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  • After the Bugles and Llano River
    After the Bugles and Llano River (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Two novels from seven-time Spur Award-winning author Elmer Kelton, "truly a Texas legend" (former Texas Governor Rick Perry).

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  • The Time It Never Rained
    The Time It Never Rained (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    "The Time It Never Rained was inspired by actual events, when the longest and most severe drought in living memory pressed ranchers and farmers to the outer limits of courage and endurance."?Elmer Kelton...

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  • Sons of Texas
    Sons of Texas (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton $25.03
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  • Long Way to Texas
    Long Way to Texas (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Long Way to Texas brings together three rare Kelton novels, all with Texas roots.

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  • The Raiders
    The Raiders (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton $19.96
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  • Lone Star Rising
    Lone Star Rising (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    In Lone Star Rising, Elmer Kelton ("A Texas Legend," according to Texas Governor Rick Perry), brings together the first three books of his acclaimed Texas Ranger saga....

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  • Elmer Kelton Country
    Elmer Kelton Country (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Some who treasure Elmer Kelton's novels - Time It Never Rained, The Good Old Boys, Slaughter and over thirty other titles - may not realize that he led another professional life as a livestock journalist. For forty-two years, he wrote fiction by night and traveled West Texas by day to report on livestock auctions, range conditions, and rodeo results. To those who know him as the retired associate...

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  • Heart-Diamond
    Heart-Diamond (English, Paperback) Kathy L. Greenwood $21.41
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  • Castle Gap And The Pecos Frontier
    Castle Gap And The Pecos Frontier (English, Paperback) Patrick Dearen

    True tales and tall ones come alive in "Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier".  Patrick Dearen of San Angelo is the author of this definitive, thoroughly documented study of six West Texas folk stories.  Included are the stories of: -          Castle Gap, a break in a mesa some 12 miles east of the Pecos River, used by Comanches on the warpath, emigrants seeking California gold and...

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  • Shadow of a Star
    Shadow of a Star (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Deputy Sheriff Jim-Bob McClain isn't sure he's ready to follow in his father's footsteps as the law in Coolridge County. But with Mont Naylor to back him up he figures he can handle it. But nothing prepares him for an angry mob, determined to take the law into their own hands and provide their own brand of justice.

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  • Readwest
    Readwest (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Short stories by 21st century western writers, Elmer Kelton, Steven Law, Don Bendell, D. B. Jackson, John D. Nesbitt, and Mike Kearby.

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  • Texas Standoff
    Texas Standoff (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    In Texas Standoff, Ranger Andy Pickard and his partner, Logan Daggett, are sent to central Texas to investigate a series of killings and cattle thefts. The two biggest cattlemen in the area blame each other for the violence, but it seems to Andy that neither man may be guilty. The case is complicated by the rise of a gang of "regulators"-masked vigilantes-and the arrival of a notorious hired...

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  • Texas Sunrise
    Texas Sunrise (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    In "Massacre At Goliad", tensions mount between Mexican authorities and American newcomers. Revolution is in the air, something Thomas Buckalew welcomes but his brother Joshua fears, since Joshua is in love with a Mexican girl. This book begins where "Massacre At Goliad" ends - on the battlefield at San Jacinto.

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  • Ace Reid and the Cowpokes Cartoons
    Ace Reid and the Cowpokes Cartoons (English, Paperback) Ace Reid

    This book brings together 139 of Ace Reid's popular "Cowpokes" cartoons, reproduced in large format to show the artistry and attention to detail that characterized Reid's work. Grouped around themes such as weather, work, bankers, and friends, they reveal the distinctive "you might as well laugh as cry" sense of humor that ranch folks draw on to get through hard work and hard times.

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  • Barbed Wire
    Barbed Wire (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton $18.51
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  • Day the Cowboys Quit
    Day the Cowboys Quit (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton $24.38
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  • Ranger's Law
    Ranger's Law (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    Ranger's Law brings together the fourth, fifth, and sixth of Elmer Kelton's novels on the formative years of the Texas Rangers. Kelton's young heroes, Rusty Shannon, and one-time Comanche captive, Andy Pickard, fight Indians, outlaws, feuding ranchers, smugglers, and all manner of lawbreakers while trying to make lives for themselves in the tumult of post-Civil War Texas....

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  • Slaughter
    Slaughter (English, Hardback) Elmer Kelton

    In the 1870s, buffalo hunters moved onto the High Plains of Texas. The Plains Indians watched hunters slaughter the animals that gave them shelter and clothing, food and weapons. The author presents both sides of a clash between cultures. With a firm grasp of Comanche life, he describes 'The People' as very human and very threatened.

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  • Manhunters
    Manhunters (English, Paperback) Elmer Kelton

    As he flees to the sanctuary of Mexico, Chacho Fernandez is unaware of the fuel he has added to the already simmering racial hatreds in and around the quiet town of Domingo, Texas. Through events set in motion by a misunderstanding, Chacho becomes a folk hero to his people and a dangerous fugitive to a group of zealous lawmen.

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