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  • Collected
    Collected Poems (Classic Reprint) (Paperback) Edward Thomas

    Excerpt from Collected Poems ...

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  • Charting
    Charting the Bible Chronologically (English, Hardback) Edward E. Hindson, Thomas Ice

    Follows the rise and fall of kingdoms and governments, covers millennia of ancient history, and reveals God's plan for humanity through powerful accounts that still speak today. This title gives readers a panoramic view of the events recorded in Scripture, all laid out in chronological order. It also includes 40 full-color charts.

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  • The
    The Annotated Collected Poems (English, Paperback) Edward Thomas

    Edward Thomas wrote a lifetime's poetry in two years. Already a dedicated prose writer and influential critic, he became a poet only in December 1914, at the age of 36. In April 1917 he was killed at Arras. This title includes notes that contain substantial quotations from Thomas' prose, letters and notebooks, as well as a commentary on the poems.

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  • A
    A Child's Christmas in Wales (Hardback) Dylan Thomas, Edward Ardizzone

    2014 is the centenary of Dylan Thomas's birth and this classic mini hardback edition of one of his most famous works features wonderful illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Edward Ardizzone.

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  • In
    In Pursuit of Spring (English, Paperback) Edward Thomas

    In mid to late March 1913 Edward Thomas took a bicycle ride from Clapham to the Quantock Hills. The poet recorded his journey; In Pursuit of Spring was published in 1914. One of his most important works, it stands as an elegy for a lost world. Thomas photographed much of what he saw. The prints are now published for the very first time.

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  • Collected
    Collected Poems of Edward Thomas (Paperback) Edward Thomas

    The Collected Poems of Edward Thomas

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  • So
    So That All Might Know (English, Paperback) Thomas H. Troeger, H.Edward Everding

    Become a more effective preacher by understanding the multiple intelligences and learning styles present in your congregation.Most preachers experience the conundrum of reaching some people in the congregation, and not others. Is this problem just a matter of some folks being “tuned in” to the gospel, while others aren’t? Probably not, say Thomas H. Troeger and H. Edward Everding, Jr. Instead,...

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  • Corpus Christi College, Oxford (Hardback) Thomas Charles-Edwards, Julian Reid

    A history of an Oxford College founded in the Renaissance just before the English Reformation, providing a window on the intellectual and religious history of England from that day to this.

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  • Henry
    Henry Derozio (Paperback) Thomas Edwards

    Excerpt from Henry Derozio: The Eurasian Poet, Teacher, and Journalist; With Appendices ...

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  • Betsy
    Betsy Lee (Paperback) Thomas Edward Brown

    Excerpt from Betsy Lee: A Fo'c's'le Yarn ...

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  • Selected
    Selected Poems of Edward Thomas (Paperback) Edward Thomas

    When Edward Thomas was killed at the Battle of Arras in 1917 his poems were largely unpublished. But in the years since his death, his work has come to be cherished for its rare, and sustained vision of the natural world. This title offers an introduction to this one of the resonant - and relevant - of poets.

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  • Selected
    Selected Poems of Edward Thomas (English, Hardback) Edward Thomas

    When Edward Thomas was killed at the Battle of Arras in 1917 his poems were largely unpublished. But in the years since his death, his work has come to be cherished for its rare, sustained vision of the natural world and as 'a mirror of England' (Walter de la Mare). This new edition offers a selection of some of his most memorable nature poetry.

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  • Selected
    Selected Poems and Prose (English, Paperback) Edward Thomas

    Fired by his abiding love of the English landscape, the poetry of Edward Thomas is some of the most astonishing of the twentieth century. By 1917, when he was killed on the Western Front, he had earned his place as one of England's most valued poets. This title brings together his finest verse with his most vivid prose writings on the countryside.

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  • Scorched
    Scorched Earth (English, CD-Audio) Professor Michael Savage

    New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage reveals why we have an infected political system, and what we can now do to nurse the country back to health. Michael Savages says that for the past eight years there has been a retrovirus in the White House, and that the last Presidential term has infected the body politic with hateful, anti-American views, and nation destructive ideas. According...

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  • Public
    Public Drinking and Popular Culture in Eighteenth-Century Paris (English, Hardback) Thomas Edward Brennan

    Adding a new dimension to the history of mentalites and the study of popular culture, Thomas Brennan reinterprets the culture of the laboring classes in old-regime Paris through the rituals of public drinking in neighborhood taverns. He challenges the conventional depiction of lower-class debauchery and offers a reassessment of popular sociability. Using the records of the Parisian police, he lets...

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  • The
    The Contemplative Life (English, Paperback) Op Fr Thomas Philippe

    This work presents the classical teaching on the contemplative life, drawn from the tradition of the early fathers, from Dominic de Guzman, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, Catherine of Siena, and Francis de Sales, down to the still-hidden mystics of our own day.

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  • The
    The Rough Guide to India (English, Paperback) David Abram, Nick Edwards

    More a continent than a county, India is an overload for the senses. This title gives you the lowdown on this country, whether you want to hang out in hyper-modern cities or explore thousand-year-old temples, track tigers through the forest or take part in age-old festivals, get a taste of the Raj or watch a cricket match.

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  • Missionary
    Missionary Monks (English, Hardback) Edward L Smither $45.51
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  • The
    The Works of Jonathan Edwards: The "Miscellanies", Entry Nos. A-Z, Aa-Zz, 1-500 Volume 13 (English, Hardback) Jonathan Edwards

    This text begins the publication of Jonathan Edwards's personal theological notebooks, the "Miscellanies." The entries in volume 13 span the early years of Edwards's ministry and are a record of his thoughts on such subjects as original sin, the Trinity, free will and God's end in creation.

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  • Selected
    Selected Poems of Edward Thomas (Hardback) Edward Thomas

    No poetry has touched readers' hearts more deeply than the soldier poets of the First World War. This book is published to commemorate the centenary of 1914, with specially commissioned covers by leading print makers.

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