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  • I've Always Kept a Unicorn
    I've Always Kept a Unicorn (Hardback) Mick Houghton

    Presents the story of the first female British singer and songwriter to produce a substantial and enduring body of original songs. This book inlcudes original and candid interviews with more than fifty of her friends, fellow musicians and contemporaries. It also features previously unseen documents, and photographs.

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  • Why Bob Dylan Matters
    Why Bob Dylan Matters (English, Hardback) Richard F. Thomas

    "The coolest class on campus" ? The New York Times...

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  • I've Always Kept a Unicorn
    I've Always Kept a Unicorn (English, Paperback) Mick Houghton

    After leaving Fairport she formed Fotheringay, whose influential eponymous album was released in 1970, before collaborating on a historic one-off recording with Led Zeppelin - the only other vocalist to record with Zeppelin in their entire career - and releasing four solo albums across the course of the decade.

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  • Pickers and Poets
    Pickers and Poets (English, Hardback) Craig Clifford

    Many books and essays have addressed the broad sweep of Texas music?its multicultural aspects, its wide array and blending of musical genres, its historical transformations, and its love/hate relationship with Nashville and other established music business centers. This book, however, focuses on an essential thread in this tapestry: the Texas singer-songwriters to whom the contributors refer as...

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  • Singing from the Floor
    Singing from the Floor (English, Paperback) J. P. Bean

    In smoky rooms above pubs, bare rooms with battered stools and beer-stained tables, an acoustic revolution took place in Britain in the 1950s and '60s. This was the folk revival, where a generation of musicians, would rediscover the native songs of their own tradition. This book tells the story of this movement.

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  • We Can Swing Together
    We Can Swing Together (English, Paperback) John Van der Kiste

    When Alan Hull joined the band Brethren, soon renamed Lindisfarne, in 1968, it was the start of a chequered saga. From their origins in the beat and folk boom of the 1960s to acclaim as a popular UK live act and the successful second album 'Fog on the Tyne', their disbanding, and reunion, Lindisfarne have a history that has lasted over forty years.

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  • 30 Christmas Carols with Sheet Music and Fingering for Tin Whistle
    30 Christmas Carols with Sheet Music and Fingering for Tin Whistle (English, Paperback) Stephen Ducke

    30 traditional Christmas Carols with sheet music and fingering diagrams for Irish tin whistle. Simple, easy-to-follow arrangements of classic songs that kids will love....

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  • The Nobel Lecture
    The Nobel Lecture (English, Hardback) Bob Dylan

    Published for the first time in a beautiful collectible edition, the essential lecture delivered by the 2016 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan....

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  • Fiddler's Dream
    Fiddler's Dream (English, Hardback) Howard Wight Marshall

    In this sequel to Howard Marshall's earlier book on old-time fiddlers in Missouri, Play Me Something Quick and Devilish, the author uses oral history, archival photographs, and transcriptions of selected tunes to trace the evolution of traditional fiddle music in Missouri from the early 1920s through the abrupt changes in American society and traditional music in the 1960s.

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  • Folk Song in England
    Folk Song in England (English, Hardback) Steve Roud

    In Victorian times, England was famously dubbed the land without music - but one of the great musical discoveries of the early twentieth century was that England had a vital heritage of folk song and music which was easily good enough to stand comparison with those of other parts of Britain and overseas.

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  • The Lyrics
    The Lyrics (English, Hardback) Bob Dylan, Lisa Nemrow

    For the first time, a comprehensive, definitive collection of lyrics of music legend and poet Bob Dylan.

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  • The Wheels of the World
    The Wheels of the World (Paperback) Colin Harper, John McSherry

    One chanter, three drones, three regulators, thirteen keys, too many near-extinctions to mention and 300 years of heroes: that, with a frisson of fairies on moonlit knolls, is the Irish uilleann ('ill-in') pipes. The Wheels Of The World presents an epic tale of triumph and survival, where the soulful heart of a nation has been kept alive across ages by a slender thread of guardians - blind men,...

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  • Adventures of a Ballad Hunter
    Adventures of a Ballad Hunter (English, Paperback) John A. Lomax, Ken Chamberlain

    -Originally published in 1947 by the Macmillan Company.-

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  • Down the Crooked Road
    Down the Crooked Road (English, Paperback) Mary Black

    For the last thirty years, singer Mary Black has been a dominant presence on the Irish music scene, an award-winning artist with many bestselling albums to her name.

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  • First Time Ever
    First Time Ever (English, Hardback) Peggy Seeger

    Together, Peggy and Ewan helped lay the foundations of the British folk revival, through the formative - and controversial - Critics Group and the landmark BBC Radio Ballads series. Peggy's life comprises art and passion, family and separation, tragedy, celebration and the unexpected - and irresistible - force of love.

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  • The Professional Pianist -- Solos for Weddings
    The Professional Pianist -- Solos for Weddings (English, Paperback) Dan Coates

    This collection has been crafted to provide professional-sounding, easily prepared arrangements for busy pianists. It contains 25 selections appropriate for wedding ceremonies, including favorites such as Pachelbel's "Canon in D" and Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as well as timeless selections by Bach, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Saint-Saëns, and others. Also included are 25 selections appropriate...

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  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell (English, Hardback) Malka Marom

    When singer, musician, and broadcast journalist Malka Marom had the opportunity to interview Joni Mitchell in 1973, she was eager to reconnect with the performer she'd first met late one night in 1966 at a Yorkville coffeehouse. More conversations followed over the next four decades of friendship, and it was only after Joni and Malka completed their last recorded interview, in 2012, that Malka...

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  • Eternal Troubadour
    Eternal Troubadour (English, Paperback) Justin Martell, Alanna Wray McDonal

    The first serious biography of the amazing life and career of the man who sang 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips'.

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  • Simon & Garfunkel
    Simon & Garfunkel (English, Paperback) Spencer Leigh

    Early on in their relationship Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel realised two things. Firstly, the world liked them working together. Secondly, they didn't. With exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and those who knew him, and with much unique material, this will be the definitive account of Simon and Garfunkel and their careers.

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  • The Twelve Days of Christmas
    The Twelve Days of Christmas (English, Hardback) Laurel Long

    The astounding talent of Laurel Long brings this beloved song to life with breathtaking style. Set against a lush countryside, each day brings a new gift elegantly rendered. And like in the verses of the song, the previous gifts are repeated in every illustration, giving this striking artwork a hidden aspect, culminating in a staggering spread featuring them all. Readers will pore over every page,...

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