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  • Assemblage Theory
    Assemblage Theory (English, Paperback) Manuel DeLanda

    Examines the concept of an assemblage of heterogeneous components...

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  • The Almoravid and Almohad Empires
    The Almoravid and Almohad Empires (English, Paperback) Amira K. Bennison

    This is the first book in English to provide a comprehensive account of the rise and fall of the Almoravids and the Almohads, the two most important Berber dynasties of the medieval Islamic west, an area that encompassed southern Spain and Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Sanhaja Almoravids emerged from the Sahara in the 1050s to conquer vast territories and halt the Christian advance...

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  • The Cultural Politics of Emotion
    The Cultural Politics of Emotion (Paperback) Sara Ahmed

    Emotions work to define who we are as well as shape what we do and this is no more powerfully at play than in the world of politics. The author considers how emotions keep us invested in relationships of power, and also shows how this use of emotion could be crucial to feminist and queer political movements.

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  • Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past
    Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past (English, Paperback) Tom M. Devine

    For more than a century and a half the real story of Scotland's connections to transatlantic slavery has been lost to history and shrouded in myth. There was even denial that the Scots had any significant involvement in slavery. The volume systematically peels away the mythology and radically revises the traditional picture.

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  • An Introduction to Political Thought
    An Introduction to Political Thought (English, Paperback) Peri Roberts, Peter Sutch

    This textbook, now in its second edition, is designed to equip students with a basic 'conceptual toolkit' for the study of political thought: (i) a basic political vocabulary, (ii) a conceptual vocabulary and (iii) an historical vocabulary.

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  • Fields of Sense
    Fields of Sense (English, Paperback) Markus Gabriel

    What is the meaning of 'being' - or, rather, 'existence' - and how does that concept relate to the totality of what there is? This title presents an ontology based on the concept of fields of sense.

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  • Deleuze's Difference and Repetition
    Deleuze's Difference and Repetition (English, Paperback) Henry Somers-Hall

    Suitable for those approaching Deleuze for the first time, this title situates Deleuze within the philosophical tradition and makes it clear why the author develops his philosophy in the way that he does.

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  • Historical Linguistics
    Historical Linguistics (English, Paperback) Lyle Campbell

    An introduction to the study of language. With abundant examples and exercises, it helps students learn for themselves how to do historical linguistics. It also includes examples taken from a wide range of languages, including non-Indo-European languages, that illustrate concepts and methods.

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  • The End of Phenomenology
    The End of Phenomenology (English, Paperback) Tom Sparrow

    In the 20th century, phenomenology promised a method that would get philosophy "back to the things themselves". But phenomenology has always been haunted by the spectre of an anthropocentric antirealism....

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  • Research Methods for English Studies
    Research Methods for English Studies (English, Paperback) Gabriele Griffin

    A guide to research methods for final-year undergraduates, postgraduates taking Masters degrees and PhDs students of 19th- and 20th-century Literary Studies. Each chapter centres on one particular method, offering both advice on how to utilise it and exploring some of the methodological issues that are involved in the use of the particular method.

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    STASIS (English, Paperback) Giorgio Agamben

    Offers Agamben's genealogy of power in terms of political, philosophical and legal thought. This book investigates the genealogy of the strife between the Polis and its population with particular regard to the Greek concept of stasis and the strife with the commonwealth of Hobbes' Leviathan.

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  • Being Palestinian
    Being Palestinian (English, Paperback) Yasir Suleiman

    What does it means to be Palestinian in the diaspora? This book offers a collection of 100 reflections on being Palestinian. It contributes to the debate on what it means to be Palestinian. It asks what the diaspora is for Palestinians. It looks at how being Palestinian varies across gender, generation, religious affiliation and more.

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  • Reforging a Forgotten History
    Reforging a Forgotten History (English, Paperback) Sargon Donabed

    This book details the narrative and history of Iraq in the 20th century and reinserts the Assyrian experience as an integral part of Iraq's broader contemporary historiography. It is the first comprehensive account to contextualize this native people's experience alongside the developmental processes of the modern Iraqi state.

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  • Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus
    Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus (English, Paperback) Brent Adkins

    What is a rhizome? What is a war machine? What is a body without organs? This volume provides a singular interpretation of the work in terms of assemblages and connecting that interpretation with traditional and contemporary debates within philosophy. It explains all the terms found in A Thousand Plateaus.

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  • Slow Cinema
    Slow Cinema (English, Paperback) Tiago De Luca

    This collection of essays interrogates and expands the frameworks that have informed slow cinema debates. Repositioning the term in a broader theoretical space, the book combines an array of fine-g rained studies that will provide insight into the notion of slowness in the cinema, while mapping out past and contemporary slow films across the globe.

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  • Quentin Meillassoux
    Quentin Meillassoux (English, Paperback) Graham Harman

    Offers a comprehensive study of the emerging French philosopher Quentin Meillassoux. This volume covers materials that have not been published at the time of the first edition. It also features several fresh articles by Meillassoux.

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  • Form and Object
    Form and Object (English, Paperback) Tristan Garcia

    What is a thing? What is an object? The author decisively overturns 100 years of Heideggerian orthodoxy about the supposed derivative nature of objects and in so doing provides deep insights about the world and our place in it.

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  • Islam and the Foundations of Political Power
    Islam and the Foundations of Political Power (English, Paperback) Ali Abdel Razek

    Egypt, 1925: the Muslim world is in turmoil over Mustapha Kamal Ataturk's proposal to abolish the caliphate in Turkey. Into this debate enters Ali Abdel Razek, a religious cleric trained at Al-Azhar University, arguing in favour of secularism in his essay Islam and the Foundations of Political Power. This title offers a translation of this essay.

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  • Security Arabic
    Security Arabic (Multiple languages, Paperback) Mark Evans

    Your guide to current terms and concepts used in intelligence and security Arabic.

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  • The Post-Political and Its Discontents
    The Post-Political and Its Discontents (English, Paperback) Japhy Wilson

    We are told that we live in a post ideological era; that we have moved 'beyond Left and Right'; and that we are 'all in it together'. Democracy has been reduced to the consensual administration of economic necessity. How can we make sense of this form of depoliticisation? This title examines how the post political has come to dominate governance.

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