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Editors of Klutz

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  • Tiny Stitches by Editors of Klutz
    Tiny Stitches (English, Mixed media product)

    Children can discover all about the basics of embroidery with Klutz-clear instructions in Tiny Stitches. This book gives children the opportunity to perform modern, quick projects creating adorable designs based on a traditional craft. Children can turn their finished sewn art into necklace pendants or showcase them with custom mini-display hoops.

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  • Smash Bot Battle by Editors of Klutz
    Smash Bot Battle (English, Mixed media product)

    Get ready to smash, crash and bash in Smash Bot Battle! Smash Bots are no ordinary paper robots. Build 8 action-packed, 3-D papercraft robots that zoom on pullback motors. Then create an entire city and prepare yourself for ultimate mayhem. Topple skyscrapers and wreck ramps in an epic battle between good and evil.

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  • Shimmer Art by Editors of Klutz
    Shimmer Art (English, Mixed media product)

    Shimmer Art is craft 3-D art that stands out! Use pins, cardboard and sequins to add some sparkle and shine to your room. Choose from 12 dazzling designs including a unicorn and hot air balloon. The unique Klutz double-tipped tool helps you easily push pins and sort sequins. Display your eye-catching creations to bring a little bling to your space.

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  • Fashion Portfolio by Editors of Klutz
    Fashion Portfolio (English, Mixed media product)

    Designing your dream fashion collection has never been easier with Klutz: Fashion Portfolio Unleash your inner designer with 40 fashion templates to style your way. Simply choose your model, pick your swatches and cut and tape them under the cutout illustration to create one-of-a-kind looks.

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  • Personalized Friendship Bracelets by Editors of Klutz
    Personalized Friendship Bracelets (English, Mixed media product)

    Design super-detailed bracelets with Personalized Friendship Bracelets! With step-by-step instructions, punch-out design tiles and a built-in bracelet making tool, it's easy to create bracelets which feature names, messages, patterns and even hashtags. Comes with over 35 metres of embroidery floss in 5 colours, a bracelet board and a pattern guide.

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  • Coloring Crush by Editors of Klutz
    Coloring Crush (English, Mixed media product)

    Unleash your inner artist with Coloring Crush. The set includes everything you need to make awesome art. And, for those who can't find the pointy end of a pencil, it includes a simple, introductory how-to guide includes a crash course in using coloured pencils, blending and layering, colour scheme inspirations and artist-approved techniques.

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  • Prankster Magic by Editors of Klutz
    Prankster Magic (English, Mixed media product)

    Learn casual coin tricks, clever card tricks and other fabulous fake-outs to fool your friends and confound your family in Prankster Magic. The book combines mischief and amazement to allow the performer to be the star, instead of the trick or gadget. Sections include coin tricks, card tricks and mind reading, plus lots of easy pranks.

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  • Sew Mini Treats by Editors of Klutz
    Sew Mini Treats (English, Mixed media product)

    Stitch and stuff your favorite pretend foods with Sew Mini Treats! Make your own felted play food with fabulous faces. Includes instructions, patterns and materials for 18 cute items as well as tips to customize your designs. With super-clear instructions and no sewing experience required, Sew Mini Treats provides hours of endless entertainment.

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  • Create Your Own Quote Art by Editors of Klutz
    Create Your Own Quote Art (English, Mixed media product)

    Colour and decorate 11 quote art prints any way you please in Create Your Own Quote Art, a customizable collection of inspirational phrases. Each board has a special sticker surface so you can add sparkle with glittery foil. Go wild colouring the quote-worthy sayings and create your own motivational mottos!

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  • Gold Charm Bracelet Studio by Editors of Klutz
    Gold Charm Bracelet Studio (English, Mixed media product)

    Create awesome personalized charms with Charm Bracelet Studio. Children can design and paint their own high-quality gold charms. With more than 100 designs to choose from, gold bangles and over 20 metal charms, there are tons of ways to show off their individual styles and interests.

