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Federico Fellini

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  • Manara Library Volume 3: Trip To Tulum And Other Stories by Milo Manara
    Manara Library Volume 3: Trip To Tulum And Other Stories (English, Paperback) Milo Manara, Federico Fellini

    The third volume of The Manara Library, in a paperback edition at last!...

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  • Fellini On Fellini by Federico Fellini
    Fellini On Fellini (English, Paperback) Federico Fellini

    "One of the greatest Italian filmmakers, Federico Fellini (1920-1993) created such masterpieces as La Strada, La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, Juliet of the Spirits, Satyricon, and Amarcord. His prodigious body o"

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  • Making a Film by Federico Fellini
    Making a Film (English, Paperback) Federico Fellini

    Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini (1920-1993) is one of the most renowned figures in world cinema. Director of a long list of critically acclaimed motion pictures, including La strada, La dolce vita, 8

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  • Fellini, Federico by Angel Quintana
    Fellini, Federico (English, Paperback) Angel Quintana, Federico Fellini

    Federico Fellini (Italy, 1920-1993) is a major figure in the history of cinema, who created his own highly personal and baroque cinematic language. He had his first major success in 1954 with La Strada, in which his wife and favourite actress Giulietta Masina plays the unforgettable Gelsomina, an innocent clown who falls prey to the violence of the

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  • The Journey of G. Mastorna by Federico Fellini
    The Journey of G. Mastorna (English, Paperback) Federico Fellini

    Federico Fellini's script for perhaps the most famous unmade film in Italian cinema, The Journey of G. Mastorna (1965/6), is published here for the first time in full English translation. It offers the reader a remarkable insight into Fellini's creative process and his fascination with human mortality and the great mystery of death.

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  • The Manara Library Volume 3: Trip To Tulum And Other Stories by Federico Fellini
    The Manara Library Volume 3: Trip To Tulum And Other Stories (English, Hardback) Federico Fellini

    Milo Manara's collaborations with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini take center stage in this latest volume of The Manara Library! Together, these two masters produced the beautiful, surreal stories "Trip to Tulum" and "The Voyage of G. Mastorna," the latter of which is presented in English for the first time! Completing this volume is Manara's collaboration with Silverio Pisu on the satirical...

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