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  • Learning Outside the Classroom
    Learning Outside the Classroom (English, Paperback) Simon Beames, Pete Higgins

    Learning Outside the Classroom outlines theory and practice that will enable and encourage teachers to systematically and progressively incorporate meaningful outdoor learning opportunities into their daily teaching activities in a wide variety of environments and with diverse populations of pupils. This is the first textbook based around the curriculum for prospective and practising primary and...

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  • 100 Ideas for Early Years Practitioners: Outdoor Play
    100 Ideas for Early Years Practitioners: Outdoor Play (English, Paperback) Julie Mountain

    Children benefit hugely from regular, frequent and progressive outdoor play, and it should therefore be an integral part of their early education. This brand new addition to the 100 ideas series offers early years practitioners easy-to-implement outdoor play activities and practical advice on managing and evaluating your provision....

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  • The Little Book of Woodland Challenges
    The Little Book of Woodland Challenges (Paperback) Rebecca Aburrow

    There are endless benefits to taking outdoor learning to a natural or woodland setting. The Little Book of Woodland Challenges can be used in collaboration with Forest School, or as a stand alone book of activities that can take place outdoors in woodland or forest settings. Each activity provides alternative ideas if your setting does not have a woodland space. This book provides a wide range of mathematical, scientific and creative based challenges suitable for all children, including those with SEN and EAL, and addresses all areas of learning in Development Matters and the EYFS.

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  • Great Group Games for Kids
    Great Group Games for Kids (English, Paperback) Susan Ragsdale, Ann Saylor

    Building on the popularity of the bestselling Great Group Games, this new collection for the younger set shows teachers and group leaders how to make even the silliest activity meaningful. Complete with details on timing, supplies, set up, and suggested group size, this is the perfect grab-and-go resource for anyone working with elementary school age children. Far from frivolous, each play with...

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  • 50 Fantastic Ideas for Exploring Nature
    50 Fantastic Ideas for Exploring Nature (Paperback) Kate Bass, Jane Vella

    Using natural resources has long been part of the Montessori and Steiner philosophies and some mainstream early years provisions were already starting to emulate this practice. The recent popularity of Forest Schools demonstrates how practitioners recognise the benefits of offering children open-ended activities using natural resources. Not all settings are fortunate enough to have access to a forest or indeed have staff who are Forest School trained, but it is possible to create naturalistic playspaces. Without specialist training practitioners will learn easy ways to develop their children's understanding of how to grow plants, use tools, construct dens and shelters and explore transient art. The activities in this book offer opportunities for open-ended play while the children are off exploring nature and the great outdoors. Here Kate Bass and Jane Vella, busy Early Year practitioners, share with you some of their favourite resources, with ideas from how to enhance your 'mud kitchen' to developing narrative and exciting opportunities to develop creativity while enriching children's language and communication.

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  • Outdoor Learning in the Early Years
    Outdoor Learning in the Early Years (English, Paperback) Helen Bilton

    A guide to create effective outdoor environments for young children's learning. It covers various aspects of working outdoors in the early years, and explains the importance of outdoor play to children's development. It shows how to: manage and set up the outdoor area, allow children to take managed risks, and make sense of work and play.

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  • The Whole Spectrum of Social, Motor,and Sensory G Ames:using Every Child's Natural Love of Play to Enhance Key Skills and Promote Inclusion
    The Whole Spectrum of Social, Motor,and Sensory G Ames:using Every Child's Natural Love of Play to Enhance Key Skills and Promote Inclusion (English, Paperback) Barbara Sher

    Fun easy games for parents and teachers to play with kids of all ages Play is increasingly recognized by neuroscientists and educators as a vital component in brain development, academic success and learning social skills.

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  • Playing with Fire
    Playing with Fire (Paperback) Mike Fairclough

    Mike Fairclough, renowned headmaster at West Rise Junior School, TES Primary School of the Year, demonstrates how teachers and leaders can cultivate a culture of risk-taking and danger within their students - and themselves.

