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Gabriel Josipovici

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  • What Ever Happened to Modernism? by Gabriel Josipovici
    What Ever Happened to Modernism? (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Charts some of Modernism's key stages, from Durer, Rabelais, and Cervantes to the present, bringing together an array of artists, musicians, and writers - including Beckett, Borges, Friedrich, Cezanne, Stevens, Robbe-Grillet, Beethoven, and Wordsworth.

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  • The Cemetery in Barnes by Gabriel Josipovici
    The Cemetery in Barnes (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    The 18th novel from the distinguished novelist, short story writer, critic and playwright. A short, intense mystery novel that begins in gentle elegy and ends in diabolism and murder.

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  • Hamlet by Gabriel Josipovici
    Hamlet (English, Hardback) Gabriel Josipovici

    "William Shakespeare's Hamlet is probably the best-known and most commented upon work of literature in Western culture. The paradox is that it is at once utterly familiar and strangely elusive--very like our own selves, argues Gabriel Josipovici in this stimulating and original study. Moreover, our desire to master this elusiveness, to "pluck the heart out of its mystery," as Hamlet himself says,...

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  • Contre-Jour by Gabriel Josipovici
    Contre-Jour (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    A novel based on the life of painter, Pierre Bonnard.

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  • Moo Pak by Gabriel Josipovici
    Moo Pak (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Jack Tolenado, a Sephardic Jew from Egypt and ex-University lecturer in English is writing a history of Moor Park which is also a history of himself and his times, of the Jews and the English. The themes in this book have preoccupied the author for the past 25 years.

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  • Touch by Gabriel Josipovici
    Touch (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    In this new book, a preeminent literary thinker muses over the central question of how we can feel at home in the world, given that the world is independent of and indifferent to our wishes. Drawing on books and films, cultural history and his own experiences, Gabriel Josipovici argues that it is possible to feel comfortable in the world and in our relationships with others only if we value touch...

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  • Infinity by Gabriel Josipovici
    Infinity (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Deals with Tancredo Pavone, the wealthy and eccentric Sicilian nobleman and avant-garde composer. In this book his manservant recalls what his master told him about his colourful life and repeats Pavone's often outrageous opinions about everything from the current state of the world to the inner life of each note.

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  • Everything Passes by Gabriel Josipovici
    Everything Passes (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Out of fragments of cultural history, this work includes a poetic narrative of solitude, love, illness and the ambiguous comforts of art.

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  • Hotel Andromeda by Gabriel Josipovici
    Hotel Andromeda (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    The latest novel by acclaimed writer Gabriel Josipovici, encompassing suspense, love, family and the work of the reclusive artist Joseph Cornell.

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  • Heart's Wings by Gabriel Josipovici
    Heart's Wings (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Heart's Wings gathers twenty-three stories written by Gabriel Josipovici over the last fifteen years.

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  • Teller and the Tale by Gabriel Josipovici
    Teller and the Tale (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    A new collection of groundbreaking work from the distinguished essayist and author

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  • In a Hotel Garden by Gabriel Josipovici
    In a Hotel Garden (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    This novel by the French writer Gabriel Josipovici is an exploration into the power of memory and imagination, also raising the question of how far it is possible for non-Jews to understand Jews. Josipovici's other works include INFINITY (2013) and HOTEL ANDROMEDA (2014).

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  • In a Hotel Garden by Gabriel Josipovici
    In a Hotel Garden (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici $10.85
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  • Moo Pak by Gabriel Josipovici
    Moo Pak (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Jack Toledano, a Jew from Egypt and ex-University lecturer in English, is writing the history of Moor Park, of himself and his times, of the Jews and the English. He tells his friend about it on walks through the parks and waterways of London during the 1980s.

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  • Only Joking by Gabriel Josipovici
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  • Goldberg: Variations by Gabriel Josipovici
    Goldberg: Variations (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Taking his cue from an anecdote connected with Bach's late masterpiece, the "Goldbery Variations", this indefinable book is a collection of 30 individual stories which, when read together, turns into an intriguing and mysterious novel.

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  • Whatever Happened to Modernism? by Gabriel Josipovici
    Whatever Happened to Modernism? (English, Hardback) Gabriel Josipovici

    For novelist and critic Gabriel Josipovici, the contemporary novel in English is profoundly disappointing - a poor relation of its groundbreaking Modernist forebears. This book asks why.

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