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Geoff King

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  • Indiewood, USA by Geoff King
    Indiewood, USA (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    Indiewood is the place where Hollywood and the American independent sector meet, where lines blur and two very different kinds of cinema come together in a striking blend of creativity and commerce. This book analyses the relationship and interaction between Independent film and Hollywood.

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  • Donnie Darko by Geoff King
    Donnie Darko (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    With its gothic tale of a troubled teen haunted by visions of a figure in a Halloween rabbit suit,Donnie Darko was among the first cult movie phenomena of the twenty-first century, making debut director Richard Kelly Hollywood hot property before he reached his thirtieth birthday. This study narrates the film's journey from box-office bemusement through word of mouth success to the recent...

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  • Echoes of the Ancestors by Geoff King
    Echoes of the Ancestors (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    In this thrilling adventure set in recent times, two brothers at opposite ends of Britain find themselves drawn into a mystery of dreams, telepathy, ancient power and loss.When Charlie is approached to undertake a carving commissioned by anonymous but wealthy clients his life takes an unwelcome turn.His brother Adam's lengthy escape into his stoner lifestyle also gradually unravels as elements of...

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  • American Independent Cinema by Geoff King
    American Independent Cinema (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    The American independent sector has attracted much attention in recent years, an upsurge of academic work on the subject being accompanied by wider public debate. But many questions remain about how exactly independence should be defined and how its relationship might be understood with other parts of the cinematic landscape, most notably the Hollywood studios. Edited and written by leading...

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  • Science Fiction Cinema by Geoff King
    Science Fiction Cinema (English, Paperback) Geoff King, Tanya Krzywinska

    From lurid comic-book blockbusters to dark dystopian visions, science fiction is seen as both a powerful cultural barometer of our times and the product of particular industrial and commercial frameworks. Major themes of the genre are outlined, from representations of the mad scientist and computer hacker to the relationship between science fiction and postmodernism, exploring issues such as the meaning of special effects and the influence of science fiction cinema on the entertainment media of the digital age. Over one hundred films are discussed and the book concludes with an extensive case study ofStar Wars I: The Phantom Menace.

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  • Indie 2.0 by Geoff King
    Indie 2.0 (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    Demonstrates that indie productions continue to thrive, even in the face of difficult economic circumstances. This book explores opportunities for indie films, including the use of low-cost digital video and the pursuit of the internet and social media as alternative means of funding, distribution, promotion and sales.

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  • Positioning Art Cinema by Geoff King
    Positioning Art Cinema (English, Hardback) Geoff King

    Art cinema occupies a space in the film landscape that is accorded a particular kind of value. From films that claim the status of harsh realism to others which embody aspects of the tradition of modernism or the poetic, art cinema encompasses a variety of work from across the globe....

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  • Film Comedy by Geoff King
    Film Comedy (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    What exactly is film comedy and what is the basis for its widespread appeal? Film Comedy uses formal, socio-historical and industrial perspectives to answer this question, exploring such themes as the appeal of gross-out comedy, the relationship between comedy and narrative, romantic comedy, political satire, and the role of comic relief?

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  • Quality Hollywood by Geoff King
    Quality Hollywood (English, Hardback) Geoff King

    What defines ?quality' in contemporary Hollywood film? Although often seen as inhospitable to such work, the studios of the blockbuster-franchise era continue to produce features that make claims to higher status. Films such as The Social Network, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Mystic River are marked as distinctive from the mainstream norm. But how exactly, and how...

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  • Tomb Raiders and Space Invaders by Geoff King
    Tomb Raiders and Space Invaders (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    Lively and accessible in style, this book is written for both an academic readership and the wider audience of gamers and those interested in popular culture.

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  • Spectacular Narratives by Geoff King
    Spectacular Narratives (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    This text focuses on the dynamic relationship between narrative and spectacle in Hollywood cinema. It shows how narrative - far from being eclipsed by special effects - remains integral to the cinematic "blockbuster", citing the continuing relevance of the mythic American frontier.

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  • New Hollywood Cinema by Geoff King
    New Hollywood Cinema (English, Paperback) Geoff King

    This title looks at Hollywood from the "Renaissance" of the 1960s to the current dominance of the corporate blockbuster. It discusses diverse films, focusing on the interactions between different levels - including the impact on Hollywood of television and advertising.

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  • Lost in Translation by Dr. Geoff King
    Lost in Translation (English, Paperback) Dr. Geoff King

    A critical study of the American indie film Lost in Translation.

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