before has he devoted a major book to one topic, income inequality: "During the Great Depression, things were much worse than they are today, but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. There was a real sense of hopefulness. There isn't today. . . . Inequality is really unprecedented. In...

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  • Microeconomics"/
    Microeconomics (English, Hardback) Austan Goolsbee, Chad Syverson

    Microeconomics bridges the gap between today's theory and practice, with a strong empirical dimension that lets students tests theory and successfully apply it.

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  • How
    How Will Capitalism End? (English, Hardback) Wolfgang Streeck

    "The provocative political thinker asks if it will be with a bang or a whimper In How Will Capitalism End? the acclaimed analyst of contemporary politics and economics Wolfgang Streeck argues that capitalism is now in a critical condition. Growth is giving way to secular stagnation; inequality is leading to instability; and confidence in the capitalist money economy has all but evaporated....

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  • New
    New A-Level Economics: Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice (Paperback) CGP Books

    New A-Level Economics: Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice


    5 stars

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  • Naked
    Naked Statistics (English, Paperback) Charles Wheelan

    "Brilliant, funny ... the best math teacher you never had."-San Francisco Chronicle

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  • A
    A Brief History of Neoliberalism (English, Paperback) David Harvey

    Writing for a wide audience, Harvey here tells the political-economic story of where neoliberalization came from and how it proliferated on the world stage. He constructs a framework, not only for analyzing the political and economic dangers that now surround us, but also for assessing the prospects for more socially just alternatives.

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  • 23
    23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism (English, Paperback) Ha-Joon Chang

    Turns received economic wisdom on its head to show you how the world really works. In this book, the author destroys the biggest myths of our times and shows us an alternative view of the world, including: there's no such thing as a 'free' market Globalization isn't making the world richer; poor countries are more entrepreneurial than rich ones.

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  • Fresh
    Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies (English, Paperback) Seth M. Holmes

    Provides an intimate examination of the everyday lives and suffering of Mexican migrants in our contemporary food system. The author shows how market forces, anti-immigrant sentiment, and racism undermine health and health care.

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  • The
    The Last American CEO (English, Hardback) Jason Vines, Joe Cappy

    “The Last American CEO” is the ultimate insider’s view of one of the biggest global business deals in history – Chrysler’s 1987 purchase of American Motors (AMC) from French automaker Renault. Relevant today? The jewel of the acquisition was Chrysler acquiring the Jeep brand, which almost single-handily saved Chrysler from near-bankruptcy in the early 1990s and certainly allowed Chrysler to...

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  • A
    A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind (English, Paperback) Stephen Mitford Goodson

    The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many acute observers as the "Hidden Hand." It is the power to create, lend and accumulate interest on "credit," and then re-lend that interest for further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt, from the individual, to the family, to the entire state. The ability to operate a fraudulent credit and loan system...

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  • The
    The Simple Strategy (English, Paperback) Markus Heitkoetter, Mark Hodge $11.76
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  • Change
    Change to Chains-The 6,000 Year Quest for Control -Volume I-Rise of the Republic (English, Paperback) William J Federer

    How did past civilizations rise and fall? How rare is America's experiment with a republic? World history comes alive in this edition that presents a whole new perspective.

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  • Mastering
    Mastering 'Metrics (English, Paperback) Joshua David Angrist, Jorn-Steffen Pischke

    Applied econometrics, known to aficionados as 'metrics, is the original data science. 'Metrics encompasses the statistical methods economists use to untangle cause and effect in human affairs. Through accessible discussion and with a dose of kung fu-themed humor, Mastering 'Metrics presents the essential tools of econometric research and demonstrates why econometrics is exciting and useful.The...

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  • How
    How Europe Underdeveloped Africa (Paperback) Walter Rodney

    Rodney's classic argues that the imperial countries of Europe, along with the US, bear major responsibility for impoverishing Africa. They have been joined in this exploitation by agents or unwitting accomplices in both the North and Africa. This new edition includes additional essays by Rodney and an introduction by the Walter Rodney Foundation.

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  • The
    The Economics of Tax Policy (English, Hardback) Kent Smetters

    The debates about the what, who, and how of tax policy are at the core of politics, policy, and economics. The Economics of Tax Policy provides an accessible overview of recent research in the economics of taxation.

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  • The
    The Ordeal of Change (English, Paperback) Eric Hoffer

    Eric Hoffer--one of America's most important thinkers and the author of The True Believer--lived for years as a Depression Era migratory worker. Self-taught, his appetite for knowledge--history, science, mankind--formed the basis of his insight to human nature. Nowhere is this more evident than in Hoffer's seminal work, The Ordeal of Change, essays on the duality and essentiality of change in man...

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