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Eileen Chang

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  • Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang
    Love in a Fallen City (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    Collects the stories that combine an unsettled, probing, utterly contemporary sensibility, keenly alert to sexual politics and psychological ambiguity, with an intense lyricism that echoes the classics of Chinese literature.

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  • Naked Earth by Eileen Chang
    Naked Earth (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    While volunteering to assist in the new land reform program in the early years of Mao's China, Liu Ch'uen and Su Nan fall in love, but find their relationship tested by the secrets they are keeping.

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  • The Rice Sprout Song by Eileen Chang
    The Rice Sprout Song (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    This novel portrays the horror and absurdity that the land-reform movement brings to a southern village in China during the early 1950s. Contrary to the hopes of the peasants in this story, the redistribution of land does not mean an end to hunger.

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  • Little Reunions by Eileen Chang
    Little Reunions (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    A best-selling, autobiographical depiction of class privilege, bad romance, and political intrigue during World War II in China....

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  • Half a Lifelong Romance by Eileen Chang
    Half a Lifelong Romance (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    Manzhen is a young worker in a Shanghai factory, where she meets Shijun, the son of wealthy merchants. Despite family complications, they fall in love and begin to dream of a shared life together - until circumstances force them apart. When they are reunited after a separation of many years, can they start their relationship again?

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  • The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai by Han Bangqing
    The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai (English, Paperback) Han Bangqing

    Presents a story of desire and virtue set in the pleasure quarters of nineteenth-century Shanghai. This novel reveals a world populated by lonely souls who seek consolation amid the pleasures and decadence of Shanghai's demimonde.

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  • Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang
    Lust, Caution (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    An espionage thriller set against the backdrop of World War II Shanghai recounts the relationship between Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure, and Wang Chia-chih, a young woman who is swept up in a perilous game of emotional intrigue with Mr. Yee.

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  • Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang
    Lust, Caution (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    'Dead, she was his ghost' A gripping, intensely atmospheric story of love, espionage and betrayal in wartime Shanghai, Lust, Caution is accompanied here by four more shimmering tales of Chinese life.

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  • The Fall of the Pagoda by Eileen Chang
    The Fall of the Pagoda (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    This novel describes the growing up a small girl in Shanghai at a time when traditional values are turned upside down and new values have yet to be established. This small girl is mature well beyond her age, and the novel records her perceptions of the adults around her.

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  • The Book of Change by Eileen Chang
    The Book of Change (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    This story is about a young girl who traveled from Shanghai to Hong Kong to attend a university, which is transparently Hong Kong University. In the midst of her studies, the Second World War broke out and Hong Kong fell to the Japanese army. The novel ends with the girl returning to Shanghai.

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  • Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang
    Lust, Caution (English, Paperback) Eileen Chang

    In 1940s Shanghai, beautiful young Jiazhi spends her days playing mahjong and drinking tea with high society ladies. But China is occupied by invading Japanese forces and things are not always what they seem in wartime. Jiazhi's life is a front.

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