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  • Relaxed & Forward
    Relaxed & Forward (Paperback) Anna M Blake

    "Do you still watch those old horse movies that you've seen a dozen times, just for the scenes of the horse galloping in slow motion? Do you hold your breath just a bit? Do you get something in your eye?We've been besotted with horses since they had three toes. From the popular Relaxed and Forward blog comes training advice combining the everyday fundamentals of dressage with mutual listening...

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  • Valegro
    Valegro (English, Hardback) Carl Hester

    Valegro is the horse who, in concert with his rider Charlotte Dujardin, has taken the world of dressage by storm. This is a lavishly illustrated celebration of a much-loved horse, from gangly youngster to world champion, from his owner, trainer and top equestrian, Carl Hester.

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  • Sports Trading on Betfair
    Sports Trading on Betfair (Paperback) Wayne Bailey

    Profitable betting exchange sytems and strategies for trading on Betfair and Betdaq.

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  • Making it Happen
    Making it Happen (Hardback) Carl Hester, Bernadette Hewitt

    The lively memoirs of dressage rider and Olympic Gold medallist Carl Hester, with a foreword by Martin Clunes.

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  • The Sure Thing
    The Sure Thing (English, Paperback) Nick Townsend

    The bookies always win. But one man has been proving them wrong for four decades. In the summer of 1975 Barney Curley, a fearless and renowned gambler, masterminded one of the most spectacular gambles of all time with a racehorse called Yellow Sam. It cost the bookmakers millions of pounds. They said that it could never happen again.

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  • Making it Happen
    Making it Happen (Paperback) Carl Hester, Bernadette Hewitt

    The lively memoirs of dressage rider and Olympic Gold medallist Carl Hester, with a foreword by Martin Clunes.

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  • Posture and Performance
    Posture and Performance (English, Board book) Gillian Higgins, Stephanie Martin

    A practical and comprehensive riding and training guide through the understanding of how anatomy can affect performance which includes practical tips and exercises broken down into easy to follow steps. Illustrated throughout with step-by-step diagrams and colour photographs.

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  • Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide
    Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide (English, Paperback) Sharon Wilsie, Gretchen Vogel

    Horse Speak is not a training method or technique—it is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by anyone who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you, and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want to share with him, too.The result? Time with your horse will be full of what horse trainer and equine-assisted learning instructor Sharon Wilsie of Wilsie Way Horsemanship calls Conversations, and soon the all-too-common misunderstandings that occur between horse and human will evolve into civil discussions with positive and progressive results! Learn Horse Speak in 12 easy steps; understand equine communication via breath and body language; and discover the Four Gs of Horse Speak: Greeting, Going Somewhere, Grooming, and Gone. Practice regulating your intensity, and sample dozens of ready-made Conversations with your horse, as step-by-step templates and instructional color photographs walk you through the eye-opening process of communicating on a whole new level.

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  • Pilates for Riders
    Pilates for Riders (English, Hardback) Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

    Whether your goal is to reduce posture-related back pain or access that vital extra per cent out of your competition horse, British Dressage trainer, rider and Pilates teacher Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, "Pilates for Riders" provides useful visualisations and clear photographs and illustrations for improving your posture, position and performance.

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  • Rider Biomechanics: An Illustrated Guide
    Rider Biomechanics: An Illustrated Guide (Paperback) Mary Wanless

    This book, with its copious photographs and illustrations, provides a route map for reorganising 'lines of pull', sitting, and influence on one's horse.

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  • BHS Complete Training Manual for Stage 1
    BHS Complete Training Manual for Stage 1 (English, Paperback) Islay Auty

    A revised and expanded edition of the existing title The BHS Complete Training Manual for Stage 1, now including comprehensive background information on the techniques,knowledge and understanding required for the BHS Stage 1 exam, making it the definitive course companion.

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  • Collection or Contortion?
    Collection or Contortion? (English, Paperback) Dr Gerd Heuschmann

    Ten years ago, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann rocked the equestrian world with his international bestseller TUG OF WAR, a searing indictment of modern training and riding techniques that are sometimes used to the detriment of the horse. Now Dr. Heuschmann returns with this new book: a critical examination of two concepts?flexion and bend?that are necessary to understand in absolute terms when the goal is to...

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  • Nimrod: A Cavalry Black
    Nimrod: A Cavalry Black (English, Paperback) Juliet Blaxland

    The Household Cavalry is a uniquely British institution, famous around the world. Visitors to London flock to see these magnificent horses taking part in ceremonies and routine guarding activities. Here in words and pictures, Blaxland provides a fascinating insight into the Household Cavalry

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  • Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling
    Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling (English, Paperback) Claire Lilley

    This book explains how to school your horse, starting with fundamental techniques, and gives progressive exercises to work through. It explains the importance of stretching work, how to establish a correct outline, and how to build strength and suppleness.

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  • Understanding Horse Performance
    Understanding Horse Performance (English, Paperback) Sue Palmer

    Whatever level you ride at, the inability to solve a ridden, groundwork or behavioural problem causes frustration. The author reveals how you can determine whether your horse's performance is affected by his behaviour (brain), health (pain) or training, and explains how to overcome difficulties through tried and tested techniques.

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  • Andrew Nicholson: Focused
    Andrew Nicholson: Focused (English, Paperback) Andrew Nicholson

    Beautifully illustrated autobiography of the world's leading event rider.

    $23.37 $32.95
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  • Horse Movement
    Horse Movement (English, Hardback) Gail Williams, Alexa McKenna

    Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior husbandry and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges associated with riding, training, overtraining, injury and rehabilitation.

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  • The Complete Guide to Polo
    The Complete Guide to Polo (English, Paperback) Lauren Dibble

    The Complete Guide to Polo covers the horsemanship skills needed to excel in the game, looks at basic polo strategy, explains the finer aspects of the rules of the sport, and compares the differences between the US and UK rule books. All in all it offers a great foundation for the beginner or intermediate player, the patron, or the spectator.

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  • Breaking a Horse to Harness
    Breaking a Horse to Harness (English, Paperback) Sallie Walrond

    The author's lucid, easy-to-follow text provides all the necessary background information, including advice on lungeing, long-reining, fitting the harness, bitting, putting to, driving techniques, safety and road training.

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  • The Manual of Horsemanship
    The Manual of Horsemanship (English, Paperback) Pony Club

    14th edition. Covers all aspects of horsemastership in a single volume, revised and brought up to date by members of the Training Committee of The Pony Club.

    $21.32 $37.75
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