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  • A-Z of Learning Outside the Classroom
    A-Z of Learning Outside the Classroom (Paperback) Russell Grigg, Helen Lewis

    Learning outside the classroom has been high on the political agenda for several years now, but recent Ofsted reports indicate that this can be confined to termly or yearly trips, as an 'extra'. This book provides a convincing and readable promotion of regular outdoor learning. It draws on relevant research to reinforce that working in 'real' environments benefits children's all-round development - cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is illustrated through a wide range of engaging activities, from how to make a scarecrow, to interpreting a painting in a gallery, from getting the best from a library visit, to how best to attack a medieval castle. This practical guide for busy teachers will help them to link what they do in and out of the class. It's a must for every staffroom bookshelf.

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  • I Love Forest School
    I Love Forest School (English, Paperback) Martin Pace

    This is not a treatise to get children into the outdoors - that is acknowledged as read. This is a book which considers the following: (i) Different approaches educators can take to working with children in outdoor environments (ii) The benefits of each approach, favouring those which are more child-led. (iii) The book will examine how practice in the woodland can influence educators and how they can support children's learning outdoors and indoors. The book will bring new understandings to practice in the nursery garden or school grounds, and will include an evaluation of how practice at Reflections Nursery has changed and developed in this context.

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  • Creating Excellence in Primary School Playtimes
    Creating Excellence in Primary School Playtimes (English, Paperback) Michael Follett

    Helping schools to develop a long-term playtime strategy, this book shows how schools can overcome barriers to excellent play for child development and wellbeing. With proven examples that are workable within schools' playtime budgets, the strategies show how to tackle and improve upon common issues including behaviour, staffing and facilities.

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  • Outdoor Learning: Past and Present
    Outdoor Learning: Past and Present (English, Paperback) Rosaleen Joyce

    This book places outdoor learning in a theoretical, historical and social context of constructions of children, childhood and the use of the outdoors.

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  • A Pedagogy of Place
    A Pedagogy of Place (English, Paperback) Brian Wattchow, Mike Brown

    This timely book offers an alternative vision for outdoor education practice. A Pedagogy of Place calls into question some of the underlying assumptions and 'truths' about outdoor education, putting forward alternatives to current practice that are responsive to local conditions and cultural traditions. In this renewal of outdoor education philosophy and practice, the emphasis is upon responding...

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  • Challenge Club Passport
    Challenge Club Passport (Paperback) Amy Sargent

    After providing both aspiring and current teachers with suggestions, ideas and techniques to incorporate in their lessons with "Outstanding Lesson Ahead", Amy Sargent's new book provides students with tasks to stretch their thinking skills, develop their creativity and consolidate their learning, without being just more of the same work that they have already completed. ...

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  • 3-2-1: Time for Parachute Fun
    3-2-1: Time for Parachute Fun (English, Paperback) Clare Beswick

    Featuring activities that promote social and emotional growth, imaginative play, listening & communication skills, this resource provides parents, teachers, and others with ideas to get children moving and learning.

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  • Gameworlds
    Gameworlds (English, Paperback) Seth Giddings

    "Game studies is a rapidly developing field across the world, with a growing number of dedicated courses addressing video games and digital play as significant phenomena in contemporary everyday life and media cultures. Seth Giddings looks to fill a gap by focusing on the relationship between the actual and virtual worlds of play in everyday life. He addresses both the continuities and differences...

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  • Reflective Playwork
    Reflective Playwork (English, Paperback) Jacky Kilvington, Ali Wood

    Presents an introduction to playwork values, principles and practice for those who work with children. This book recognizes that all have a need for play, and seeks to encourage the provision of time and space for all children to freely enjoy its benefits. It is suitable for playworkers and those who work with children.

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  • The Outdoor Classroom
    The Outdoor Classroom (English, Paperback) Hilary Harriman $18.83 $27.50
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  • Good Practice in Playwork
    Good Practice in Playwork (English, Paperback) Paul Bonel, Jennie Lindon

    Approved by SPRITO, this text is fully revised throughout to reflect the latest thinking and practice, and is based upon the National Occupational Standards.

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  • Learning Outside the Primary Classroom
    Learning Outside the Primary Classroom (English, Paperback) Fred Sedgwick

    In this text, the educationalist and writer Fred Sedgwick explores in a practical way the many opportunities for intense learning that children and teachers can find outside the confines of the classroom. This original work is based on tried and tested methods from UK primary schools and is illustrated throughout.

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