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Fire Services books

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  • Firefighters of Belfast by Brian Allaway
    Firefighters of Belfast (English, Paperback) Brian Allaway


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  • Into the Fire by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy
    Into the Fire (English, Hardback) Edric Kennedy-Macfoy

    'Deeply personal and blisteringly powerful.' Tom Marcus, author of SOLDIER SPYThe incredible true story of life as a London firefighter. Chronicling his thirteen-year career in the London Fire Brigade, Edric Kennedy-Macfoy takes us with him from his training days as a new recruit to his very first fire;

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  • Sherlock: The Fire Brigade Dog by Paul Osborne
    Sherlock: The Fire Brigade Dog (English, Hardback) Paul Osborne

    ***As seen in the Daily Mail and on ITV London News***____________________ The incredible true story of Sherlock, the brave dog with a nose for saving lives.

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  • Fire Engines by Eddie Baker
    Fire Engines (English, Paperback) Eddie Baker

    A beautifully illustrated guide to the history of fire engines in Britain.

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  • Grenfell Tower by John Preston
    Grenfell Tower (English, Hardback) John Preston

    The Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017 is one of the most tragic political events in British history. This was exemplified by the `stay put' strategy at Grenfell Tower which has historically been used to socially control racialised working class groups in a disaster.

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  • Step Up and Lead by Frank Viscuso
    Step Up and Lead (English, Hardback) Frank Viscuso

    In his new book Step Up and Lead, Frank Viscuso shares the secrets of effective fire service leadership, introduces the traits and skills essential for successful fire service leaders, and discusses the importance of customer service. Designed to help you reach the top of your profession, this new book is considered must-read material for anyone who is ready to step up and lead.

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  • I Was a London Firefighter by David C Pike
    I Was a London Firefighter (English, Paperback) David C Pike $20.66
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  • Last Man Down by Richard Picciotto
    Last Man Down (Paperback) Richard Picciotto

    The No. 1 bestselling true story of Battalion Commander Richard Picciotto who, on 11 September, survived the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

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  • Collapse of Burning Buildings by Vincent Dunn
    Collapse of Burning Buildings (English, Hardback) Vincent Dunn

    Examines the dangers of structural failure caused by fire. This is the second edition of the first textbook written to warn firefighters, company officers, and fire chiefs about exactly how structures collapse when destroyed by fire. More importantly it instructs firefighters and fire officers in how to survive burning building collapse.

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  • 25 to Survive by Dan Shaw
    25 to Survive (English, Hardback) Dan Shaw, Doug Mitchell

    Two seasoned fire officers take an in-depth look into the causes of line of duty deaths in residential building fires, and offer incident recommendations. This book is designed to provide firefighters and fire officers "street proven" tips, techniques, and company-level drills that address and overcome the 25 most common errors that occur at residential building fires.

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  • Dennis Fire Engines by Barry Hutchinson
    Dennis Fire Engines (English, Paperback) Barry Hutchinson

    The first complete history of the world famous Dennis fire engines.

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  • Fire in the Grove by John Esposito
    Fire in the Grove (English, Paperback) John Esposito

    A gripping account of the disastrous Cocoanut Grove fire--the most deadly nightclub fire in American history--and the pursuit of justice that rose from its embers

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  • Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe-Equipped Buildings by David M. McGrail
    Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe-Equipped Buildings (English, Hardback) David M. McGrail

    Offers a foundation for success and safety during high-rise and standpipe operations. This book includes good fireground habits.

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  • Fireground Strategies Scenarios Workbook by Anthony Avillo
    Fireground Strategies Scenarios Workbook (English, Paperback) Anthony Avillo

    This new edition of the Scenarios Workbook is a must-have companion to the third edition of Fireground Strategies. The workbook provides a collection of hypothetical fireground situations with questions regarding command concerns for each scenario. It contains both short-answer questions as well as multiple-choice to reinforce the lessons learned in the book.

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  • Brave by George Pickett
    Brave (English, Hardback) George Pickett

    Every so often a writer of substantive talent appears through the smokey background to perk up our interest in firefighters and firefighting. George Pickett is just such a man....In The Brave you will come to know him and a valiant group of men as they speed from alarm to alarm in downtown New York, where the buildings are tall and for the most part old, where bums and drug addicts populate the streets, and where the fire companies hardly ever rest.

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  • I Love a Fire Fighter by Ellen Kirschman
    I Love a Fire Fighter (English, Paperback) Ellen Kirschman

    Patterned on the outstanding success of I Love a Cop, this is the first book of its kind written exclusively for fire fighters and their families.

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  • Feuerwehrmann Sam: Meine schönsten 5-Minuten-Geschichten
    Feuerwehrmann Sam: Meine schönsten 5-Minuten-Geschichten (German, Hardback)

    Tatütata! Auf geht's mit Feuerwehrmann Sam von einem aufregenden Einsatz zum nächsten. Erlebe, wie Sam und seine Mannschaft James und Norman auf hoher See retten, wie Norman immer wieder falschen Alarm auslöst und schließlich sogar in der Feuerwache ein Feuer ausbricht... ...

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  • Truck Company Operations by John Mittendorf
    Truck Company Operations (English, Hardback) John Mittendorf

    A basic, no-nonsense book for all firefighters assigned to the truck, as well as members of fire departments who perform the numerous responsibilities of the truck on the fireground. Throughout the book, training tips are included to help you perform the various operations efficiently and effectively.

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