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Elizabeth Vaughan

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  • Wardance by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Wardance (Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan $10.33
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  • Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Warcry (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    All is not well in Xy. There is a faction of nobles who are plotting against the Queen and her barbarian warlord, heath. As cultures clash and tempers flare, Heath and the fierce Plains warrior woman Atira of the Bear must come together to fight the conspiracy... and to search their hearts for something deeper than raw passion.

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  • White Star by Elizabeth Vaughan
    White Star (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    Elizabeth Vaughan staged a ?superb, clever return to the desolate Warlands? (Midwest Book Review) inDagger-Star. Now, she continues the epic story of Palins, a land in the throes of upheaval?There is no one more adored? Everyone knows that the Lady High Priestess Evelyn is virtuous and noble, one of the leaders of the rebellion against the unjust usurper, as well as a gentle healer who channels...

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  • Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks by Abigail Newburger
    Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks (English, Paperback) Abigail Newburger, Elizabeth Vaughan

    Helping children learn about numbers, vocabulary, and reading through their play with blocks.

    $26.92 $29.95
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  • Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Warprize (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    The daughter of a Warrior King, Lara was trained as a healer. And when the enemy warlord agrees to cease hostilities in exchange for Lara, she agrees to become the Warprize. Includes an original bonus story and a new Introduction.

    $7.18 $7.99
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  • Dagger Star by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Dagger Star (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    After captivating readers with her Chronicles of the Warlands trilogy, Elizabeth Vaughan now returns to that world with a beguiling tale of daggers and destiny, a cold and beautiful mercenary known as Red Gloves, and Josiah, a lone fighter emerging from the torched fields and razed farms of his homeland. All Josiah knows about the mysterious woman is her dagger-star birthmark, a sign that she is...

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  • Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Warlord (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    Lara has to prove herself to the warrior-priests - or lose her Warlord for ever ...

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  • Warsworn by Elizabeth Vaughan
    Warsworn (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Vaughan

    Lara is the Warprize...

    $7.59 $7.99
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