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  • Japanese Fabric Flowers
    Japanese Fabric Flowers (English, Paperback) Sylvie Blondeau

    65 beautiful Japanese-style fabric flowers to make from French artist Sylvie Blondeau. Projects include clear instructions with stunning accompanying photography.

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  • The Discovering the Meaning of Flowers
    The Discovering the Meaning of Flowers (English, Hardback) Shane Connolly, Jan Baldwin

    Shane Connolly examines the language of flowers in the context of love - that most tricky and subtle of emotions. Using a selection of gorgeous plants, Shane demonstrates how flowers, whether as single stems or as part of an arrangement, can reveal what our lovestruck, lovelorn or love-renewed selves are too wary or tongue-tied to express.

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  • Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden
    Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden (English, Hardback) Erin Benzakein

    Organised by season and featuring common easy-to-grow varietals, the book also includes 12 stunning DIY arrangement projects.

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  • Bring The Outside In
    Bring The Outside In (English, Hardback) Val Bradley

    Love plants, but short on outdoor space? With stunning photography and expert step-by-step tips, Bring The Outside In reveals everything you need to know to help your plants thrive, from dramatic statement foliage and miniature citrus trees to table-top terrariums and hanging planters.

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  • Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers
    Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers (English, Paperback) Livia Cetti

    The best paper flower artist working today, Livia Cetti, presents a comprehensive how-to manual for creating jaw-droppingly beautiful and unbelievably realistic blooms.

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    5 stars

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  • Flourish
    Flourish (Hardback) Willow Crossley

    Inspired by wild and wayward floral styles, Willow Crossley creates natural and original arrangements, from cabbage rose to cow-parsley, the book will range from glorious garlands and pretty posies to stunning centrepieces for a banquet or soiree.

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  • Vintage Wedding Flowers
    Vintage Wedding Flowers (English, Hardback) Vic Brotherson

    Vic Brotherson believes that wedding flowers should express the character and individuality of a couple. In Vintage Wedding Flowers she provides ideas and inspiration for everything from bouquets to buttonholes, to table dressings, and corsages - and to suit all possible budgets.

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  • Felt Flowers
    Felt Flowers (English, Paperback) Jen Carrieiro

    Felt Flowers have all the beauty of their paper counterparts with less worry. This booklet contains 6 projects that show the reader how to make beautiful, colourful felt flowers and a seventh that offers techniques on making leaves to round out a floral display. With beautiful colour step-by-step photography and clear, easy instructions.

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  • Di van Niekerk's Roses
    Di van Niekerk's Roses (English, Paperback) Di van Niekerk


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  • Styling Nature
    Styling Nature (English, Hardback) Lewis Miller

    Renowned New York-based floral designer Lewis Miller presents a fresh take on the arrangement and display of flowers-discussing the approach to and the inspiration behind his lavish creations.

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  • Grow your own Wedding Flowers
    Grow your own Wedding Flowers (English, Hardback) Georgie Newbery

    From jam-jar posies to elaborate displays, Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers explains how to grow and create beautiful arrangements and make your special day unique, without costing the earth.

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  • The Flower Workshop
    The Flower Workshop (English, Hardback) Ariella Chezar

    Written by a celebrated floral designer and lavishly illustrated with full-color photography, this book provides step-by-step instructions for 50 stunning floral projects from simple to spectacular and equips readers with the skills to customize arrangements at home....

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  • Bringing Nature Home
    Bringing Nature Home (English, Hardback) Ngoc Minh Ngo

    Unlike most flower-arrangement books, which rely on expensive and often nonseasonal flowers from florists, this book presents an alternative that is in line with the ?back to nature? movement. This is the first volume to showcase how to be inspired by nature's seasonal bounty and bring that nature into the home through floral arrangements....

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  • Flowers Every Day
    Flowers Every Day (English, Hardback) Florence Kennedy

    Florence Kennedy offers a unique, modern approach to flower arranging: breaking away from the stiff structure and formality of traditional floral displays, her floristry style is practical, accessible and achievable. Here she shows how to create stylish flower arrangements at home. Divided into four chapters by season, the projects are inspired by the joys of home, friendship and family...

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  • Daniel Ost
    Daniel Ost (English, Hardback) Paul Geerts, Kengo Kuma

    The most comprehensive monograph available on the internationally renowned Belgian floral artist and designer Daniel Ost.

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  • Vintage Flowers
    Vintage Flowers (English, Hardback) Vic Brotherson

    From simple posies to glorious garlands and stunning centrepieces for a Christmas banquet, this title demonstrates just how easy it is to transform a handful of fresh cuttings into arrangements that instantly feel at home and complement the look of a room.

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  • Flower Recipe Book, The: 125 Step-by-Step Arrangements for Everyday Occasions
    Flower Recipe Book, The: 125 Step-by-Step Arrangements for Everyday Occasions (English, Hardback) Alethea Harampolis

    Demonstrates - both visually and with detailed recipes - how to create the type of floral arrangement that is ubiquitous in design publications these days. This book features 125 flower recipes. It takes readers through the basics of flower arranging - from what to look for when selecting flowers to local and seasonal buying considerations.

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  • Commercial Floristry
    Commercial Floristry (English, Hardback) Sandra Adcock

    Covers the full range of commercial techniques for the florist. This title introduces basic terms and equipment, advises on conditioning and care of fresh materials, and explains the elements and principles of design. It demonstrates classic and contemporary designs with step-by-step instructions and over 600 full-colour photographs.

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  • Jane Packer's Flower Course
    Jane Packer's Flower Course (English, Hardback) Jane Packer

    Jane Packer Flowers is one of London's best-known florists, with a distinctively elegant yet refreshingly modern look. The company's clients include hip boutique hotels, international film companies and designer stores, as well as legions of devoted private customers.

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  • In Bloom
    In Bloom (English, Hardback) Ngoc Minh Ngo

    Inspiring new ways to connect with the beauty of flowers in everyday life.

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