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  • Endless River
    Endless River (English, Book) Elizabeth Fackler

    When Nathan Wheeler is taken from school by a drifter posing as a policeman, his girlfriend Amy Sterling, her mother, and a retired homicide detective spend the night searching the mountains for him and following his attacker.

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  • Patricide
    Patricide (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler

    Investigating a murder in a family too much like his own, El Paso Homicide Detective Devon Gray walks a tightrope between protecting his kin and upholding the law. When his ex-con brother is implicated in the case, Devon strives to keep silent about his brother's complicity while seeking the truth. Award-winning author Elizabeth Fackler deftly portrays the two families opposed across the field of...

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  • Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler

    When young Englishman John Tunstall arrived in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory, in 1876, he felt he had found the true frontier at last. Here was the toughest little spot in America, and he jumped eagerly into the game of getting rich. Lawyer McSween coated his own ambition with pious motives, but his worldly wife predicted disaster. Their marriage, and McSween's alliance with Tunstall...

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  • Grand River Highway
    Grand River Highway (Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler-Sinkaovitz

    Bette Stoll has to intuit her own way. Born a middle child in a troubled family, neglected and lonely after the death of her grandmother when she is only seven, she takes comfort riding her horse alone in the virgin woods on her father's Michigan farm. When in 1957 his mental breakdown transplants the family to Southern California, they join a national migration West. Bette, a na

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  • Texas Lily
    Texas Lily (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler

    Lily Cassidy's childhood happiness is shattered when her father is murdered by political opponents. Powerless to act against her father's killer, she consents to a loveless marriage with Emmett Moss in exchange for his promise of vengeance. What follows this bitter deal leaves Lily standing on her own as the matriarch of a legend. When Emmett's niece arrives at his ranch, the lady-like Claire...

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  • My Eyes Have a Cold Nose
    My Eyes Have a Cold Nose (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler

    Elizabeth "Gigi" Garrett, a nationally-acclaimed concert pianist, has retired to teach music to the neighborhood children of a small town. When fifteen-year-old Eleanor Fielding disappears and popular opinion blames Chauncy Stewart, an orphan the town has raised catch-as-catch-can, Gigi uses her sharpened senses to explore the shadowy lives of her list of suspects. After she bails Chauncy out of...

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  • Texas Lily
    Texas Lily (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler Currently Unavailable More details
  • Patricide
    Patricide (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Fackler Currently Unavailable More details