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  • Tolkien's
    Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book (Paperback) Mauro Mazzara, Andrea Piparo

    Nothing is more engrossing than a good book except perhaps colouring scenes of the worlds it evokes. This is the perfect combination; immerse yourself in the fascinating world of J.R.R. Tolkien and let your imagination run wild while you relax into the intricate illustrations.

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  • The
    The Science of Discworld II (English, Paperback) Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart

    Tells the story about the wizards of Discworld. Weaving together a fast-paced Discworld novelette with scientific commentary on the evolution and development of the human mind, culture, language, art, and science, this title presents a fresh view of the world we live in.

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  • Science
    Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch (English, Paperback) Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart

    Roundworld is in trouble again, and this time it looks fatal. Having created it in the first place, the wizards of Unseen University feel vaguely responsible for its safety.

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  • A
    A Dictionary of Tolkien (English, Paperback) David Day

    Illustrated with stunning black and white artwork, A Dictionary of Tolkien is an indispensible guide to the rich, mythical world of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands.

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  • Art
    Art of Satoshi Kon (English, Hardback) Satoshi Kon

    Brilliant anime director Satoshi Kon (Paprika [2006], Paranoia Agent [2004], Tokyo Godfathers [2003], Millennium Actress [2001] and Perfect Blue [1997]) died tragically young in 2010 at the age of 46. Now Dark Horse is privileged to remember him and his works through The Art Of Satoshi Kon, a beautiful book of Kon's illustrations for his movies Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress,...

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  • War
    War of the Worlds (English, Paperback) Mike Brunton, Alan Lathwell

    On one terrible night in August 1895, the world changed forever. Grey metal cylinders, launched from Mars and hurtled through space, came crashing down in southern England. This book covers the whole of the Anglo-Martian conflict, beginning with a look at the relative strengths and weakness of the two armies, both English and alien.

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  • Dan
    Dan Dare (English, Hardback) Rod Barzilay, Graham Bleathman

    This innovative Haynes Manual takes a detailed look inside the spaceships, space stations and various other craft that played such a huge part in bringing the excitement of space travel to the stories. Beautifully illustrated with cutaway artwork by Graham Bleathman, and supported by fabulous contemporary comic-strip art, this is the ultimate technical guide to the spaceships of Dan Dare and a wonderful addition to every comic fan’s bookshelf.

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  • A
    A IS for Arsenic (English, Paperback) Kathryn Harkup

    Fifteen novels. Fifteen poisons. Just because it's fiction doesn t mean its all made-up . . ."

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  • Monster
    Monster Mash: The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America 1957-1972 (English, Hardback) Basil Gogos, Jim Warren

    Once Frankenstein and friends infiltrated TV in 1957, an avalanche of monster magazines, toys, games, trading cards, and comic books crashed upon an unsuspecting public.

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  • Klingon
    Klingon Bird of Prey Manual (Hardback) Rick Sternbach, Ben Robinson

    Reveals the secrets of the Klingon Empire's formidable Bird of Prey starship. Suitable for all Klingon commanders, and their enemies, this title covers key technologies such as propulsion, weapons and the all-important cloaking device.

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  • Turtle
    Turtle Recall (English, Paperback) Stephen Briggs, Terry Pratchett

    The one and only official guide to all things Discworld including, but not limited to: What to do when approached by a hermit elephant Where to get a beer in Ankh-Morpork* How to play Cripple Mr Onion * and live to tell about it.

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  • Little
    Little Grey Cells (English, Hardback) Agatha Christie

    Discover the man behind the moustache in this book of one-liners by the world's most famous Belgian detective, revealing the wit and wisdom of Hercule Poirot and his creator, Agatha Christie. A perfect stocking-filler for every Christie fan, to help celebrate her 125th birthday.

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  • The
    The Happy Reader (Paperback)

    Featuring a long-form interview with a notable book fanatic, this title explores one classic work of literature from an array of surprising and invigorating angles.

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  • Manga
    Manga in America (English, Paperback) Dr. Casey Brienza

    "In Manga in America - the first ever book-length study of the history, structure, and practices of the American manga publishing industry - Casey Brienza explodes this assumption. Drawing on extensive field research and interviews with industry insidersabout licensing deals, processes of translation, adaptation, and marketing, new digital publishing and distribution models, and more, Brienza...

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  • Halo
    Halo Mythos (Hardback) 343 Studios

    A guide to the Halo universe, written in collaboration with the developers, 343 Studios. It incorporates the entirety of the Halo canon, including the games, books and comics, film and television.

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  • Doctor
    Doctor Who: The Companion's Companion (English, Hardback) Clara Oswald, Craig Donaghy

    If there's one thing the Doctor ought to remember, it's this: he should never travel alone.And to help make sure he always has someone suitably brilliant by his side, Clara has compiled this comprehensive guide to travelling with the Doctor. Packed full of hints and tips on topics such as introducing the Doctor to your family, packing for life on the TARDIS and practising alien first aid, this...

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  • Disaster
    Disaster Drawn (English, Hardback) Hillary L. Chute

    In hard-hitting accounts of Auschwitz, Bosnia, Palestine, and Hiroshima's Ground Zero, comics have shown a stunning capacity to bear witness to trauma. Hillary Chute explores the ways graphic narratives by diverse artists, including Jacques Callot, Francisco Goya, Keiji Nakazawa, Art Spiegelman, and Joe Sacco, document the disasters of war.

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  • Middle-Earth
    Middle-Earth in Magic Mirror Maps... of the Wilderland in Wales... of the Shire in England (English, Hardback) Stephen Ponty

    This work is a fresh look at the Maps of the Wilderland in The Hobbit, leading to the discovery that Professor Tolkien drew the imaginary maps from the Map of Wales back to front, or in reverse. The maps of the Shire in The Lord of The Rings are drawn likewise, of England.

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  • Shetland"/
    Shetland (English, Hardback) Ann Cleeves

    Ann Cleeves' bestselling series of crime novels, featuring Detective Jimmy Perez, and now also adapted for a major BBC television series, draw their inspiration from the place in which they take place: Shetland. An archipelago of more than 100 islands, it is the one of the most remote places in the United Kingdom. Its 1500 miles of shore mean that wherever one stands, there is a view of the sea....

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  • Arthur
    Arthur Ransome on the Broads (English, Paperback) Roger Wardale

    The inside story of the two Swallows and Amazons books set on the Norfolk Broads.

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