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Francis Pryor

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  • Britain BC by Francis Pryor
    Britain BC (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    An authoritative and radical rethinking of the history of Ancient Britain and Ancient Ireland, based on remarkable new archaeological finds.

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  • Britain AD by Francis Pryor
    Britain AD (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    Leading archaeologist Francis Pryor retells the story of King Arthur, legendary king of the Britons, tracing it back to its Bronze Age origins.

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  • Seahenge by Francis Pryor
    Seahenge (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    A lively and authoritative investigation into the lives of our ancestors, based on the revolution in the field of Bronze Age archaeology which has been taking place in Norfolk and the Fenlands over the last twenty years, and in which the author has played a central role.

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  • Stonehenge by Francis Pryor
    Stonehenge (English, Hardback) Francis Pryor

    An illustrated, evocative narrative of the nature and history of Stonehenge that places the enigmatic stone megaliths in a wider cultural context.

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  • Farmers in Prehistoric Britain by Francis Pryor
    Farmers in Prehistoric Britain (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    Francis Pryor maintains that early farming in Britain has been largely misunderstood, due to a loss of contact with the countryside and failure to understand prehistoric farming methods. To redress this problem, this book reconstructs the lives of prehistoric farmers, to provide details on crop cultivation and flock management.

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  • Home by Francis Pryor
    Home (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    Explores the first nine thousand years of life in Britain, from the retreat of the glaciers to the Romans departure. This book traces the settlement of domestic communities, and shows how archaeology enables us to reconstruct the evolution of habits, traditions and customs.

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  • Flag Fen by Francis Pryor
    Flag Fen (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    The discovery and excavation of the Bronze Age site

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  • The Birth of Modern Britain by Francis Pryor
    The Birth of Modern Britain (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    From the author of `Britain BC', `Britain AD' and `Britain in the Middle Ages' comes the fourth and final part in a critically acclaimed series on Britain's hidden past

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  • Britain in the Middle Ages by Francis Pryor
    Britain in the Middle Ages (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    As in `Britain B.C.' and `Britain A.D.' (also accompanied by Channel 4 series), eminent archaeologist Francis Pryor challenges familiar historical views of the Middle Ages by examining fresh evidence from the ground.

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  • The Lifers' Club by Francis Pryor
    The Lifers' Club (English, Paperback) Francis Pryor

    Alan Cadbury is a professional archaeologist: a digger of ancient sites and a man who likes to unravel the mysteries and meaning of the past. For many years, Alan has worked with the 'Circuit Diggers', so called because they work the 'circuit', moving from one excavation to another, as new sites open across Britain.

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  • The Making of the British Landscape by Francis Pryor
    The Making of the British Landscape (Paperback) Francis Pryor

    From our suburban streets which still trace the boundaries of long vanished farms to the Norfolk Broads, formed when medieval peat pits flooded - evidence of man's effect on Britain is everywhere. This title includes over 250 maps and photographs that changes the way you see your surroundings.

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  • The Way, the Truth and the Dead by Francis Pryor
    The Way, the Truth and the Dead (English, Hardback) Francis Pryor

    Archaeologist and detective, Alan Cadbury, returns for his second adventure. In The Lifers' Club, he unravelled the background to a violent death on an archaeological dig in the Fens, a wild marshy region in the east of England.

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  • Home by Francis Pryor
    Home (Hardback) Francis Pryor

    Takes us on the author's lifetime's quest: to discover the origins of family life in prehistoric Britain. In this title, the author explores the first nine thousand years of life in Britain, from the retreat of the glaciers to the Romans' departure.

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  • Fenland by Francis Pryor
    Fenland (English, Hardback) Francis Pryor

    A personal, historical journey across one of the most mysterious regions of England, exploring its archaeology, history, landscape - and place in the English imagination.

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