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Esther Kinsky

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  • River by Esther Kinsky
    River (Paperback) Esther Kinsky

    In RIVER, a woman takes long, solitary walks by the River Lea, observing and describing her surroundings and the unusual characters she encounters. Written in language that is as precise as it is limpid, RIVER is a remarkable novel, full of poignant images and poetic observations, an ode to nature, edgelands, and the transience of all things human.

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  • River by Esther Kinsky
    River (English, Paperback) Esther Kinsky

    On a series of solitary walks around London, a woman recalls the rivers she's encountered in prose reminiscent of Sebald.

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  • A History of Clouds by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
    A History of Clouds (English, Paperback) Hans Magnus Enzensberger

     In these 99 meditations, poet and novelist Hans Magnus Enzensberger celebrates the tenacity of the normal and routine in everyday life, where the survival of the objects we use without thinking?a pair of scissors, perhaps?is both a small, human victory and a quiet reminder of our own ephemeral nature. He sets his quotidian reflections against a broad historical and political backdrop: the cold...

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  • Sandberg by Joanna Bator
    Sandberg (German, Paperback) Joanna Bator

    Auf dem Sandberg, einer Siedlung am Rande einer polnischen Kleinstadt regieren die Frauen. Sie träumen von einem Schwiegersohn aus Castrop-Rauxel, denn wenn sie selbst schon nicht das große Los gezogen haben, sollen wenigstens ihre Töchter glücklich werden. Aber die haben eigene Vorstellungen von Glück ... ...

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  • Wolkenfern by Joanna Bator
    Wolkenfern (German, Paperback) Joanna Bator $15.20
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  • Summer Resort by Esther Kinsky
    Summer Resort (English, Hardback) Esther Kinsky

    Set in a village somewhere on the endless Hungarian plain, this title features characters who tell stories - comic, tragic, or both - of life in rural Hungary. It includes tales of onion kings and melon pickers, of scrapyards and sugar beet factories, that paint a vivid and human picture of their world.

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