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French Literature Series

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  • Suicide by Edouard Leve
    Suicide (English, Paperback) Edouard Leve

    Edouard Levé delivered the manuscript for his final book, Suicide, just a few days before he took his own life.

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  • Television by Jean Toussaint
    Television (English, Paperback) Jean Toussaint

    "Wonderful . . . Toussaint is a genuinely funny writer."?Kirkus Reviews

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  • B Tarde by Violette Leduc
    B Tarde (English, Paperback) Violette Leduc

    An obsessive and revealing self-portrait of a remarkable woman humiliated by the circumstances of her birth and by her physical appearance, La Bâtarde relates Violette Leduc's long search for her own identity through a series of agonizing and passionate love affairs with both men and women. When first published, La Bâtarde earned Violette Leduc comparisons to Jean Genet for the frank depiction...

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  • The Great Fire of London by Jacques Roubaud
    The Great Fire of London (English, Paperback) Jacques Roubaud

    Part novel, part autobiography, "The Great Fire of London" is one of the great literary undertakings of our time. Both exasperating and moving, cherished by its readers, it has its origins in the author's attempt to come to terms with the death of his young wife Alix, whose presence both haunts and gives meaning to every page. Having failed to write his intended novel ("The Great Fire of London"),...

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  • Chopin's Move by Jean Echenoz
    Chopin's Move (English, Paperback) Jean Echenoz, Mark Polizzotti

    Chopin's Move, a tale of spies and flies, interweaves the fates of Chopin, entomologist and recalcitrant secret agent with a talent for turning bugs into "bugs"; Oswald, a young foreign-affairs employee who vanishes en route to his new home; Oswald's wife, Suzy, who gets enmeshed in a tangle of deceit and counterdeceit (in part through her own relations with Chopin); the mysterious Colonel Seck,...

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  • Oulipo by Warren F. Motte, Jr.
    Oulipo (English, Paperback) Warren F. Motte, Jr.

    A remarkable collection of writings by members of the group known as the Oulipo (Ouvroir de litterature potentiale), this anthology includes, among others, Italo Calvino, Harry Mathews, Georges Perec, Jacques Roubaud, and Raymond Queneau. Founded in Paris in 1960, the Oulipo views imaginative writing as an exercise dominated by the method of "constraints." While a major contribution to literary...

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  • Trio by Robert Pinget
    Trio (English, Hardback) Robert Pinget, Barbara Wright

    Trio marks the first time these three shorter Pinget works are collected in a single volume. From the sublime surrealism of Between Fantoine and Agapa, through the Faulknerian take on rural life in That Voice, to the musical rhythm and flow of Passacaglia, this collection charts the varied career of one of the French New Novel's true luminaries.The space between the fictional towns of Fantoine and...

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  • The Inquisitory by Robert Pinget
    The Inquisitory (English, Paperback) Robert Pinget

    The Inquisitory consists entirely of the interrogation of an old, deaf servant regarding unspecified crimes that may or may not have taken place at his master's French chateau. The servant's replies - which are by turns comic, straightforward, angry, nostalgic, and disingenuous - hint at a variety of seedy events, including murder, orgies, tax fraud, and drug deals. Of course, the servant wasn't...

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  • Fragments of Lichtenberg by Pierre Senges
    Fragments of Lichtenberg (English, Paperback) Pierre Senges

    In just over half a century, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) had the time to be all of the following: a hunchback; a mathematician; a physics professor; a connoisseur of hare pate; a hermit; an electrical theorist; a skirtchaser; a friend of King George III of England; an asthmatic; a defender of reason; a hypochondriac; a dying man; and the author of 8,000 fragments written with ink and...

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  • The Company of Ghosts by Lydie Salvayre
    The Company of Ghosts (English, Paperback) Lydie Salvayre

    When a bailiff turns up, a teenager tries to salvage her mother, their dignity and the TV. When a bailiff arrives at a housing project on the edge of Paris to draw up a routine inventory of goods in view of seizure, the reception he receives from Rose Melle and her teenage daughter is more than he has bargained for. Rose, forever unhinged by the trauma of childhood spent under Nazi occupation,...

