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  • Astrophysics
    Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (English, Hardback) Neil deGrasse Tyson

    The essential universe, from a celebrated and beloved astrophysicist.

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  • Automotive
    Automotive Oscilloscopes (Paperback) Graham Stoakes $49.79 $55.99

    5 stars

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  • Cloud
    Cloud Mobile Networks 2017 (English, Hardback) Ying Zhang

    This book explores the challenges and opportunities in exploiting cloud technologies for 5G, ranging from radio access network (RAN) to the evolved packet core (EPC). With a specific focus on cloud RAN and EPC, the text carefully explains the influence of recent network technologies such as software defined networking (SDN), visualization, and cloud technologies in the evolution of architecture...

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  • Translating
    Translating Molecules into Medicines (English, Hardback) Shobha N. Bhattachar

    Tackling translational medicine with a focus on the drug discovery development-interface, this book integrates approaches and tactics from multiple disciplines, rather than just the pharmaceutical aspect of the field. The authors of each chapter address the paradox between the molecular understanding of diseases, drug discovery, and drug development. Laying out the detailed trends from various...

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  • Love
    Love Your Plot (Paperback) Harry Rich, David Rich

    Fusing conceptual architectural design with the beauty of the natural landscape, this book shows you how you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful Eden, no matter what plot you have. It is complete with practical tips, unique sketches and designs, planting suggestions and full-colour visuals.

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  • Tesla
    Tesla vs Edison (English, Hardback) Nigel Cawthorne

    Nikola Tesla today is largely unknown and overlooked among the great scientists of the modern era. While Thomas Edison, the most famous inventor in American history, gets all the glory for discovering the light bulb. But it was his one-time assistant and life-long arch nemesis, Tesla, who made the breakthrough in alternating current electricity. Edison and Tesla carried on a bitter feud for years,...

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  • Apollo
    Apollo 8 (English, Hardback) Jeffrey Kluger

    The untold story of the historic voyage to the moon that closed out one of our darkest years with a nearly unimaginable triumphIn August 1968, NASA made a bold decision: in just sixteen weeks, the United States would launch humankind’s first flight to the moon. Only the year before, three astronauts had burned to death in their spacecraft, and since then the Apollo program had suffered one...

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  • Aliens"/
    Aliens (English, Hardback) Dr Jim Al-Khalili

    In these lively and fascinating essays, scientists from around the world weigh in on the latest advances in the search for intelligent life in the universe and discuss just what that might look like. Since 2000, science has seen a surge in data and interest on several fronts related to E.T. (extraterrestrials); A.I. (artificial intelligence); and SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence). ...

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  • North
    North American X-15 (English, Paperback) Peter E Davies

    An authoritative history of the hypersonic career and lasting influence of America s Mach 6 rocket plane, packed with photos and spectacular new artwork, which will appeal to the many aviation fans fascinated by the thrilling, dangerous world of Space Age pioneers."

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  • You
    You Call, We Haul (English, Hardback)

    Including nearly 300 previously unpublished photos, You Call, We Haul is an inspirational story which will appeal to those with an interest in the hey-day of Middle-East travel and those with a general love of great British transport companies.

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  • Just
    Just Cool It! (English, Paperback) University David T Suzuki

    Climate change is the most important crisis humanity has faced, but we still confront huge barriers to resolving it. So, what do we do, and is there hope for humanity? The problem itself is complex, and there’s no single solution. But by understanding the barriers to resolving global warming and by employing a wide range of solutions—from shifting to clean energy to planting trees to...

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  • The
    The Complete Nail Technician (Paperback) Marian Newman

    Fully updated with the latest industry standards, this 4th Edition of The Complete Nail Technician by Marian Newman, is a must-have for every nail technician. From the first time student studying towards their Level 2 or 3 qualification to the practising professional seeking to refresh their skills, this respected book will appeal to those who want to develop excellence in their chosen...

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  • The
    The Welcome to the Farm (English, Paperback) Shaye Elliott

    A guide to the backyard lifestyle for the millennial generationThe homesteading movement is continuing to grow, as more people are stepping up to have a hand in where their food comes from. Whether you want to dabble or immerse yourself completely in the do-it-yourself, back-to-basics lifestyle, The Backyard Life is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to growing the very best food right in your own backyard. Shaye Elliott takes readers on a journey that teaches them how to harvest baskets full of organic produce, milk a dairy cow (and make butter), plant a homestead orchard, can jams and jellies, and even raise chickens and bees. In her engaging style, Shaye guides readers through the stages of utilizing whatever amount of space they have available for healthy and delicious food that their families will enjoy.

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  • Women
    Women in Science 2018 Wall Calendar (English, Calendar) Rachel Ignotofsky

    The Women in Science 2018 Wall Calendar is based on Rachel Ignotofsky's New York Times best-selling book, Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World.Each colorful monthly spread profiles such trailblazers as geneticist Nettie Stevens, physicist Emmy Noether, or electrical engineer Edith Clarke. Never heard of them? These little-known and unsung women will inspire you and stay...

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  • Growing
    Growing a Revolution (English, Hardback) David R. Montgomery

    An inspiring vision for restoring the soil that feeds us all and turns agriculture into a solution for environmental crises.

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