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Evan Skolnick

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  • Venom: Along Came A Spider? by Larry Hama
    Venom: Along Came A Spider? (English, Paperback) Larry Hama, Evan Skolnick

    It's Venom vs. Spider-Man once again...for the first time! Eddie Brock takes on a very different web-slinger: Ben Reilly! With Venom a wanted man and Eddie's ex-wife Anne Weying caught in the middle, a deadly rivalry is reborn! And when the symbiote-hunting alien Xenophage targets Venom, this time it's Eddie's brain in danger of being eaten! Meanwhile, four imprisoned symbiotes join together to...

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  • Spider-man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 5 by J. M. DeMatteis
    Spider-man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 5 (English, Paperback) J. M. DeMatteis, Todd Dezago

    As his entire race of Symbiotes invade Earth, the origins of Venom are revealed, and the saga of Peter Parker and Ben Reilly comes to an end.

    $30.59 $39.99
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  • Video Game Storytelling by Evan Skolnick
    Video Game Storytelling (English, Paperback) Evan Skolnick

    Provides developers with comprehensive, but easy-to-follow advice for facilitating the creation of compelling storylines in popular and narratively successful video games. This book aims to instill an understanding and appreciation of the basic storytelling principles that are essential for producing truly memorable video games.

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  • Spider-man: Ben Reilly Omnibus Vol. 1 by Tom Defalco
    Spider-man: Ben Reilly Omnibus Vol. 1 (English, Hardback) Tom Defalco, Todd DeZago

    There's a new wall-crawler in town! Meet Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, who recently learned that he's not a clone of Peter Parker after all - he's the original! And when Pete decides to hang up his web-shooters, Ben retakes the Spider-Man! There's no shortage of foes to fight - including the new Dr. Octopus, Venom, Mysterio, Tombstone, Sandman, Kaine, Carnage and more! But while Ben...

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