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  • Normance by Louis-Ferdinand Celine
    Normance (English, Paperback) Louis-Ferdinand Celine

    "Céline's mastery in creating one of the truly cathartic experiences of contemporary literature is indisputable."--Saturday Review

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  • The Loop by Jacques Roubaud
    The Loop (English, Hardback) Jacques Roubaud, Jeff Fort

    Kalniete's book is a moving and eloquent testimony to her family and to the Latvian nation--to their shared fate during more than fifty years of occupation. It is an indictment of the inhuman repression of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Above all, it is the story of human survival, and it has become the most-translated Latvian book in recent history.

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  • The Truth About Marie by Jean Toussaint
    The Truth About Marie (English, Paperback) Jean Toussaint, Matthew B. Smith

    Moving through a variety of locales and adventures, "The Truth about Marie" revisits the unnamed narrator of Toussaint's acclaimed Running Away, reporting on his now disintegrated relationship with the titular Marie--the story switching deftly between first- and third-person as the narrator continues to drift through life, and Marie does her best to get on with hers. Like all of Toussaint's...

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  • Cleaned out by Annie Ernaux
    Cleaned out (English, Paperback) Annie Ernaux

    Cleaned Out tells the story of Denise Lesur, a 20-year-old woman suffering the after-effects of a back-alley abortion. Alone in her college dorm room, Denise attempts to understand how her suffocating middle-class upbringing has brought her to such an awful present. Ernaux, one of France's most important contemporary writers, daringly breaks with formal French literary tradition in this moving...

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  • Forms and Substances in the Arts by Etienne Gilson
    Forms and Substances in the Arts (English, Paperback) Etienne Gilson, Salvator Attanasio

    -- First paperback edition....

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  • Saint Glinglin by Raymond Queneau
    Saint Glinglin (English, Paperback) Raymond Queneau, James Sallis

    Queneau's tragicomic masterpiece which retells in an array of styles the primal Freudian myth of sons killing the father.Queneau satirizes anthropology, folklore, philosophy, and epistemology while spinning a story as appealing as a fairy tale about a land where it never rains and a bizarre festival is held every Saint Glinglin's Day.

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  • We Three by Jean Echenoz
    We Three (English, Paperback) Jean Echenoz

    Louis Meyer is an overworked aerospace engineer looking forward to a week-long vacation on the Mediterranean. DeMilo is an astronaut and self-proclaimed ladies' man whose behavior borders on the obsessive and voyeuristic. When a series of coincidences and disasters?including a devastating earthquake in Marseilles?brings them together on a spacecraft with an aloof woman they are both strongly...

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  • Mahu or the Material by Robert Pinget
    Mahu or the Material (English, Hardback) Robert Pinget

    In the tradition of Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds, Gilbert Sorrentino's Mulligan Stew, and Raymond Queneau's The Flight of Icarus, Robert Pinget's Mahu or The Material tells the story of Mahu, a lazy man who may be a character in his friend Latirail's failing novel, which is taken over by characters invented by Sinture, yet another writer. The latter half of the novel consists of Mahu's...

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  • Hybrid Genres / L'Hybridite des genres by Jeanne Garane
    Hybrid Genres / L'Hybridite des genres (Multiple languages, Hardback) Jeanne Garane

    The volume explores hybridity in visual, musical, and written texts from France, the Francophone world, and beyond. Defined as an unexpected interaction between two or more categories, hybrid forms challenge conventional ways of thinking and seem integral to creativity itself.

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  • Graal Flibuste by Robert Pinget
    Graal Flibuste (English, Paperback) Robert Pinget

    "This early work by the landmark Swiss author Robert Pinget is unlike any other he produced over his long career; indeed, there are few books by any writer with which it bears comparison--aside perhaps from the novels of Raymond Roussel or Denis Diderot.Graal Flibuste follows the progress of its narrator and his impudent coachman, Brindon, through a fantastical land peopled by strange creatures...

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