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  • Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? by Rob Goffee
    Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? (English, Hardback) Rob Goffee, Gareth Jones

    Are you an authentic leader? Too many companies are managed not by leaders but by mere role players and faceless bureaucrats. What would it take to replace these empty suits with real leaders--men and women who are confident in who they are and what they stand for and who truly inspire people to achieve extraordinary results? Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones argue that leaders don't become great by...

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  • The Boxers of Rhondda: Vol. 3 by Gareth Jones
    The Boxers of Rhondda: Vol. 3 (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    Jimmy Wilde was arguably the greatest British boxer of all time, while a whole nation stayed up to listen to the radio commentary of Tommy Farr's brave challenge to the legendary Joe Louis. This book tells their stories, of course, but also those of more than 40 other Rhondda boxers. Essential reading for devotees of the square ring.

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  • The Boxers of Merthyr, Aberdare & Pontypridd: Vol. 2 by Gareth Jones
    The Boxers of Merthyr, Aberdare & Pontypridd: Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    A must-buy for all fight fans, this book tells the stories of some 50 fighters from Merthyr, Aberdare and Pontypridd who have made their mark over the past century and a half, including Howard Winstone, Johnny Owen, Freddie Welsh and Eddie Thomas.

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  • The Boxers of Newport by Gareth Jones
    The Boxers of Newport (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    With four world champions including Joe Calzaghe, arguably the greatest Welsh boxer of all time, and a host of Welsh, British and European champions, Gareth Jones celebrates the great boxing tradition of Newport the Gwent Valleys and Monmouthshire by highlighting the exploits of 70 boxers who hail from the south east corner of Wales.

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  • The Making of the Creeds by Frances M. Young
    The Making of the Creeds (English, Paperback) Frances M. Young

    In lucid and non-technical prose, Young demonstrates how and why the two most familiar Christian creeds - the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed - came into being. She aims to bring the creeds back to life again in the challenging and demanding contexts of contemporary life.

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  • The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology by Gareth Jones
    The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    * An authoritative overview of modern theology written by the world's leading theologians * Covers theology's relation to other disciplines, the history of theology, major themes, key figures and contemporary issues * Can be used as the basis for an introductory course or as an essential reference source.

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  • Ninja Meerkats (#7) the Ultimate Dr by Gareth Jones
    Ninja Meerkats (#7) the Ultimate Dr (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    While competing for the title of Ultimate Dragon Warrior, the Ninja Meerkats work to thwart the Ringmaster's evil plan.

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  • Outback Attack by Gareth Jones
    Outback Attack (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    When strange events occur in the Australian outback, the Ninja Meerkats discover that the Ringmaster built missles in his quest to take control of the world.

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  • The Boxers of Wales: Vol. 1 by Gareth Jones
    The Boxers of Wales: Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    Profiles 50 Cardiff boxers, from the days of the prize ring. This book includes stars of both professional and amateur codes, world champions and Commonwealth Games medal winners.

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  • The Boxers of Swansea and Llanelli: volume 4 by Gareth Jones
    The Boxers of Swansea and Llanelli: volume 4 (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    The boxing prowess of Swansea and Llanelli is expertly highlighted by renowned fight journalist Gareth Jones, who tells the stories of 50 boxers who have fought and won Welsh, British, European and World championships; including Enzo Maccarinelli, Colin Jones, Floyd Havard and Brian Curvis. Foreword by Wales football manager, Chris Coleman.

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  • Dragons vs Eagles by Gareth Jones
    Dragons vs Eagles (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    Wales has always punched above its weight in the boxing ring. The United States, with 100 times the population, may have been the dominant player in the sport, but St David has done remarkably well against Goliath over the 120 years since the first bout featured in this book, in 1894.

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  • What is Art? by Leo Tolstoy
    What is Art? (English, Paperback) Leo Tolstoy

    A look at Tolstoy's savage essay "What is Art?" and the impact it still has on mankind today.

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  • Authentic Leadership (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series) by Bill George
    Authentic Leadership (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series) (English, Paperback) Bill George, Herminia Ibarra

    Organizations require certain qualities and behaviors from their employees, so much so that many individuals feel they lose who they truly are. Leaders, especially, can struggle to be seen as authority figures when they feel uncertain or emotional. Can you ever really be yourself at work? This book shows you how to balance vulnerability, emotion, and authority, so that you can feel effective at...

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  • Christian Theology by Gareth Jones
    Christian Theology (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones

    aeo A lively and accessible introductory textbook. aeo Clearly structured, it guides students through the basic elements of theology and demonstrates its relevance to contemporary issues. aeo The text has a practical orientation, encouraging students to think theologically and to develop theological arguments.

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  • The Pheasant That Refused to Fly by Gareth Jones
    The Pheasant That Refused to Fly (English, Paperback) Gareth Jones $12.91
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  • Evolve Level 2 Teacher's Edition with Test Generator by Genevieve Kocienda
    Evolve Level 2 Teacher's Edition with Test Generator (English, Mixed media product) Genevieve Kocienda, Gareth Jones

    EVOLVE is a six-level English course that gets students speaking with confidence.

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  • The Epidemiology of Plant Diseases by B. Michael Cooke
    The Epidemiology of Plant Diseases (English, Paperback) B. Michael Cooke

    Plant disease epidemiology is a dynamic science that forms an essential part of the study of plant pathology. Each chapter deals with an essential component of the subject and allows the reader to fully understand how each exerts its influence on the progress of pathogen populations in plant populations over a defined time scale.

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  • Clever by Rob Goffee
    Clever (English, Hardback) Rob Goffee, Gareth Jones

    Leading clever people can be enormously challenging, yet doing so effectively is the key to your organization's sustained success. This book offers ideas, practices, and examples that you need to create an environment where your most brilliant people can flourish.

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