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  • Stone Demon by Karen Mahoney
    Stone Demon (English, Paperback) Karen Mahoney

    If alchemist's apprentice Donna Underwood can't recreate the Philosopher's Stone, the world will be plunged into a devastating modern-day Dark Age.

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  • 15 Days Without a Head by ,Dave Cousins
    15 Days Without a Head (English, Paperback) ,Dave Cousins

    When his alcoholic mother doesn't come home from work one night, Laurence Roach is terrified that child services will separate him from his brother. So Laurence keeps her disappearance secret while trying to track her down.

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  • Oathbreaker's Shadow by Amy McCulloch
    Oathbreaker's Shadow (English, Paperback) Amy McCulloch

    Fifteen-year-old Raim lives in a world where you tie a knot for every promise you make. If you break that promise, you're scarred for life and cast out into the desert. On the most important day of his life, Raim's wrist knot bursts into flames, scarring him as an oathbreaker. Now he has two options: run or die.

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  • Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee
    Zeroboxer (English, Paperback) Fonda Lee

    Carr Luka is a rising star in the weightless combat sport called zeroboxing. But Carr gets involved with a far-reaching criminal scheme, threatening his budding relationship with his marketing strategist.

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  • Paranoia by ,J.R. Johansson
    Paranoia (English, Paperback) ,J.R. Johansson

    Parker Chipp is learning to master his abilities as a Watcher. But as he trains, his alter ego does everything it can to destroy his life. Even as it spins him out of control, Parker must face a worse threat. The Takers are forcing his chemist father to create an immortality pill, and Parker must enter their realm to rescue him.

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  • Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated) by ,Ainslie Hogarth
    Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated) (English, Paperback) ,Ainslie Hogarth

    When a party commemorating the anniversary of a gruesome killing at the infamous Boy Meets Girl Inn ends in a bloodbath, Noelle Dixon's diary becomes the key piece of evidence. But the cryptic entries suggest there's more to the bizarre case than can be rationally explained.

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  • Words and Their Meanings by ,Kate Bassett
    Words and Their Meanings (English, Paperback) ,Kate Bassett

    A gifted writer, seventeen-year-old Anna O'Mally is headed for the stars. Or she was until her uncle Joe died. Anna worshipped the ground Joe walked on ... until she discovers that she didn't know him as well as she thought she did.

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  • Lonely by ,Ainslie Hogarth
    Lonely (English, Paperback) ,Ainslie Hogarth

    After she discovers The Terrible Thing, Easter Deetz goes looking for her sister but ends up pinned under a giant boulder with her legs crushed into tomato paste. Bored, disappointed, and thoroughly dismembered, Easter lies in The Woods with only sinister squirrels to keep her company, making it very difficult for her to think in peace.

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  • Mania by ,J.R. Johansson
    Mania (English, Paperback) ,J.R. Johansson

    With an attack by the body-stealing Takers imminent, Jack and Parker must put aside their grief and track down the ingredients of their father's formula?one that will rein in the power-hungry Takers?to keep their family and friends out of danger. Their only hope lies in a riddle where each brother unknowingly possesses a piece of the solution.

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  • Insomnia by ,J.R. Johansson
    Insomnia (English, Paperback) ,J.R. Johansson

    Instead of sleeping, Parker Chipp enters the dream of the last person he's had eye contact with. His exhaustion is crippling. Then he meets Mia, whose calm dreams allow him blissful rest. He must go to bizarre lengths to catch Mia's eye every day.


    4 stars

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  • Pirouette by Robyn Bavati
    Pirouette (English, Paperback) Robyn Bavati

    Simone was raised as a dancer, but she hates performing. Hannah loves nothing more than dancing, but her adoptive parents think it should only be a hobby. When the two girls meet at camp, they discover they're identical twins. Choreographing a plan to switch places, they realize fooling their friends and family is harder than they expected.

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  • Henry Franks: A Novel by ,Peter,Adam Salomon
    Henry Franks: A Novel (English, Paperback) ,Peter,Adam Salomon

    For Henry Franks, death is everywhere. It claimed his mother a year ago, in an accident that robbed him of his memory and left him covered with horrific scars. And it's stalking the streets, where a serial killer's path of destruction reveals the dark truth of Henry's past.

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  • How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation by Simone Elkeles
    How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (English, Paperback) Simone Elkeles

    Amy's jetting to the Holy Land this summer to vist her boyfriend Avi who's in the Israeli army. Two weeks at a military training base (her grandmother's idea) turns out to be pure hell ... and only gets worse when the team leader is Avi.

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  • Senshi by Cole Gibsen
    Senshi (English, Paperback) Cole Gibsen

    After learning she is a reincarnated samurai and nearly getting killed (several times), Rileigh Martin decides to put her warrior life on hold to focus on her senior year of high school. But when evil ninja assailants nearly kill Rileigh and kidnap her best friend, she must choose between saving the world and saving him.

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  • Dancing in the Dark by Robyn Bavati
    Dancing in the Dark (English, Paperback) Robyn Bavati

    When her life's passion is forbidden, how much will Ditty risk to follow her dream? When Ditty Cohen first sees a ballet on TV, the beautiful, gravity-defying dancing captivates her. She's instantly connected to the graceful performers, and realizes that her passion is to be a dancer. There's just one problem: Ditty is from an ultra-orthodox Jewish family and her parents forbid her to take dance...

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  • Where You End by ,Anna Pellicioli
    Where You End (English, Paperback) ,Anna Pellicioli

    Miriam and Elliot's relationship was intense, passionate, all consuming. But it's over now, and Miriam must pick up the pieces. Even if Elliot has started seeing someone else. Even if Miriam impulsively destroys a priceless work of art. Even if she's blackmailed by the mystery girl who saw her do it. If only Miriam knew how to move on.

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