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  • The End of Outrage
    The End of Outrage (English, Hardback) Breandan Mac Suibhne

    Tells the absorbing story of post-famine Donegal, the Molly Maguires - a secret society who had set themselves up against the exploitation of the rural poor - and Patrick McGlynn - an avaricious schoolmaster who turned informer on them, availing of hunger, disease, debt, hardship, and death to expand his holding at the expense of his neighbours.

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  • Mao's Great Famine
    Mao's Great Famine (English, Paperback) Frank Dikotter

    An unprecedented, groundbreaking history of China's Great FamineWinner of the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize 2011

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  • The Famine Plot
    The Famine Plot (English, Paperback) Tim Pat Coogan

    A controversial history of the Great Famine from Ireland's greatest historian, who provocatively points the finger of blame at the British government. Combining the latest research and fresh insights, this is a fascinating and sobering look at a dark period of global history as well as the ramifications that still resonate today.

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  • Free World?
    Free World? (English, Paperback) Peter Gatrell

    A unique study of a postwar campaign by the UN, NGOs, governments and individuals to address the global refugee crisis.

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  • Famine in North Korea
    Famine in North Korea (English, Paperback) Stephan Haggard, Marcus Noland

    In the mid-1990s, as many as one million North Koreans died in one of the worst famines of the twentieth century. Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland present the most comprehensive and penetrating account of the famine to date, examining not only the origins and aftermath of the crisis but also the regime's response to outside aid and the effect of its current policies on the country's economic future. North Korea's famine exemplified the depredations that can arise from tyrannical rule and the dilemmas such regimes pose for the humanitarian community. To reveal the state's culpability is a vital project of historical recovery, especially in light of our current engagement with the "North Korean question."

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  • Selective Feeding Programmes
    Selective Feeding Programmes (English, Paperback) Tim Lusty

    A comprehensive manual for use in treating different degrees of malnutrition in emergency situations, this book is an important reference for emergency planners and field-workers. It describes the assessment and monitoring of nutritional needs; and directions for the setting up and administration of selective and therapeutic feeding programmes.

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  • Food Scarcity and Famine
    Food Scarcity and Famine (English, Paperback) Helen Young

    This book provides a new approach to assessing and responding to situations of food scarcity and gives a comprehensive explanation of how to assess these situations in order to judge which interventions will be most effective.

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  • Atlas of the Great Irish Famine
    Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (English, Hardback) John Crowley

    The Great Famine is possibly the most pivotal event/experience in modern Irish history. Its global reach and implications cannot be underestimated. In terms of mortality, it is now widely accepted that over a million people perished between the years 1845-1852 and at least one million and a quarter fled the country.

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  • Late Victorian Holocausts
    Late Victorian Holocausts (English, Paperback) Mike Davis

    Bestselling, magisterial melding of global environmental history and global political history

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  • Famine
    Famine (English, Paperback) Cormac O Grada

    Famine remains one of the worst calamities that can befall a society. Mass starvation - whether it is inflicted by drought or engineered by misguided or genocidal economic policies - devastates families, weakens the social fabric, and undermines political stability. This title traces the history of famine from the earliest records to today.

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  • One Billion Hungry
    One Billion Hungry (English, Paperback) Gordon Conway

    In this book, one of the world's foremost experts on global food needs explains the many interrelated issues critical to our global food supply from the science of agricultural advances to the politics of food security.

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  • Execution by Hunger
    Execution by Hunger (English, Paperback) Miron Dolot

    Seven million people in the "breadbasket of Europe" were deliberately starved to death at Stalin's command. This story has been suppressed for half a century. Now, a survivor speaks.

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  • The Third Horseman
    The Third Horseman (English, Paperback) William Rosen

    In May 1315, years before the Black Death, it started to rain. For the seven disastrous years that followed, Europeans would be visited by a series of curses unseen since the third book of Exodus: floods, ice, failures of crops and cattle and epidemics not just of disease, but of pike, sword and spear. All told, six million lives, one-eighth of Europe's total population, would be lost. This is the...

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  • Demographic Responses to Ecological Degradation and Food Insecurity
    Demographic Responses to Ecological Degradation and Food Insecurity (English, Paperback) Markos Ezra

    Debilitating food shortages and tragic famines have been among the major problems facing many Sub-Saharan countries in Africa since the early 1970s. Ethiopia is one of the most severely affected countries in the region. The country's drought prone areas,

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  • Holodomor and Gorta Mor
    Holodomor and Gorta Mor (English, Hardback) Christian Noack

    A comparative study of the famines of Ireland (1845?51) and Ukraine (1932?33), and how historical experiences of famine were translated into narratives that supported political claims for independent national statehood.

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  • Hungry for Peace
    Hungry for Peace (English, Paperback) Hazel Smith

    Smith describes the famine that devastated the country in the 1990s and the international rescue program that Pyongyang requested and received. Together, the famine and the humanitarian response have wrought subtle but profound changes in North Korea's economy, society, and security outlook. Smith argues that the regime has been prodded into accepting some international norms, allowed markets to...

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  • Feeding Frenzy
    Feeding Frenzy (English, Paperback) Paul McMahon

    As the tectonic plates of the world food system shift, forces are being unleashed that threaten the security of billions. This book traces the history of the global food system and reveals the underlying causes of food shortages and price spikes - what the media has labelled a 'world food crisis'.

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  • The Irish Famine
    The Irish Famine (English, Paperback) Noel Kissane

    This sourcebook focuses on the complex subject of the Irish Famine. It contains newspaper articles, parliamentary debates and offical reports published at the time of the famine. Also included are records of the great landed estates, which provide evidence on the landlords' role in the crisis.

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  • Feeding the Ten Billion
    Feeding the Ten Billion (English, Paperback) L.T. Evans

    A unique and accessible account of the interaction between population growth and agricultural innovation.

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  • Silent Violence
    Silent Violence (English, Paperback) Michael J. Watts

    Why do famines occur and how have their effects changed through time? Why are those who produce food so often the casualties of famines? Looking at the food crisis that struck the West African Sahel during the 1970s, Michael J. Watts examines the relationships between famine, climate, and political economy.

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