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  • Beekeeping
    Beekeeping For Dummies (English, Paperback) David Wiscombe, Howland Blackiston

    The fast and easy way to start and maintain a hive Beekeeping For Dummies is a practical, step-by-step beginner's guide to beekeeping.

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  • Raising
    Raising Goats For Dummies (English, Paperback) Cheryl K. Smith

    Raising Goats For Dummies provides you with an introduction to all aspects of owning, caring for, and the day-to-day benefits of raising goats. It breaks down the complicated process of choosing and purchasing the right goat breed to meet your needs and getting facilities for your goat set up.

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  • Baby
    Baby Goats 2017 (English, Calendar) Editors of Rock Point

    Baby Goats 2017 calendar provides sixteen months' worth of facts and adorable pictures of clever and playful baby goats.

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  • Chicken
    Chicken Health For Dummies (English, Paperback) Julie Gauthier, DVM, Robert T. Ludlow

    Everything you need to care for and keep happy, healthy chickens With directives on diagnosing and treating sick or ailing chickens, as well as general information on how to keep chickens in peak condition, Chicken Health For Dummies is your go-to guide on how to best care for and keep chickens.

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  • Keeping
    Keeping Geese (English, Paperback) Chris Ashton

    A guide to the domesticated goose. It shows how this intelligent bird has been absorbed into different cultures throughout history: from the taming of the Greylag and the Swan goose to the exhibition of the mighty Toulouse.

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  • The
    The 9/11 Dogs (Paperback) Isabel George

    Meet the dogs who searched for life amongst the ruins of the Twin Towers.

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  • A
    A View from the Tractor (English, Hardback) Roger Evans $17.20
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  • Chicken
    Chicken & Eggs (English, Hardback) Mark Diacono

    In the eleventh River Cottage Handbook, bestselling author Mark Diacono gives recipes and comprehensive guidance for keeping chickens.

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  • Counting
    Counting Sheep (Paperback) Philip Walling

    Sheep are the thread that runs through the history of the English countryside. Our fortunes were once founded on sheep, and this book tells a story of wool and money and history, of merchants and farmers and shepherds, of English yeomen and how they got their freedom, and above all, of the soil. Sheep have helped define our culture and topography, impacting on everything from accent and idiom,...

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  • Beautiful
    Beautiful Goats (Paperback) Felicity Stockwell, Andrew Perris

    A photographic ABC of the goat that showcases the allure of its many breeds of goat, including the Angora, prized for its luxuriant fleece, the diminutive but dominant-looking Pygmy and the extremely rare Bagot.

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  • The
    The Healthy Donkey (English, Hardback) Sarah Fisher, Trudy Affleck

    Introduces potential owners to everything they need to know about donkey guardianship, with useful information about diet, bedding and grooming. This book also includes information about addressing behavioural issues using patience, kindness and bodywork using the Tellington TTouch techniques - a non-invasive system of touch and massage.

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  • Sheep
    Sheep Manual (English, Hardback) Liz Shankland

    Sheep have to be one of the most versatile livestock animals on the planet. All-in-one grazing and fertilising machines, they provide meat and milk for our tables, wool for clothing, carpets, and insulation, skins for leather and rugs, and a whole host of other products.If you have recently acquired sheep or are thinking of starting a small flock, this book is for you. The Sheep Manual is a...

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  • Fifty
    Fifty Bales of Hay (English, Hardback) Roger Evans $16.25 $18.00
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  • Practical
    Practical Sheep Keeping (English, Paperback) Kim Cardell

    Explains things you need to know to manage sheep and keep them healthy. This book includes from choosing and buying, through housing, feeding and routine management, to breeding and lambing.

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  • AyaAyam
    AyaAyam Cemani Chicken - the Indonesian Black Hen. A Complete Owner's Guide to This Rare Pure Black Chicken Breed. Covering History, Buying, Housing, Feeding, Health, Breeding & Showing (Paperback) Angela Jewitt

    The Ayam Cemani is one of the rarest chickens in the world. This beautiful bird is renowned for being black, completely black, totally black. Black feathers, black comb, black eyes, black skin, black meat and even black bones. It truly is one of the most unusual of the black chicken breeds. This book contains a wealth of information about caring for and looking after these Indonesian chickens as...

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  • K9
    K9 Behavior Basics (English, Hardback) Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak

    The art and science of training police, military and other service dogs continue to evolve as we learn more about dog behavior. In this revised edition ofK9 Behavior Basics, expert dog trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak and Simon Prins share the essentials every trainer needs to know about these advances in K9 training. You’ll learn how to successfully implement or improve your dogs’...

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  • In
    In Search of the World's Finest Wools (English, Hardback) Dominic Dormeuil

    A unique photographic journey around the world to meet those people and animals who make the world's finest wools - from Shetland to Peru and from Greenland to Mongolia.

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  • The
    The Cowspiracy (English, Paperback) Keegan Kuhn

    Discover the biggest issue in conservation today. This companion to the documentaryCowspiracy explores the impacts of the most environmentally destructive industry on the planet: animal agriculture. The award-winning documentary Cowspiracy presents alarming truths about the effects of animal agriculture on the planet. One of the leading causes of deforestation, greenhouse gas production,...

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  • An
    An Alligator in the Bathroom...and Other Stories (English, Paperback) Carter Langdale

    A collection of true stories from RSPCA Inspector Carter Langdale, in North Yorkshire in the 1980s. It will be serialised in "The Daily Mail". *Also appeared in August Buyer's Notes*

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  • Sheep"/
    Sheep (English, Paperback) Philip Armstrong

    A unique exploration of the biology and history of sheep, as well as their place in literature and the other creative arts.

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