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Geoff Nicholson

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  • Bleeding London by Geoff Nicholson
    Bleeding London (English, Paperback) Geoff Nicholson $11.98
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  • Walking in Ruins by Geoff Nicholson
    Walking in Ruins (English, Paperback) Geoff Nicholson $17.51
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  • The Miranda by Geoff Nicholson
    The Miranda (English, Paperback) Geoff Nicholson

    Joe has a plan to walk around the world without ever leaving his backyard, and waiting for his violent past to catch up to him

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  • The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson
    The Lost Art of Walking (English, Paperback) Geoff Nicholson

    How we walk, where we walk, why we walk tells the world who and what we are. Whether it's once a day to the car, or for long weekend hikes, or as competition, or as art, walking is a profoundly universal aspect of what makes us humans, social creatures, and engaged with the world. Cultural commentator, Whitbread Prize winner, and author ofSex Collectors Geoff Nicholson offers his fascinating,...

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  • The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson
    The Lost Art of Walking (Paperback) Geoff Nicholson

    A new book which brings pedestrianism back to the centre of life, in which Nicholson muses on his own walks and looks at the thoughts and actions of walkers through history, including the competitive, the great and the merely eccentric. First published in the US in 2008, this revised and expanded edition includes 2 new chapters.

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  • Looker by Geoff Nicholson
    Looker (English, Hardback) Geoff Nicholson

    A collection of photographs which peek into a world of mystery and eroticism.

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