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  • The ArcGIS Book by Christian Harder
    The ArcGIS Book (English, Paperback) Christian Harder

    Provides access to hundreds of live maps from the worldwide ArcGIS user community. In this second edition of The ArcGIS Book: 10 Big Ideas about Applying Geography to Your World, each big idea in the title is a chapter in the book about the ways that GIS technology can unlock your data to reveal deeper insights and a better understanding of virtually any problem with a geographic dimension.

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  • Cartography. by Kenneth Field
    Cartography. (English, Paperback) Kenneth Field

    A lavishly illustrated reference guide, Cartography. by Kenneth Field is an inspiring and creative companion along the nonlinear journey toward making a great map.

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  • The GIS 20 by Gina Clemmer
    The GIS 20 (English, Paperback) Gina Clemmer

    Updated for ArcGIS Desktop (R) 10.6, this third edition presents step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and practical tips on how to perform the top 20 skills needed to successfully use a geographic information system (GIS). These skills include finding and editing data, querying GIS maps, creating reports, and sharing and publishing maps.

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  • Semiology of Graphics by Jacques Bertin
    Semiology of Graphics (English, Hardback) Jacques Bertin

    Originally published in French in 1967, Semiology of Graphics is internationally recognised as a foundational work in the fields of design and cartography. Based on Jacques Bertin's practical experience as a cartographer, this work synthesizes principles of graphic communication with the logic of standard rules applied to writing and topography.

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  • Getting to Know ArcGIS by Michael Law
    Getting to Know ArcGIS (English, Paperback) Michael Law, Amy Collins

    Provides a comprehensive introduction to the features and tools of ArcGIS for Desktop. Through hands-on exercises, readers will discover, use, make, and share maps with meaningful content. The fourth edition includes new exercises on map sharing and georeferencing, new datasets and scenarios, and an introduction to ArcGIS Pro, a powerful new part of ArcGIS for Desktop.

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  • Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide for 10.5 by Brittney White
    Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide for 10.5 (English, Paperback) Brittney White

    Tailored to meet the preparation needs of candidates taking the ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam.

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  • Imagery and GIS by Kass Green
    Imagery and GIS (English, Paperback) Kass Green, Russell G. Congalton

    Today, most maps include imagery in the form of aerial photos, satellite images, thermal images, digital elevation models, and scanned maps. Imagery and GIS: Best Practices for Extracting Information from Imagery shows how imagery can be integrated successfully into GIS maps and analysis.

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  • GIS for Homeland Security by Mike Kataoka
    GIS for Homeland Security (English, Paperback) Mike Kataoka

    Shows how GIS is used for gathering and analyzing intelligence, protecting critical infrastructure, responding to complex emergencies, preparing for disease outbreaks and bioterrorism, securing complex events, and simulating disasters. This book is suitable for experienced GIS users and decision makers, and for those new to spatial technology.

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  • Confronting Catastrophe by R.W. Greene
    Confronting Catastrophe (English, Paperback) R.W. Greene

    Demonstrates how the digital mapping and analysis tools of GIS technology can be critical for comprehensive preparation and quick response to disastrous events. This book takes readers through the stages of management: identification and planning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery and shows how GIS processes can be incorporated.

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  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop by Michael Law
    Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop (English, Paperback) Michael Law, Amy Collins

    Provides a comprehensive introduction to the features and tools of ArcGIS Desktop. Through hands-on exercises, readers will discover, use, make, and share maps with meaningful content. They will also learn how to build geodatabases, query data, analyze geospatial data, and more. The latest edition has been updated to the most current version of ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.

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  • Modeling Our World by Michael Zeiler
    Modeling Our World (English, Paperback) Michael Zeiler

    Updated to reflect recent changes in ArcGIS software, this book explains how to use geodatabase structural elements to promote best practices for data modeling and powerful geographic analyses.

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  • Map Use by A. Jon. Kimerling
    Map Use (English, Paperback) A. Jon. Kimerling, Aileen R. Buckley

    "Esri Press titles are distributed to the trade by the following: In North America: Ingram Publisher Services"--T.p. verso.

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  • GIS Tutorial 2 by David W. Allen
    GIS Tutorial 2 (English, Paperback) David W. Allen

    Provides hands-on exercises to help intermediate-level GIS users build problem-solving and analysis skills. A companion to the The Esri (R) Guide to GIS Analysis book series, this volume builds on these concepts by exploring spatial analysis methods, including location analysis; change over time; location and value comparisons; geographic distribution; pattern analysis; and cluster identification.

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  • Cartographies of Disease by Tom Koch
    Cartographies of Disease (English, Paperback) Tom Koch

    Provides a comprehensive survey of the technology of mapping and its relationship to the battle against disease. This look at medical mapping advances the argument that maps are not merely representations of spatial realities but a way of thinking about relationships between viral and bacterial communities, human hosts, and the environments in which diseases flourish.

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  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro by Michael Law
    Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro (English, Paperback) Michael Law, Amy Collins

    In the tradition of the best-selling Getting to Know series, Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro teaches new and existing GIS users how to get started solving problems by visualizing, querying, creating, editing, analysing, and presenting geospatial data in both 2D and 3D environments using the latest ArcGIS mapping app, ArcGIS Pro.

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  • Web GIS by Pinde Fu
    Web GIS (English, Paperback) Pinde Fu, Jiulin Sun

    From basic architecture to new frontiers, Web GIS: Principles and Applications presents a thorough overview of the origins and developments in this emerging platform. New Web technologies addressed include ArcGIS Server, REST services, JavaScript API/Flex API, and ArcGIS Mobile.

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  • Tribal GIS by Anne Taylor
    Tribal GIS (English, Paperback) Anne Taylor, Joseph J. Kerski

    With an all new chapter on using ArcGIS Pro for this audience, Tribal leaders tell their stories about the challenges and successes of implementing and using geographic information systems (GIS) to support their communities.

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  • Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy by Thomas H Meyer
    Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy (English, Paperback) Thomas H Meyer

    Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy: Foundations of Geomatics explores geodesy, the discipline dealing with the measurement and representation of the earth. Establishing GIS as a coordinate-based system, and building on this concept, the book culminates in the reader's applied knowledge of geodesy. To simplify presentation, mathematics in this book are discussed without origin or...

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  • Lining Up Data by Margaret M. Maher
    Lining Up Data (English, Paperback) Margaret M. Maher

    Easy-to-navigate troubleshooting reference for any GIS user with the common problem of data misalignment.

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  • The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 3 by Andy Mitchell
    The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 3 (English, Paperback) Andy Mitchell

    Describes practical applications of modelling concepts in a geographic information system (GIS). This book shows readers how they can explore spatial interaction, site selection, routing, and scheduling, and explains how to best interpret the results of the analysis.

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