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  • Humpback Whales by Kate Westaway
    Humpback Whales (English, Paperback) Kate Westaway

    One of the most fascinating and amazing underwater photography ever. The author summarizes "I was 20 meters from the calf and his mother. He nuzzled her and then to my surprise swam straight towards me. I didn't take my eyes off him through my lens and snapped continuously as he came closer and closer. I dared to look over the top of my camera and there he was, just a few feet away looking me straight in the eye".

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  • Brown Bears by Chris Weston
    Brown Bears (English, Paperback) Chris Weston

    Whatever people's individual views, bears are absorbing and captivating creatures. Intelligent and adaptable, and instinctively caring, at the same time they can be lazy, belligerent and cantankerous. Always, however, they demand respect. They have survived for centuries at the top of the food chain, kings and queens of their environment - a creature to which all others bow.

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  • All About Bond by Terry O'Neill
    All About Bond (English, Hardback) Terry O'Neill

    There have been seven Bonds, 21 films, and scores of memorable stunts, gadgets, and girls - but never a book like this.  Celebrating 50 years of 007, it is packed with classic images of Bond, from Connery to Craig, and the first beguiling Bond girls, Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore.

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  • Tiger by Alain Pons
    Tiger (English, Paperback) Alain Pons, Francois Moutou

    Despite it's unmistakable striped coat, the tiger remains a mysterious being, glimpsed fleetingly before it melts into its dense habitat. This richly illustrated work brings us close to Asia's iconic big cat, revealing how it lives and how it interacts with others of its own kind. It also considers the threats to the tiger and its habitat, and examines the measures being taken to save this magnificent creature from extinction.

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  • Puffins by Heather Angel
    Puffins (English, Paperback) Heather Angel

    The comical and colorful faces of puffins have earned them the popular name 'clowns of the sea'. On land they waddle and hop amongst rocks to and from their burrows, but once in the air, they wheel and turn with great agility and grace. The author portrays the multifarious activities of these lovable seabirds during their breeding season and reveals how they live and survive at high altitudes.

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  • Kingfisher by Charlie Hamilton James
    Kingfisher (English, Hardback) Charlie Hamilton James

    The Kingfisher is notoriously difficult to photograph, which makes Kingfisher, Tales from the Halycon River all the more remarkable. From a hide attached to his home by a West Country river, and from a number of vantage points along the same river, Charlie Hamilton James has watched and photographed kingfishers for literally thousands of hours. Written in diary form, it covers the kingfishers' habits season by season and describes them with real intimacy.

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  • Giant Pandas by Heather Angel
    Giant Pandas (English, Paperback) Heather Angel

    Giant Pandas inspire affection and instant recognition with their distinctive white faces and black ears and eye patches. Meet China's national treasure, pictured in a natural, protected mountain habitat where we have the chance to follow on photographer Heather Angel's shoulder as she reveals pandas as we have never seen them: playing in the snow, a mother with baby, leading their lives, apparently oblivious of one another.

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  • Owls by David Tipling
    Owls (English, Paperback) David Tipling, Jari Peltomaki

    This book explores the fascinating lives of our owls, accompanied by riveting diary accounts from the authors adventures photographing in Europe's wildest places.

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  • Snow Monkeys by Heather Angel
    Snow Monkeys (English, Paperback) Heather Angel

    Japan's sole monkey - the Japanese macaque - lives in subtropical lowlands and in subalpine regions. The animals live in the Japanese Alps where snow blankets the ground for most of the winter, and are affectionately called Snow Monkeys. Heather Angel unravels how these monkeys live in troops, showing them through their seasons.

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  • Monkeys of the Amazon by Nick Gordon
    Monkeys of the Amazon (English, Paperback) Nick Gordon

    These enchanting, fascinating creatures range in size from the Pygmy Marmosets, from a quarter of a pound to around 4 inches tall, to the largest Humboldt's Woolly monkeys, weighing in at up to 20 pounds and over 2 feet tall. For all their numbers - so far 209 species identified - these monkeys live well camouflaged, high up in the thick, tangled vegetation of the rainforest canopy. Nick Gordon's wonderful pictures and vivid text reveals their secret lives.

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  • Creatures of the Deep Blue by Jonathan Bird
    Creatures of the Deep Blue (English, Hardback) Jonathan Bird

    The ocean contains an astounding variety and diversity of life, much of which is completely foreign to us on land. While the colourful and varied forms of invertebrates and reef fish may enchant us, it is the large animals that really grab and hold our interest. From the gentle plant-eating manatee to carnivorous sharks to massive whales that can dwarf a school bus, the ocean is filled with a staggering number of big animals. Join underwater photographer Jonathan Bird on this underwater safari to explore the wealth of large marine animals that make their homes in the big blue. This book looks in depth at the amazing range of life underwater with incredible photography and fascinating editorial the best photojournalist of current times.

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  • CLIFFHISTORY by Cliff Richards
    CLIFFHISTORY (English, Hardback) Cliff Richards

    The definitive guide to the fascinating brown bears of Northern Europe and USA

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  • Back to Black by Cilla Black
    Back to Black (Hardback) Cilla Black

    The stunning images contained within these pages celebrate Cilla Black's remarkable show business career. They also celebrate a woman who grew up in the spotlight of international stardom yet was never blinded to the importance of family and friends.

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  • Dairy Free Cooking by Whittaker, Lois
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