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  • Deepwater Horizon
    Deepwater Horizon (Multiple languages, Hardback) Earl Boebert

    In 2010 BP's Deepwater Horizon catastrophe spiraled into the worst human-made economic and ecological disaster in Gulf Coast history. In the most comprehensive account to date, senior systems engineers Earl Boebert and James Blossom show how corporate and engineering decisions, each one individually innocuous, interacted to create the disaster.

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  • After Nature
    After Nature (English, Hardback) Jedediah Purdy

    Nature no longer exists apart from humanity. The world we will inhabit is the one we have made. Geologists call this epoch the Anthropocene, Age of Humans. The facts of the Anthropocene are scientific?emissions, pollens, extinctions?but its shape and meaning are questions for politics. Jedediah Purdy develops a politics for this post-natural world.

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  • Rangeland Systems
    Rangeland Systems (English, Hardback) David D. Briske

    This book is open access under a CC BY-NC 2.5 license....

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  • Environmental Law
    Environmental Law (English, Paperback) Stuart Bell, Donald McGillivray

    Approached thematically to help students plot a memorable map of the issues, the ninth edition of this established text provides far-reaching, lucid coverage of the fundamentals and enriching learning features to develop critical thinking and high-level understanding.

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  • Contesting Hidden Waters
    Contesting Hidden Waters (English, Paperback) W. Todd Jarvis

    "Unlike other books about conflict resolution and negotiations over water resources, this volume is unique in focusing exclusively on conflicts over groundwater and aquifers. The author explores the specific challenges presented by these "hidden" resources, which are shown to be very different from those posed by surface water resources"--

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  • The Climate Casino
    The Climate Casino (English, Paperback) William D. Nordhaus

    The world's leading economic thinker on climate change analyzes the economics and politics of the central environmental issue of today and points the way to real solutions

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  • Communicating Climate Change
    Communicating Climate Change (English, Hardback) Susanna Priest

    This book asks and answers the question of what communication research and other social sciences can offer that will help the global community to address climate change by identifying the conditions that can persuade audiences and encourage collective action on climate.

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  • Environmental Law in Scotland
    Environmental Law in Scotland (English, Paperback) Francis McManus

    Analysing statutory law alongside case-law examples of the law in practice, students and practitioners of environmental law will gain an understanding of the issues in the jurisdiction of Scotland. This includes an exploration of the contribution of European environmental law and the impact of human rights jurisprudence on Scots environmental law.

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  • European Environmental Law
    European Environmental Law (English, Paperback) Suzanne Kingston, Veerle Heyvaert

    A critical and contextual overview of European environmental law examining today's key environmental challenges alongside traditional topics.

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  • A Mosaic of Indigenous Legal Thought
    A Mosaic of Indigenous Legal Thought (English, Hardback) C.F. Black

    This book offers an Indigenous supplement to the rich and growing area of visual legal scholarship. Organised around three narratives, each with an associated politico-poetic reading, the book addresses three major global issues: climate change, the trade in human body parts and bio-policing. Manifesting and engaging the traditional storytelling mode of classical Indigenous ontology, these...

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  • The Illegal Wildlife Trade
    The Illegal Wildlife Trade (English, Hardback) Daan van Uhm

    In this book the author examines the illegal wildlife trade from multiple perspectives: the historical context, the impact on the environment, the scope of the problem internationally, the sociocultural demand for illegal products, the legal efforts to combat it, and several case studies from inside the trade.

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  • Wild Life
    Wild Life (English, Paperback) Irus Braverman

    Wild Life documents a nuanced understanding of the wild versus captive divide in species conservation. It also documents the emerging understanding that all forms of wild nature?both in situ (on-site) and ex situ (in captivity)?may need to be managed in perpetuity. Providing a unique window into the high-stakes world of nature conservation, Irus Braverman describes the heroic efforts by...

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  • The Human Rights-Based Approach to Carbon Finance
    The Human Rights-Based Approach to Carbon Finance (English, Hardback) Damilola S. Olawuyi

    Outlines a human rights-based approach to carbon finance, a framework for mainstreaming human rights into carbon project implementation.

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  • EU Environmental Law, Governance and Decision-Making
    EU Environmental Law, Governance and Decision-Making (English, Paperback) Maria Lee

    This book examines a number of areas of substantive EU environmental law, focusing on the striking preoccupation of EU environmental law with the structure of decision-making.

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  • Environmental Justice and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    Environmental Justice and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (English, Paperback) Laura Westra

    Melting ice, dwindling forests, poisoned water and more - environmental damage that can have fatal consequences for indigenous communities - yet they are afforded virtually no protection in law.

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  • Inspecting and Diagnosing Disrepair
    Inspecting and Diagnosing Disrepair (English, Paperback) Patrick Reddin

    Inspecting and Diagnosing Disrepair provides housing officers, surveyors, landlords, tenants, lawyers and environmental health inspectors with the essential information they need to record, diagnose and remedy disrepair. Pat Reddin presents technical information methodically, including useful diagrams to help readers to develop an understanding of building materials and structures and to advise...

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  • Climate Justice and Human Rights
    Climate Justice and Human Rights (English, Hardback) Tracey Skillington

    This book shows that escalating climate destruction today is not the product of public indifference, but of the blocked democratic freedoms of peoples across the world to resist unwanted degrees of capitalist interference with their ecological fate or capacity to change the course of ecological disaster.

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  • Stratospheric Ozone Damage and Legal Liability
    Stratospheric Ozone Damage and Legal Liability (English, Hardback) Lisa Elges

    While government enforcement of laws and regulations to control the production of chloroflurocarbons in 1987 has been hailed as exemplifying the precautionary principle, for almost two decades US companies failed to take precautionary measures to prevent chemical emissions, despite the probable risk of stratospheric ozone loss. As a result, human harms in the form of skin cancer have reached...

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  • The Rights Of Nature
    The Rights Of Nature (English, Paperback) David R. Boyd

    An irrefutable body of law is being built in support of nature's rights, a topic which is getting more and more attention in the media. This book is the first of its kind to explore cases around the world, how we got here, and how we must force governments to change how they operate.

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