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  • A Sentimental Novel
    A Sentimental Novel (English, Paperback) Alain Robbe-Grillet

    In France, Alain Robbe-Grillet's final novel was sold in shrink-wrap, labeled with a sticker warning readers that this perverse fairy tale might offend certain sensibilities. It tells the story of Gigi, also known as Djinn, who is being schooled by her father to be a perfect slave and mistress. Running the gamut of unacceptable subject matter from incest to torture, this book abounds with...

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  • Suicide
    Suicide (English, Paperback) Edouard Leve

    Edouard Levé delivered the manuscript for his final book, Suicide, just a few days before he took his own life.

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  • The Great Fire of London
    The Great Fire of London (English, Paperback) Jacques Roubaud

    Part novel, part autobiography, The Great Fire of London is one of the great literary undertakings of our time. Both exasperating and moving, cherished by its readers, it has its origins in the author's attempt to come to terms with the death of his young wife Alix, whose presence both haunts and gives meaning to every page. Having failed to write his intended novel ("The Great Fire of London"),...

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  • Cleaned out
    Cleaned out (English, Paperback) Annie Ernaux

    Cleaned Out tells the story of Denise Lesur, a 20-year-old woman suffering the after-effects of a back-alley abortion. Alone in her college dorm room, Denise attempts to understand how her suffocating middle-class upbringing has brought her to such an awful present. Ernaux, one of France's most important contemporary writers, daringly breaks with formal French literary tradition in this moving...

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  • B Tarde
    B Tarde (English, Paperback) Violette Leduc

    An obsessive and revealing self-portrait of a remarkable woman humiliated by the circumstances of her birth and by her physical appearance. La Batarde relates Violette Leduc's long search for her own identity through a series of agonizing and passionate love affairs with both men and women. When first published, La Batarde was compared to the work of Jean Genet for the frank depiction of sexual...

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  • Newspaper
    Newspaper (English, Paperback) Edouard Leve

    In his second "novel," Newspaper, the acclaimed writer, photographer, and artist Edouard Levé made perhaps his most radical attempt to remove himself from his own work. Made up of fictionalized newspaper articles, arranged according to broad sections -- some familiar, some not -- Newspaper gives us a tour of the modern world as reported by its supposedly impartial chroniclers. Much of...

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  • Heartsnatcher
    Heartsnatcher (English, Paperback) Boris Vian

    ?Boris Vian's early death robbed French literature of a novelist who was coherent while still modern. Heartsnatcher is an esoteric, surrealistic comedy about guilt, set in a deceptively familiar, almost ordinary locale.? ?New Statesman

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  • Saint Glinglin
    Saint Glinglin (English, Paperback) Raymond Queneau, James Sallis

    Saint Glinglin is a tragicomic masterpiece, a novel that critic Vivian Mercier said "can be mentioned without incongruity in the company" of Mann'sMagic Mountain and Joyce's Ulysses. "By turns strange, beautiful, ludicrous, and intellectually stimulating" (as Mercier goes on to say),Saint Glinglin retells the primal Freudian myth of sons killing the father in an array of styles ranging from direct...

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  • The Inquisitory
    The Inquisitory (English, Paperback) Robert Pinget

    The Inquisitory consists entirely of the interrogation of an old, deaf servant regarding unspecified crimes that may or may not have taken place at his master's French chateau....

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  • The Company of Ghosts
    The Company of Ghosts (English, Paperback) Lydie Salvayre

    When a process-server arrives at a housing project on the edge of Paris to draw up a routine inventory of goods in view of seizure, the reception he receives from distrainees Rose Melie and her teenage daughter Louisiane is more than he has bargained for. Rose, forever unhinged by the trauma of a childhood spent under the Nazi occupation, mistakes him for a collaborationist thug and assails him...

