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  • Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec
    Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Presents a selection of Georges Perec's non-fictional work.

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  • A Void by Georges Perec
    A Void (Paperback) Georges Perec

    Ransacking his Paris flat, a group of his faithful companions trawl through his diary for any hint as to his location and, insidiously, a ghost, from Vowl's past starts to cast its malignant shadow.

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  • Georges Perec by Georges Perec
    Georges Perec (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    One overcast weekend in October 1974, Georges Perec set out in quest of the "infraordinary": the Humdrum, the nonevent the everyday---"what happens," as he put it, "when nothing happens." His choice of locate was Place Saint-Sulpice where, ensconced behind first one cafe window, then another, he spent three days recording everything to pass through his field of vision: the people walking by; the...

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  • Life by Georges Perec
    Life (Paperback) Georges Perec

    Chapter by chapter, the narrative moves around the building revealing a marvellously diverse cast of characters in a series of every more unlikely tales, which range from an avenging murderer to an eccentric English millionaire who has devised the ultimate pastime...

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  • Things: A Story of the Sixties with A Man Asleep by Georges Perec
    Things: A Story of the Sixties with A Man Asleep (Paperback) Georges Perec

    Things: A Story of the Sixties is the story of a young couple who want to enjoy life, but the only way they know how to do so is through ownership of 'things'.In A Man Asleep, a young student embarks upon a disturbing and exhaustive pursuit of indifference, following his experience in non-existence with relentless logic.

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  • W or The Memory of Childhood by Georges Perec
    W or The Memory of Childhood (Paperback) Georges Perec

    Written in alternating chapters, W or the Memory of Childhood, tells two parallel tales, in two parts. The other story is about two people called Gaspard Winckler: one an eight-year-old deaf-mute lost in a shipwreck, the other a man despatched to search for him, who discovers W, an island state based on the rules of sport.

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  • The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise by Georges Perec
    The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Darkly funny account of the office worker's mindset by the celebrated French novelist...

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  • Thoughts of Sorts by Georges Perec
    Thoughts of Sorts (Hardback) Georges Perec

    Perec was a leading exponent of French literary surrealism who found humour - and pathos - in the human need for classification. Thoughts of Sorts is itself unclassifiable, a unique collection of philosophical riffs on his obsession with lists, puzzles, catalogues, and taxonomies. Introduced by Margaret Drabble.

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  • I Remember by Georges Perec
    I Remember (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    At once an affectionate portrait of mid-century Paris and a daring pointillist autobiography, this title translates into English Georges Perec's major works. It consists of 480 numbered statements, all beginning identically with "I remember," and all limited to pieces of public knowledge - brand names and folk wisdom, actors and illnesses.

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  • The Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise by Georges Perec
    The Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise (Hardback) Georges Perec

    A novel that dispenses with the normal rules for literary composition.

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  • 53 Days by Georges Perec
    53 Days (English, Paperback) Georges Perec $17.82
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  • La Boutique Obscure by Georges Perec
    La Boutique Obscure (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Never-before-published in English, Georges Perec?s dream diary should be considered an important literary document. Recorded between 1968 and 1972, the dreams within are written in a deceptively simple prose that successfully captures the complex unpredictability of dreams. La Boutique Obscure opens up the mind of one of France's best known and enigmatic post-war authors and film makers, Georges...

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  • Three by Perec by Georges Perec
    Three by Perec (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Perec has rightfully assumed his position in the pantheon of truly original writers of the past century. Godine has issued all but one is his books in this country, including his masterpiece Life A User's Manual. Here, in one volume, are three "easy pieces" by the master of the verbal firecracker and Gallic wit. The novella "The Exeter Text" contains all those E's that were omitted from A Void...

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  • Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere by Georges Perec
    Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Portrait of a Man [Il Condottiere] dates from 1957-1960 and is the first novel Perec ever completed: it was rejected by Gallimard and Seuil back when Perec was ?nobody,? so it is ironic that Seuil has brought it out now. Back in 1960, Perec put it away, as he wrote to a friend: ?Will leave it where it is, for the moment at least. Will take it up again in ten years, and it will either become a masterwork or [I] will wait in my grave for a faithful exégète to find it in an old trunk.? The novel was subsequently found by David Bellos, and it is a thriller, combining art forgery and murder. The protagonist (Winkler) devotes months on end to making a fake for a client of the famous painting Il Condottiere by Renaissance artist Antonella da Messina, which is in the Louvre. As classic mysteries begin, this one starts with a murder on the first page: but it is Winkler who murders his client. The novel investigates the motive for the crime: one of its reasons will center on the forger's frustration over his inability to produce a work rivaling the original. The theme of forgery in painting crosses much of Perec's work. And the character Winckler also appears in Life: A User's Manual and in W, or the Remembrance of Childhood. Our version also includes a brief introduction by Bellos.

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  • Thoughts of Sorts by Georges Perec
    Thoughts of Sorts (English, Paperback) Georges Perec

    Thoughts of Sorts, one of Georges Perec's final works, was published posthumously in France in 1985. With this translation, David Bellos, Perec's preeminent translator, has completed the Godine list of Perec's great works translated into English and has provided an introduction to this master of "systematic versatility." Thoughts of Sorts is a compilation of musings and essays attempting to...

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  • 53 Jaws by Georges Perec
    53 Jaws (French, Paperback) Georges Perec $22.30 $26.95
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  • Winter Journeys by Georges Perec
    Winter Journeys (English, Hardback) Georges Perec, The Oulipo

    The Oulipo's members have included luminaries of the calibre of Italo Calvino, Marcel Duchamp and Georges Perec. In 1979 Georges Perec wrote a brief entertainment for a publisher's catalogue: The Winter Journey. It became his most reprinted text, and revealed an extraordinary literary discovery, a secret concealed at the heart of modern French literature. Following Perec's death, the group began...

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  • La Disparition by Georges Perec
    La Disparition (Multiple languages, Paperback) Georges Perec Currently Unavailable More details
  • Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere by Georges Perec
    Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere (English, Hardback) Georges Perec

    "Originally published in French as Le condottiaere, A 2012 by aEditions du Seuil"--Title page verso.

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