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  • Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine
    Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine (Paperback) Jim Duff

    Written by doctors with a wealth of experience, this book covers the fundamentals of wilderness first aid and medicine. Clearly referenced chapters describe both how to minimise risks (including the preparation of first-aid kits) and how to cope with accident or illness in remote settings, from diving to high altitude and from desert to polar.

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  • BMA Illustrated Medical Dictionary
    BMA Illustrated Medical Dictionary (Paperback) DK

    An A-Z quick reference to over 5,500 medical terms. It is fully updated and revised with information on anatomical terms, disorders, essential tests and drugs. Key conditions are accompanied by full-coloured images to improve your understanding.

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  • Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook
    Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook (English, Paperback) Scott Finazzo

    In the event of a major disaster or wilderness emergency, practical medical knowledge will to vital due to the lack of available services. Combining crucial medical information from U.S. Army Field Manuals and additional real world advice, this book covers everything from injury first aid to jungle snakebites.

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  • First Aid Survival Guide
    First Aid Survival Guide (Paperback) Chris McNab $21.63
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  • Wilderness Medicine
    Wilderness Medicine (English, Paperback) William W. Forgey

    With help just a quick 911 phone call away, it's hard to imagine the consequences of experiencing an emergency in remte lands. Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid is a comprehensive text for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of wilderness emergencies.

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  • First Aid Fast for Babies and Children
    First Aid Fast for Babies and Children (English, Paperback) DK

    An indispensable guide for all parents and caretakers that covers a wide range of childhood emergencies....

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  • Baby and Toddler Basics
    Baby and Toddler Basics (English, Paperback) Tanya Altmann

    Parents of children from birth to age three will find answers to their most-frequently asked questions about child health and wellness in this easy-to-understand volume. Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP, practicing pediatrician and frequent contributor to NBC's ?Today? show, helps parents with friendly, straightforward guidance in an easily digestible question and answer format....

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  • Advanced First Aid Afloat
    Advanced First Aid Afloat (English, Paperback) Peter F. Eastman

    Since its first publication in 1972, more than 30,000 blue-water sailors have looked to this book when injury or illness struck at sea. Virtually every accident or ailment that might occur when professional medical care is unavailable is squarely faced and dealt with, using laymans language and step-by-step instructions that calmly take the reader from diagnosis through treatment to follow-up...

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  • The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide
    The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide (English, Paperback) Joseph Alton, Amy Alton

    The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for any Disaster is the new abridged version of the bestselling book The Survival Medicine Handbook....

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  • The Official US Marine Corps Tactics Handbook
    The Official US Marine Corps Tactics Handbook (English, Paperback) Us Marine Corps


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  • First Aid, CPR, And AED Essentials
    First Aid, CPR, And AED Essentials (English, Paperback) American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

    First Aid, CPR, and AED Essentials, Sixth Edition is the center of an integrated teaching and learning system that offers many resources to better support instructors and prepare students.

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  • Foraging for Wild Edible Foods
    Foraging for Wild Edible Foods (English, Pamphlet) James Kavanagh, Waterford Press

    Foraging involves finding, identifying and harvesting wild edible plants. It is a healthy outdoor activity that puts one in touch with nature and provides a bounty of fresh, nutritious, free food. This handy pocket guide provides simplified reference to the approved practices for harvesting wild edible plants in a sustainable manner. Topics include a harvesting strategy, safety (including the...

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  • A Paramedic's Guide
    A Paramedic's Guide (English, Paperback) Lance Hodge

    A practical guide for first aid, not only for wilderness situations but for every day knowledge. In this guide an experienced Paramedic gives you the basics to perform proper first aid in the field.A must have for your next adventure, in the wilderness or at home.

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  • The Prepper Pages
    The Prepper Pages (English, Paperback) Dr Ryan Chamberlin

    The Prepper Pages: A Surgeon's Guide to Scavenging Items for a Medical Kit and Putting Them to Use While Bugging Out, not only teaches you how to build a comprehensive medical kit, but also the critically important medical and surgical skills vital to surviving a doomsday scenario. Why You Need This BookThe Prepper Pages is an essential book for every Doomsday Prepper & survivalist's library. It's...

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  • Prepper's Shtf Stockpile
    Prepper's Shtf Stockpile (English, Paperback) Ron Johnson

    You know it is important that you start building up a stockpile of goods that will sustain you should disaster ever strike and send the world reeling. Natural disaster, financial uncertainty, civil unrest and acts of terrorism are just some of the thing that threaten to turn the world as we know it upside down. We never know what tomorrow holds. With so many possible scenarios, it is a good idea...

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  • Dangerous Sea Life of the West Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico
    Dangerous Sea Life of the West Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico (English, Paperback) Edwin S Iversen

    How to recognize and avoid running afoul of the creatures that bite or sting, are poisonous when eaten, or are otherwise potentially harmful. A handy reference for swimmers, boaters, divers, anglers, and water-lovers.

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  • Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook
    Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook (English, Paperback) Timothy S Morris

    Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook: The Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Preparing Emergency First Aid and Survival Medicine for You and Your FamilyAre you wondering how to perform first aid techniques and administer survival medicine during any situation?One of the most overlooked, yet vitally important, aspects of any survival situation is medical treatment. Following a catastrophic event,...

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  • Wilderness First Aid
    Wilderness First Aid (English, Pamphlet) Dave Canterbury, Waterford Press

    Well-known outdoor expert Dave Canterbury offers basic techniques and essential information for primitive wilderness survival in this new heavy-duty pocket guide series from Waterford Press. Perfect for throwing into an overnight pack or brushing up on skills before an expedition, these waterproof, rip-proof guides can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another, similar to the method...

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  • The Prepper's Guide to Grid Down Disaster Survival
    The Prepper's Guide to Grid Down Disaster Survival (English, Paperback) Dr John Stone

    Every time you turn on the news or get on the internet, you are bombarded with images of one disaster or another. Sometimes it is a tornado, hurricane or earthquake and other times, it is civil unrest that is wreaking havoc. Then there are the terrorists that are always working hard to make this world an unpleasant and uncertain place to live. With so much strife in the world, it only makes sense...

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