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  • Jenny And The Cat Club
    Jenny And The Cat Club (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    After being given a home by a friendly sea-captain, the once orphaned cat, Jenny Linsky, lives a happy life in Greenwich Village, yet when she discovers the local Cat Club, Jenny becomes determined to show its established members, such as Madame Butterfly and Mr. President, that she is just as qualified as they to be included in the club. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Jenny's Birthday Book
    Jenny's Birthday Book (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    It's a big day for Jenny Linsky, the shy little black cat of Greenwich Village, when her brothers, Checkers and Edward, take her out for her birthday. They pick up her notorious friends along the way, including the twins Romulus and Remus, who have brought a special present, and Pickles, the Fire Cat, who gathers everyone into his red fire truck to take them to the park. There they will invite...

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  • The Fire Cat
    The Fire Cat (English, Hardback) Esther Averill

    When Pickles, a yellow cat with black spots, is rescued from a tree by firemen, he goes to live at the firehouse

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  • Cartier
    Cartier (Paperback) Esther Averill

    Excerpt from Cartier: Sails the St. Lawrence ...

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  • The School For Cats
    The School For Cats (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    Captain Tinker sends Jenny Linsky off to boarding school for the summer, but when another student frightens her, she tries to run away.

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  • Jenny Goes To Sea
    Jenny Goes To Sea (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    In Jenny Goes to Sea, our heroine makes her passage on the good ship Sea Queen with her master, Captain Tinker, and her adopted brothers, tiger cat Edward, and black-and-white cat Checkers. Once on board, they meet the adventurous ship's cat, Jack Tar....

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  • Captains Of The City Streets
    Captains Of The City Streets (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    When best friends Duke and Sinbad are taken in by a kind stranger, they witness the very first meeting of the legendary Cat Club of Greenwich Village, but, averse to rules, they decide they don't need to join, until the Club proves them wrong.

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  • The Hotel Cat
    The Hotel Cat (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    During the Big Freeze in New York City, former stray cat Tom, an employee of the Royal Hotel, gives shelter to members of the Cat Club, including Jenny Linsky and her brothers, and helps them to organize the very first Cat Club Stardust Ball.

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  • Jenny's Moonlight Adventure
    Jenny's Moonlight Adventure (English, Paperback) Esther Averill

    On Halloween night when Madame Butterfly slips down the drainpipe, hurts her paw, and loses her nose flute, Jenny bravely volunteers to return her friend's beloved flute, even at the risk of being captured by dogs.

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  • The Fire Cat
    The Fire Cat (Hardback) Esther Averill Currently Unavailable More details