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  • Elemental Jewellery by Vicky Forrester
    Elemental Jewellery (Paperback) Vicky Forrester

    Discover how the wonders of nature can inspire jewellery design.

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  • The Contemporary Rug Designer by Annie Sherburne
    The Contemporary Rug Designer (Paperback) Annie Sherburne

    Hooked rugs were first created in the 19th century as a thrifty way to reuse fabric. Today, there's renewed interest in this eco-friendly craft, and in this information-packed book you can learn how to create your own modern work of rug art.

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  • Supersize Stitches by Jacqui Pearce
    Supersize Stitches (English, Paperback) Jacqui Pearce

    Love cross stitch but lacking in patience? Or are you a beginner who wants fast and fabulous contemporary designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colourful, hip stitching? Then this is the book for you.

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  • Mastering Silhouettes by Charles Burns
    Mastering Silhouettes (Paperback) Charles Burns

    A practical guide to silhouette portraiture with a gallery of carefully chosen examples, past and present, and workshop sections featuring 20 projects.

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  • Twisted Cakes by Debbie Goard
    Twisted Cakes (Paperback) Debbie Goard

    Artfully decorated cakes with a twist. The opposite of sugary, Twisted Cakes subverts cute cupcakes and celebration cakes to produce designs with a nod to the dark side, all executed with a wicked sense of humour.

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  • Dr Knit's Curious Creatures by Arturo Azcona
    Dr Knit's Curious Creatures (English, Paperback) Arturo Azcona

    Charming yarns spun around a series of artist-made knitted creatures provide entertainment as well as warm-hearted life lessons.

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  • Cute Felt Bears by Benjamin Rowling
    Cute Felt Bears (English, Paperback) Benjamin Rowling

    A collection of cool crafted bears and bear-related projects from the creator at TheBigForest, a growing indie design brand.

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  • Twisted Colouring by Leighton Noyes
    Twisted Colouring (English, Paperback) Leighton Noyes

    The intricate designs in this colouring book include popular horror themes like a Day of the Dead skull, a CSI crime scene, a zombie bride, vampires and werewolves.

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  • Criss-Crossing Paris by Fiona Sinclair
    Criss-Crossing Paris (English, Paperback) Fiona Sinclair, Sally-Anne Hayes

    Cross-stitch interpretations of Parisian moments captured in a photo.

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  • Twisted Stitches by Phil Davison
    Twisted Stitches (English, Paperback) Phil Davison

    For crafters who like their stitching with a twist, this unique book takes cross stitch and embroidery to the dark side!

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  • The Steampunk Gazette by Major Tinker
    The Steampunk Gazette (Hardback) Major Tinker

    From a fantasy fiction genre, steampunk has grown into a broad pop culture aesthetic with its own art, fashion, home decor, music and events. This title chronicles this burgeoning international subculture with an illustrated newspaper-style design that reflects the vintage aesthetic. It reports from the steampunk movement and includes photographs.

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