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  • Paper Fashions Fantasy Single by Editors of Klutz
    Paper Fashions Fantasy Single (English, Paperback)

    Everything needed to make fashions that sparkle with imagination, from fantastic fairy outfits to beautiful dresses fit for a princess. Includes acid-free designer paper, bewitching embellishments, simple-to-use stencils, and coat-hangers to keep creations safe.

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  • Dress-Up Your Own Paper Pups by Editors of Klutz
    Dress-Up Your Own Paper Pups (English, Mixed media product)

    Dress and redress five of the most adorable paper pups ever in Dress-Up Your Own Paper Pups! These cute outfits stay in place securely and look stylish from both the front and back. The kit comes with everything you need, including five double-sided puppies with 30+ fashions, accessories, dog carrier and five stands to show off your pups.

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  • Make Glitter Clay Charms by Editors of Klutz
    Make Glitter Clay Charms (English, Mixed media product)

    Packed with all-new designs, glitter clay and plenty of glitter, Make Glitter Clay Charms is the perfect product for children for want to make charms that sparkle! Using the clay-shaping tool, children can easily sculpt and add detail to create awesome, one-of-a-kind charms to treasure forever.

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  • Straw Shooter Jets by Editors of Klutz
    Straw Shooter Jets (English, Mixed media product)

    Build and launch your own mini air force of 25 planes in Straw Shooter Jets! Use plastic stencils to trace and cut out planes with custom designs and shoot them across the room with straws. Includes 10 launch straws, nose weights, 50 custom printed paper jets and plastic stencils to create even more planes. Hours of endless fun guaranteed.

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  • The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses by Editors of Klutz
    The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses (English, Mixed media product)

    The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses comes with everything girls need to dress-up and play with the horses of their dreams. With the reusable mix-and-match pieces, they can give a silver mare a pair of sparkling wings and a rainbow mane. Or dress a cuddly colt in star horseshoes and a glittery crown.

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  • My Style Studio by Editors of Klutz
    My Style Studio (English, Mixed media product)

    Embrace your inner fashion designer with a new and updated version of the hugely popular My Style Studio. Children can trace amazing outfits to draw fashions and figures that are perfectly proportioned every time! Includes fine-tip pen, colouring and sketching pencils,tracing paper, vinyl clings and pattern plates. Perfect for budding fashionistas.

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  • Paper Fashions by Editors of Klutz
    Paper Fashions (English, Mixed media product)

    PAPER FASHIONS is everything future fashionistas need to make one-of-a-kind creations. This fantastic book includes easy-to use stencils, custom patterned papers, sparkling embellishments and miniature hangers. There are also ideas for couture cards, notebooks and fancy gift-wrapping suggestions.

    $17.52 $21.99
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  • Draw the DC Universe by Editors of Klutz
    Draw the DC Universe (English, Mixed media product)

    A dream come true for every Marvel comic aficionado. Now aspiring cartoonists can learn to draw the coolest heroes (Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern) and the vilest villains (the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker). Includes step-by-step instructions and coloured pencils to bring drawings to life.

    $12.97 $19.99
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  • Nail Art by Editors of Klutz
    Nail Art (English, Mixed media product)

    With a brand-new cover design, this new edition of Nail Art is loaded with ideas, patterns and detailed instructions to keep children busy for hours on end. With six new water-based non-toxic nail polishes and a detailing nail brush, girls can decorate their nails with any design imaginable.

    $13.96 $21.99
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  • The Encyclopedia of My Immaturity by Editors of Klutz
    The Encyclopedia of My Immaturity (English, Hardback)

    Suitable for boys, this diary offers a wise-cracking collection of write-inside-the-book activities to record the triumphs of your own juvenile journey. It includes entries on things you shouldn't have ever done in the first place (and how you'll do them better next time) and also fill in the blank, and parent-praising diary entries.

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