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  • Village Witch
    Village Witch (English, Paperback) Cassandra Latham-Jones

    This book describes life as a Village Wisewoman in the wilds of West Cornwall. The first part of the book documents the tortuous and sometimes harrowing journey to achieve this unusual occupation. It is a tale that ultimately moves through surviving and into thriving. Cassandras past experiences directly inform her present practice and are intrinsic to being a wisewoman -- she acquires wisdom...

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  • Let's Get Real
    Let's Get Real (English, Paperback) Martha Caldwell, Oman Frame

    This new book is a vital resource for any teacher or administrator to help students tackle issues of race, class, gender, religion, and cultural background. Authors Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame, both lifelong educators, offer a series of teaching strategies designed to encourage conversation and personal reflection, enabling students to think creatively, rather than stereotypically, about...

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  • Too Shy for Show and Tell
    Too Shy for Show and Tell (Paperback) Beth Bracken, Jennifer A. Bell

    Sam is a quiet little boy, and no one knows very much about him. But when it is Show and Tell day at school, Sam has to tell the whole class all about his favourite thing and it is not nearly as scary as he thought.

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  • Mind Your Head
    Mind Your Head (Paperback) Juno Dawson, Gemma Correll

    From the critically acclaimed author of THIS BOOK IS GAY, James Dawson, now writing as Juno Dawson. We all have a mind, so we all need to take care of our mental health. Juno Dawson leads the way with this frank and funny book, with support from clinical psychologist Dr Olivia Hewitt. With witty illustrations from Gemma Correll.

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  • I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!
    I Just Don't Like the Sound of No! (English, Paperback) Julia Cook, Kelsey De Weerd

    RJ, who hates the word "no", learns to come to terms with it when he joins his class's "Say Yes to No" club.


    5 stars

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  • Spectrum Geography, Grade 6
    Spectrum Geography, Grade 6 (English, Paperback) Spectrum

    Spectrum Geography: World for students in grade 6 strengthens geography skills by focusing on early human migration, world religions, current events, ecoregions, map skills, and more.

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  • Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share!
    Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share! (English, Paperback) Julia Cook, Kelsey De Weerd

    RJ is having another bad day ... but with the help of his coach, RJ learns that working as a team and sharing are skills needed not just on the soccer field, but in school and at home too.

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  • Everyday Sel in Elementary School
    Everyday Sel in Elementary School (English, Paperback) Carla Tantillo Philibert

    In this new book from educational consultant Carla Tantillo Philibert, you’ll gain practical strategies for teaching social-emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness, and movement to help your elementary students maintain positive relationships, assume responsibility, become bodily aware, and grow into productive, contributing citizens. You’ll find out how to lead students through games, simple yoga...

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  • Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (English, Paperback) David A. Hartman, Kate Brangan

    Children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) require specialized teaching strategies when learning about the body, sexuality, and relationships. This complete sex education resource provides practical teaching advice, activity ideas, and illustrated handouts geared towards the needs of children of all ages on the autism spectrum.

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  • Infographics, Grade 4
    Infographics, Grade 4 (English, Paperback) Carson-Dellosa Publishing

    Present facts in a visually engaging, cross-curricular learning format to help students quickly and easily comprehend information. Infographics for grade 4 provides language arts- and math-based questions related to social studies and science topics such as adaptations, the Supreme Court, and more.

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  • Light as a Feather
    Light as a Feather (English, Paperback) Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, Adofo Bey

    Wonderful book to share basic laws of good character with children.

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  • Teaching Social Skills to Youth
    Teaching Social Skills to Youth (English, Paperback) Tom Dowd, Jeff Tierney $30.04 $35.95
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  • Interpersonal Hypnotherapy
    Interpersonal Hypnotherapy (English, Paperback) Matthew Brownstein

    Relationships reside at the heart of all true transformation. Interpersonal Hypnotherapy honors the sacredness of each and every relationship and brings this understanding to a profound style of Hypnotherapy as pioneered by Matthew Brownstein, CCHt. The Interpersonal Hypnotherapy philosophies and protocols have nurtured the very essence of what it means to truly join with another with the...

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  • Philosophy for Young Children
    Philosophy for Young Children (English, Paperback) Berys Gaut, Morag Gaut

    With this book, any teacher can start teaching philosophy to children today!Co-written by a professor of philosophy and a practising primary school teacher, Philosophy for Young Children is a concise, practical guide for teachers. It contains detailed session plans for 36 philosophical enquiries - enough for a year’s work - that have all been successfully tried, tested and enjoyed with young...

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  • Little Karl
    Little Karl (Paperback) M Earl Smith, E a Santoli $11.22
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  • Inquiry-Based Lessons in U.S. History
    Inquiry-Based Lessons in U.S. History (English, Paperback) Jana Kirchner, Andrew McMichael

    Inquiry-Based Lessons in U.S. History: Decoding the Past provides primary source lessons that focus on teaching U.S. history through inquiry to middle school students. Students will be faced with a question to answer or problem to solve and will examine primary sources for evidence to create hypothetical solutions. The chapters focus on key chronological periods (e.g., the Age of Exploration to...

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  • Fly Guy Presents: The White House
    Fly Guy Presents: The White House (English, Paperback) Tedd Arnold

    It's time for a field trip! Fly Guy and Buzz are going to the White House. With straightforward text, humorous asides, and kid-friendly, full-bleed photographs throughout, young readers will love learning about the presidents and their famous house.Award-winning author/illustrator Tedd Arnold really brings nonfiction to life for beginning readers! And this book has eye-catching holographic foil on...

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  • Global Citizenship Education
    Global Citizenship Education (English, Paperback) William Gaudelli

    Global Citizenship Education addresses the intersection of globalization, education and programmatic efforts to prepare young people to live in a more interdependent, complex and fragile world. The book explores topics such as sustainability education, cultural diversity, and human rights education, offering critical insights into how these facets of GCE are interpreted around the world. The book...

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  • A Street Through Time
    A Street Through Time (English, Hardback) Steve Noon, Millard, Anne

    Revised and updated for a new generation!In a series of fourteen intriguing illustrations, the award-winning A Street Through Time tells the story of human history by exploring a street as it evolves from 10,000 BCE to the present day.Watch the landscape and daily lives of the street's inhabitants change, as the small settlement grows into a city, is struck by war and plague, and gains trade and...

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