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  • Television
    Television (English, Paperback) Jean Toussaint

    "Wonderful . . . Toussaint is a genuinely funny writer."?Kirkus Reviews

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  • Fragments of Lichtenberg
    Fragments of Lichtenberg (English, Paperback) Pierre Senges

    In just over half a century, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) had the time to be all of the following: a hunchback; a mathematician; an electrical theorist; a skirt-chaser; an asthmatic; a hypochondriac; and the author of 8,000 aphorisms. Certain scholars claim, however, that these writings are really the scattered pieces of a Great Novel, and this brilliant and polymorphous fiction by...

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  • We Three
    We Three (English, Paperback) Jean Echenoz

    Louis Meyer is an overworked aerospace engineer looking forward to a week-long vacation on the Mediterranean. DeMilo is an astronaut and self-proclaimed ladies' man whose behavior borders on the obsessive and voyeuristic. When a series of coincidences and disasters?including a devastating earthquake in Marseilles?brings them together on a spacecraft with an aloof woman they are both strongly...

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  • Nothing but Waves and Wind
    Nothing but Waves and Wind (English, Paperback) Christine Montalbetti

    A musty bar in off-season Cannon Beach, Oregon, provides the setting for an unsuspecting Frenchman's introduction to the many ways life can go wrong for the unlucky in America. He listens as the barflies nightly recount their tales of woe?betrayal, broken families, financial ruin. Though they seem at first to tolerate the newcomer's presence and sympathy, a tide of violence is rising, one he...

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  • Mahu or the Material
    Mahu or the Material (English, Hardback) Robert Pinget

    Robert Pinget's Mahu or The Material tells the story of Mahu, who, unlike his ambitious, successful brothers, is a lazy man who approaches the world around him with a defiant spirit and a witty outlook on life. Part of the reason for Mahu's laziness is that he may be nothing more than a character in a failing novel by his friend Latirail, a novel that is being overrun by characters invented by yet...

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  • The Truth About Marie
    The Truth About Marie (English, Paperback) Jean Toussaint, Matthew B. Smith

    Moving through a variety of locales and adventures, The Truth about Marie revisits the unnamed narrator of Toussaint’s acclaimed Running Away, reporting on his now disintegrated relationship with the titular Marie—the story switching deftly between first- and third-person as the narrator continues to drift through life, and Marie does her best to get on with hers. Like all of Toussaint’s...

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  • Do Not Touch
    Do Not Touch (English, Paperback) Eric Laurent, Jeanine Herman

    When French mafioso Oscar Lux saved Clovis Baccara from killing himself, he became the boss and something of a mentor to Clovis. Twenty years later, it is no surprise that Clovis is named best man when Oscar decides to settle down and get out of the business. Fulfilling his role as second-hand man, Clovis is entrusted with the job of guarding Oscar's new bride when Oscar is taken into police...

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  • Camera
    Camera (English, Hardback) Jean Toussaint

    In this improbable love story, we meet a man who is obsessed with himself: how he does things and all the ways he might have done them, how he thinks, why he thinks the way that he thinks, how he might do or think otherwise. What happens? He takes driving lessons, goes grocery shopping, slowly yet methodically battles an olive on a plate. It is all simple and amusing until life intercedes: there...

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  • The Loop
    The Loop (English, Hardback) Jacques Roubaud, Jeff Fort

    Kalniete's book is a moving and eloquent testimony to her family and to the Latvian nation--to their shared fate during more than fifty years of occupation. It is an indictment of the inhuman repression of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Above all, it is the story of human survival, and it has become the most-translated Latvian book in recent history.

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  • A Perfect Disharmony
    A Perfect Disharmony (English, Paperback) Saebastien Brebel

    A middle-aged couple takes in a prurient young woman picked up from the side of the road; a single mother struggles against the hostile feelings she harbors towards her precocious son; a man has alternative fantasies of domination and submission involving a fellow commuter; a hotel room is booked by an elderly woman in search of a place to end her life. In the fourteen stories that make up A...

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