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  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
    Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (English, Hardback) Neil deGrasse Tyson

    The #1 New York Times Bestseller: The essential universe, from a celebrated and beloved astrophysicist.


    5 stars

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  • Practical Statistics for Data Scientists
    Practical Statistics for Data Scientists (English, Paperback) Peter Bruce, Andrew Bruce

    This practical guide explains how to apply various statistical methods to data science, tells you how to avoid their misuse, and gives you advice on what's important and what's not.

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  • Differential Geometry (English, Hardback) Loring W. Tu

    This text presents a graduate-level introduction to differential geometry for mathematics and physics students. The exposition follows the historical development of the concepts of connection and curvature with the goal of explaining the Chern–Weil theory of characteristic classes on a principal bundle. Along the way we encounter some of the high points in the history of differential...

    $61.03 $79.99
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  • The Long Haul
    The Long Haul (English, Hardback) Finn Murphy

    A long-haul mover's rollicking account of life out on the Big Slab.

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  • Fatal Flight
    Fatal Flight (Hardback) Bill Hammack $30.75 $35.00
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  • The Land Remembers
    The Land Remembers (English, Paperback) Ben Logan

    This classic American memoir is about a farm and its people, of a boyhood on a southwestern Wisconsin hilltop world in the 1930s. This paperback edition features Logan's never-before-published afterword that traces the Logan land to an earlier time, bringing the story full circle to the farm and its people.

    $18.94 $19.95
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  • Protective Coatings
    Protective Coatings (English, Hardback) Mei Wen

    This book focuses on characterization of organic coatings by different testing methods and understanding of structure formation and materials properties. The knowledge of protective organic coatings and current test methods is based largely on empirical experience. This book aims at explaining the coating property changes during film drying and curing in terms of chemical and physical...

    $143.01 $199.00
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  • Ramanujan's Theta Functions (English, Hardback) Shaun Cooper

    Theta functions were studied extensively by Ramanujan. This book provides a systematic development of Ramanujan’s results and extends them to a general theory. The author’s treatment of the subject is comprehensive, providing a detailed study of theta functions and modular forms for levels up to 12.  Aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers, the organization,...

    $126.92 $149.00
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  • The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region
    The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region (English, Paperback) Janet A. Null

    Explores the architectural treasures of the Southern-Central region of New York's Adirondack Park and places them in the context of Adirondack history and culture.

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  • Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing
    Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing (English, Hardback) Ralph W. Veatch, Stephen A. Holditch

    Written by three preeminent petroleum engineers, Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing focuses on consolidating the fundamental basics of fracturing technology with the new advances in extended horizontal wellbores and fracturing applications. It provides the essentials required to understand fracturing behavior, and offers advice on how to apply that knowledge to fracturing treatment design and...

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  • Lagrangian Oceanography
    Lagrangian Oceanography (English, Hardback) Sergey V. Prants, Michael Yu. Uleysky

    This book uses the Lagrangian approach, especially useful and convenient for studying large-scale transport and mixing in the ocean, to present a detailed view of ocean circulation. This approach focuses on simulations and on monitoring the trajectories of fluid particles, which are governed by advection equations. The first chapter of the book is devoted to dynamical systems theory methods, which...

    $84.66 $109.00
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  • Masonry Structural Design
    Masonry Structural Design (English, Hardback) Jennifer Eisenhauer Tanner, Richard E. Klingner

    A thoroughly revised guide to masonry materials and structural design

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  • The Moth Presents All These Wonders
    The Moth Presents All These Wonders (English, Hardback) Catherine Burns

    “Wonderful." —Michiko Kakutani, New York TimesCelebrating the 20th anniversary of storytelling phenomenon The Moth, 45 unforgettable true stories about risk, courage, and facing the unknown, drawn from the best ever told on their stagesCarefully selected by the creative minds at The Moth, and adapted to the page to preserve the raw energy of live storytelling, All These...

    $23.45 $25.00
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  • Make: Volume 57
    Make: Volume 57 (English, Paperback) Mike Senese

    Make: Volume 57 is all about cheap computers and microcontrollers! First, go in depth with maker luminary Limor Fried and the rockstars at Adafruit in our cover story. Then, take a look at the coolest new boards that should be on your radar this year, or make your own with the new Voltera V-One desktop circuit board printer.

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  • Insects
    Insects (Hardback) Stefan Gates

    Ever been tempted by the thought of trying juicy deep fried mealworms, proteinrich cricket flower, or swapping your Walkers for salt and vinegar flavoured grasshoppers? Over 2 billion people regularly eat insects as part of their diet. This book explores the origins of insect eating, offers tips on finding edible bugs and ideas of how to eat them.

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  • Growing a Revolution
    Growing a Revolution (English, Hardback) David R. Montgomery

    An inspiring vision for restoring the soil that feeds us all and turns agriculture into a solution for environmental crises.

    $24.63 $26.95
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  • A Crack in Creation
    A Crack in Creation (English, Hardback) Jennifer A Doudna

    A trailblazing biologist grapples with her role in the biggest scientific discovery of our era: a cheap, easy way of rewriting genetic code, with nearly limitless promise and peril.

    $24.90 $28.00
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  • British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Cruisers 1865-1939 Volume IV, Part 2
    British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Cruisers 1865-1939 Volume IV, Part 2 (English, Hardback) Richard Perkins

    One of the greatest ever studies of British warship appearance

    $71.29 $85.00
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  • Vacation Guide to the Solar System
    Vacation Guide to the Solar System (English, Hardback) Olivia Koski

    Packed with real science and fueled by imagination, a beautifully illustrated guide to traveling in our solar systemImagine taking a hike along the windswept red plains of Mars to dig for signs of life, or touring one of Jupiter's sixty-four moons where you can photograph its swirling storms.  For a shorter trip on a tight budget, the Moon is quite majestic and very quiet if you can make...

    $18.85 $20.00
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  • Mars Rover Curiosity
    Mars Rover Curiosity (English, Address book) Robert Manning

    The firsthand account of the trials and tribulations of engineering one of the most complex pieces of space technology, the Mars Rover Curiosity, by its chief engineer Rob ManningIn the course of our enduring quest for knowledge about ourselves and our universe, we haven't found answers to one of our most fundamental questions: Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Ten years and...

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