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  • Alone in Antarctica
    Alone in Antarctica (English, Paperback) Felicity Aston

    At the age of 34, Felicity Aston became the first woman to cross Antarctica alone. Frozen into her facemask, she battled desperate weather and raced to reach the coast before the last flight out. This gripping and inspirational account shows what you can achieve when you grit your teeth and decide just to get through today in one piece.

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  • Explorers' Sketchbooks
    Explorers' Sketchbooks (Hardback) Huw Lewis-Jones

    Despite dramatic advances in technology and equipment over the years, there is one vital piece of kit in most explorers' pockets that hasn't changed - the journal. In this title, the sketchbooks and journals presented allow us to share, the on-the-spot reactions of around 70 intrepid individuals as they journeyed far corners of the earth.

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  • Outposts on the Frontier
    Outposts on the Frontier (English, Hardback) Jay M. Chladek

    A vast trove of stories filled with excitement, danger, humor, sadness, failure, and success, Outposts on the Frontier reveals how the Soviets and the Americans combined strengths to build space stations over the past fifty years. At the heart of these scientific advances are people of both greatness and modesty.

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  • The Darkness Beckons
    The Darkness Beckons (Paperback) Martyn Farr

    Martyn Farr's The Darkness Beckons charts the history and development of cave diving, from early expeditions in France in the late nineteenth century, through to cutting-edge dives across the globe. This new 2017 edition has been fully updated and features over 400 photographs and illustrations, and a foreword by American cave diver Bill Stone.

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  • One River
    One River (Paperback) Wade Davis

    From the author of INTO THE SILENCE, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-FictionIn 1941, Richard Evans Schultes took a leave of absence from Harvard University and disappeared into the Northern Amazon of Colombia.

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  • It Was Snowing Butterflies
    It Was Snowing Butterflies (Paperback) Charles Darwin

    Takes us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the Russian steppe. This book features stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions.

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  • Sir John Franklin's Erebus and Terror Expedition
    Sir John Franklin's Erebus and Terror Expedition (English, Paperback) Gillian Hutchinson

    The story of Sir John Franklin's fateful expedition in HMS Erebus and HMS Terror of the North-West Passage in 1845, and the eventual discovery of the ships' wrecks in 2014 and 2016.

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  • Night Trains
    Night Trains (English, Hardback) Martin Andrew

    Night trains have long fascinated us with the possibilities of their private sleeping compartments, gilded dining cars, champagne bars and wealthy travellers. Authors from Agatha Christie to Graham Greene have used night trains to tell tales of romance, intrigue and decadence against a rolling background of dramatic landscapes. The reality could often be as thrilling: early British travellers on...

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  • The Vinland Sagas
    The Vinland Sagas (English, Paperback) Leifur Eiricksson

    Contains the descriptions of North America, a bountiful land of grapes and vines, discovered by Vikings five centuries before Christopher Columbus. This title counts the Icelandic settlement of Greenland by Eirik the Red and the chance discovery by seafaring adventurers of a mysterious new land.

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  • Cold
    Cold (English, Paperback) Sir Ranulph Fiennes

    Britain's most famous explorer and bestselling author's new book on extreme cold.

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  • South
    South (Paperback) Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

    After the conquest of the South Pole by Amundsen, who, by a narrow margin of days only, was in advance of the British Expedition under Scott, there remained but one great main object of Antarctic journeyings-the crossing of the South Polar continent from sea to sea. When I returned from the Nimrod Expedition on which we had to turn back from our attempt to plant the British flag on the South Pole,...


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  • The Ogre
    The Ogre (Hardback) Doug Scott

    The Ogre, by Doug Scott, is a two-part biography of this enigmatic peak: in the first part, Scott has researched the geography and history of the mountain; part two is the overdue and personal account of his and Chris Bonington's first ascent and their dramatic descent on which Scott suffered two broken legs and Bonington smashed ribs.

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  • Red Nile
    Red Nile (English, Paperback) Robert Twigger

    A rip-roaring yet intimate biography of the mighty Nile by Robert Twigger, award-winning author of ANGRY WHITE PYJAMAS. 'A tour de force' FINANCIAL TIMES.

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  • Shackleton's Boat Journey
    Shackleton's Boat Journey (English, Paperback) Frank Arthur Worsley

    Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley, Tom Crean, Tim McCarthy and two other crewmen sailed 800 miles in the James Caird, a 20-foot open boat, to bring help from the whaling station at Grytviken in South Georgia. They survived the horrendous boat journey and organised the rescue - not a life was lost. All of them were heroes.

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  • Land of the Midnight Sun
    Land of the Midnight Sun (English, Paperback) Alexander Armstrong

    In an adventure of a lifetime, Alexander Armstrong wraps up warm and heads ever north to explore the hostile Arctic winter - the glittering landscape of Scandinavia, the isolated islands of Iceland and Greenland, and the final frontier of Canada and Alaska.

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  • The Last Viking
    The Last Viking (English, Paperback) Stephen Bown

    The first full biography in many years of the greatest polar explorer of all time: the conqueror of both the South and North poles as well as the Northwest and the Northeast passages.

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  • Addicted to Adventure
    Addicted to Adventure (Paperback) Bob Shepton

    Bob Shepton is an ordained minister in the Church of England in his late 70s, but spends most of his time sailing into the Arctic and making first ascents of inaccessible mountains. No tea parties for this vicar....

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  • Canoeing the Congo
    Canoeing the Congo (English, Paperback) Phil Harwood

    Ex-Marine Phil Harwood embarked on an epic solo journey on the Congo, the eighth longest river in the world. He faced swamps, man-eating crocodiles, snakes and spiders' webs the size of houses. He collapsed from malaria, and was arrested. But he also received tremendous hospitality from proud people long forgotten by the Western world.

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  • Annapurna
    Annapurna (English, Paperback) Maurice Herzog

    One of the great works of mountaineering literatureWITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOE SIMPSONIn 1950, no mountain higher than 8,000 meters had ever been climbed. With breathtaking courage and grit manifest on every page, Annapurna is one of the greatest adventure stories ever told.

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