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  • The Corfu Trilogy
    The Corfu Trilogy (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    Suitable for adults and children alike, this title includes three classic tales of childhood on an island paradise - "My Family and Other Animals", "Birds, Beasts and Relatives" and "The Garden of the Gods".

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, Hardback) Gerald Durrell

    Originally published: London: Hart-Davis, 1956.

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, Other printed item) Gerald Durrell

    Tells the tale of naturalist Gerald Durrell's magical 1930s childhood on pre-war Corfu. In this book, he offers descriptions of his eccentric family and his encounters with the local creatures. It takes you into the Greek wilderness that enthralled Durrell the young naturalist.

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, CD-Audio) Gerald Durrell

    Childhood memoir of conservationist and animal-lover Gerald Durrell.

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    'What we all need,' said Larry, 'is sunshine... a country where we can grow.' 'Yes, dear, that would be nice,' agreed Mother, not really listening. 'I had a letter from George this morning - he says Corfu's wonderful. Why don't we pack up and go to Greece?' 'Very well, dear, if you like,' said Mother unguardedly.

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    My Family and Other Animals is the bewitching account of a rare and magical childhood on the island of Corfu by treasured British conservationist Gerald Durrell. Escaping the ills of the British climate, the Durrell family - acne-ridden Margo, gun-toting Leslie, bookworm Lawrence and budding naturalist Gerry, along with their long-suffering mother and Roger the dog - take off for the island of...

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  • A Zoo in My Luggage
    A Zoo in My Luggage (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    Journeying to Cameroon, the author and his wife collected numerous mammals, birds and reptiles, including Cholmondely the chimpanzee and Bug-eye the bush-baby. This title offers an account of his attempt to set up his own zoo, after years spent gathering animals for other zoos.

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  • Fauna & Family
    Fauna & Family (English, Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    Part of the trilogy that inspired the hit show on PBS Masterpiece Theater, The Durrells in Corfu, Fauna and Family, also known as The Garden of the Gods, is the third in Durrell's Corfu trilogy that begins with his beloved classic, My Family and Other Animals and continues with Birds, Beasts and Relatives. In his foreword to Fauna and Family, Durrell confessed that in the first two books, "I had...

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  • The Aye-Aye and I
    The Aye-Aye and I (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    In the gloom it came along the branches towards me, its round, hypnotic eyes blazing, its spoon-like ears turning to and fro independently like radar dishes was Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky come to life of the most incredible creatures I had ever been privileged to meet.

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  • The Whispering Land
    The Whispering Land (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    The author and his wife are the proud owners of a small zoo on the island of Jersey. But there's one thing that's better than a small zoo - a bigger one. So the author heads off to South America to collect more animals. This title offers an account of his journey into the South American wilds.

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (Hardback) Gerald Durrell

    Apart from naturalist Gerald Durrell (the youngest) and Larry (Lawrence Durrell, the novelist), the family of Gerald comprised their widowed mother, the gun-mad Leslie, and diet-obsessed sister Margo together with Roger the dog. This title offers an autobiographical account of five years in the childhood of Gerald.

    5 stars

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  • Marrying off Mother and Other Stories
    Marrying off Mother and Other Stories (English, Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    ?All of these stories are true,” states Gerald Durrell in the preface to this newest collection of his fiction, but he quickly amends, ?To be strictly accurate, some are true, some have a kernel of truth and a shell of embroidery.”Ranging from the equator to the southern coast of England, Marrying off Mother and Other Stories covers a wonderfully eccentric cast of characters. Durrell returns to...

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  • Encounters with Animals
    Encounters with Animals (Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    Moving from the West Coast of Africa to the northern tip of South America - and elsewhere - the author observes the courtships, wars and characters of a variety of creatures, from birds of paradise, to ants and anteaters, among others. This title offers an account of the animals he encountered on his travels.

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  • Birds, Beasts and Relatives
    Birds, Beasts and Relatives (English, CD-Audio) Gerald Durrell

    The Durrell family returns to the island of Corfu, continuing the story begun in My Family and Other Animals. Already an ardent naturalist at the age of 10, the young Gerald lives in an unconventional and disordered household with his mother, sister, and two brothers. Convivial and open, the family plays host to a constant stream of quirky guests. But for Gerald, the main attraction is the...

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  • Menagerie Manor
    Menagerie Manor (English, Paperback) Malcolm Gerald Durrell, Ralph Thompson

    Menagerie Manor is sure to delight fans of Durrell?s beloved classic My Family and Other Animals and other accounts of his lifelong fascination with members of the animal kingdom. With his unfailing charm, Durrell tells the story of how he finally fulfilled his childhood dream of founding his own private zoo, the Manor of Les Augres, on the English Channel island of Jersey. With the help of an...

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  • Birds, Beasts, and Relatives
    Birds, Beasts, and Relatives (English, Paperback) Malcolm Gerald Durrell

    Part coming-of-age autobiography and part nature guide, Gerald Durrell’s dazzling sequel to My Family and Other Animals is based on his boyhood on Corfu, from 1933 to 1939. Originally published in 1969 but long out of print, Birds, Beasts, and Relatives is filled with charming observations, amusing anecdotes, boyhood memories, and childlike wonder.

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  • Fillets of Plaice (English, Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    If you enjoyed The Durrells in Corfu, the hit show on PBS Masterpiece Theater, and you want more Durrell family adventures on Corfu and at home, follow up the trilogy with Fillets of Plaice. Durrell’s hilarious and warm My Family and Other Animals began a trio of reminiscences of his life growing up with a slightly dotty family – the overbearing and omniscient Larry; the affectionate and loving...

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  • The Garden of the Gods
    The Garden of the Gods (English, CD-Audio) Gerald Durrell

    The enchanted island of Corfu was home to Gerald Durrell and his family for five years before the Second World War. For the passionate young zoologist, Corfu was a natural paradise, teeming with strange birds and beasts that he could collect watch and care for. But life was not without its problems - Gerald’s family often objected to his animal-collecting activities, especially when the...

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, CD-Audio) Gerald Durrell

    This memoir is soaked in the sunshine of Corfu, where Gerald Durrell lived as a boy, surrounded by his eccentric family - as well as puppies, toads, scorpions, geckoes, ladybugs, glowworms, octopuses, bats, and butterflies.

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  • Beasts in My Belfry
    Beasts in My Belfry (English, Paperback) Gerald Durrell

    From the age of two, Gerald Durrell was fascinated by zoology, over the years assembling a large, and not altogether savory, collection of pets, strays, and specimens. As his unofficial zoo grew, so did his family's discomfort. The solution was to find another, more permanent outlet for his passion. So in 1945 he joined Whipsnadea new concept in open-range animal exhibitsas a student keeper, with Albert the lion, Babs the polar bear, and a baby Pre David's deer among his first charges. In this entertaining history, he recaptures all the passion that permeated those early years, while conveying his insight into and affection for both four- and two-footed creatures. This is Durrell at his zoophilic best.

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