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Gerry Conway

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  • Thor Epic Collection: The Fall Of Asgard by Stan Lee
    Thor Epic Collection: The Fall Of Asgard (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Gerry Conway

    The mountain giants are on the march! Surtur has broken free! Odin sleeps while Loki claims the throne of Asgard! In short, all Ragnarok is about to break loose! When the dust settles, Loki's spells lead to a body-swap between the God of Thunder and his mischievous half-brother. With art by Jack Kirby and Neal Adams, it's an embarrassment of riches! Then, John Buscema steps up to carry the hammer...

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  • Avengers/doctor Strange: Rise Of The Darkhold by Gerry Conway
    Avengers/doctor Strange: Rise Of The Darkhold (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman

    Learn the hidden history of Marvel's most terrifying tome! Penned by the elder god Chthon millennia ago, containing the blackest of magic, could the Darkhold be behind the Werewolf By Night's curse? Jack Russell's quest for the truth leads him into conflict with...Dracula! Modred the Mystic dared to learn the Darkhold's secrets, but he spells trouble for the Avengers when Chthon chooses the...

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  • Tales of the Batman: Volume 2 by Gerry Conway
    Tales of the Batman: Volume 2 (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway

    From critically acclaimed comics writer Gerry Conway, these classic tales showcase one of the greatest talents ever to write for the Caped Crusader in TALES OF THE BATMAN: GERRY CONWAY VOL. 2.

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  • Spider-man/iron Man: Marvel Team-up by Gerry Conway
    Spider-man/iron Man: Marvel Team-up (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Bill Mantlo

    Web-head meets Shell-head in a collection of their greatest Marvel team-ups! When the Avengers are captured, Spider-Man and Iron Man find themselves caught in a tussle through time between Kang the Conqueror and Zarrko the Tomorrow Man - a saga that draws in the Human Torch and the Inhumans! Spidey and Iron Man will need a little help from Doctor Strange if they are to survive the mind-bending...

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  • Spider-man: Spider-verse - Fearsome Foes by Stan Lee
    Spider-man: Spider-verse - Fearsome Foes (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Marv Wolfman

    Five of Spider-Man's most vicious villains take the spotlight! First, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduce the poisonous Scorpion - and young Peter Parker feels the lethal sting of his tail! Then, it's a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred throwdown between Spidey and the Kingpin of Crime himself, Wilson Fisk! Discover the terrifying origin of the whispering hitman, Tombstone - and his devastating...

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  • Ms. Marvel Epic Collection: This Woman, This Warrior by Chris Claremont
    Ms. Marvel Epic Collection: This Woman, This Warrior (English, Paperback) Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway

    The year was 1977 and Marvel was set to debut its latest and greatest new super heroine. NASA Security Chief Carol Danvers' life had long been intertwined with the alien Kree's interventions on Earth. But now it was time for this new woman in a new era to take on a new persona all her own-Ms. Marvel! As editor of Woman magazine, Danvers must contend with the Marvel Universe's biggest blowhard, J....

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  • Carnage Vol. 2: World Tour by Gerry Conway
    Carnage Vol. 2: World Tour (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Mike Perkins

    The Anti-Carnage task force is following the trail of bodies left by Carnage, as he travels around the world as a stowaway on the boat of sixteen-year-old Jubilie van Scotter.

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  • Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 1 by Marv Wolfman
    Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 1 (English, Hardback) Marv Wolfman, Gerry Conway

    He rose from the grave in 1972, ushering in an Age of Horror like nothing seen before or since! Now behold the Prince of Darkness' first encounters with his most implacable enemies of the era, including legendary Blade the Vampire Hunter! With ghosts, mutants, mad scientists and more! Plus a tour of the Lord of the Vampires' earlier U.S. activities, with such stops as the Pool of Blood and the...

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  • Justice League by Gerry Conway
    Justice League (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway

    "Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family; Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston"

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  • Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-up Vol. 4 by Gerry Conway
    Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-up Vol. 4 (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway, Bill Mantlo

    No one in the Marvel Universe knows how to make friends...and enemies...and the Amazing Spider-Man! And he's going to add to the ranks of all three, beginning with an Iron Fist kung fu clash. Then, Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Doctor Strange join in the battle against Jeremiah and his Church of Blood. Never wanting to leave a corner of Marveldom unexplored, the monsters are unleashed...

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  • Thor: in the Shadow of Mangog by Stan Lee
    Thor: in the Shadow of Mangog (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Gerry Conway $10.25
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  • Spider-man: Death Of The Stacys by Gil Kane
    Spider-man: Death Of The Stacys (English, Paperback) Gil Kane, Stan Lee

    The deaths that still shape the Spider-verse! During the early 1970s, a pair of plotlines changed comic-book mortality forever. Shock followed shock when Spider-Man lost a friend, a lover and an enemy in a dynamic drama that stunned readers as no comic deaths had before and few have since! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man 88-92, 121-122

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  • Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway by Gerry Conway
    Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway

    From legendary comics writer Gerry Conway with illustrations by fan-favorite artists including Jim Aparo, Carmine Infantino, José Luis García-López and Don Newton, and featuring guest appearances by Superman, Green Lantern and the whole Bat-family, these classic tales showcase one of the greatest talents ever to write for the Caped Crusader in TALES OF THE BATMAN: GERRY CONWAY....

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  • Man-thing: The Complete Collection Volume 1 by Gerry Conway
    Man-thing: The Complete Collection Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Steve Gerber

    With the Nexus of All Realities as the ultimate staging post, prepare for the wildest journeys of your life in this first volume of a complete collection of Steve Gerber's Man-Thing tales! Join the most startling swamp-creature of all in encounters with the Thing, sorcerers Dakimh and Jennifer Kale and the most far-out fowl ever created, Howard the Duck! Collecting: Astonishing Tales (1970) 12-13,...

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  • Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 2 - The Venom Experiment by Gerry Conway
    Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 2 - The Venom Experiment (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Ryan Stegman

    While Annie Parker is attending Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Magneto and his evil mutants attack, and when the X-Men all get taken out, it is up to the Parkers to stop the master of magnetism.

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  • The Mighty Thor Omnibus Vol. 3 by Stan Lee
    The Mighty Thor Omnibus Vol. 3 (English, Hardback) Stan Lee, Gerry Conway

    Stan Lee! Jack Kirby! John Buscema! Their Thor sagas were so big, so epic, so utterly cosmic in scope, we may need to ask the Surgeon General to slap a warning on this oversized Omnibus collection! It begins with the malignant Mangog, a beast from the darkest depths of Asgard...a beast of the apocalypse Ragnarok! Then, Thor and Ego the Living Planet battle Galactus! The Lord of the Underworld...

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  • Spider-man: Tombstone Vol. 1 by Gerry Conway
    Spider-man: Tombstone Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema

    Spider-Man's life takes a grave turn! He's about to encounter Tombstone -the highest priced killer in the business - and the whispering hitman will make a big noise in the life of the wall-crawler. Who is Tombstone? Why is Joe Robertson of all people investigating him? Whatever the answers, the albino assassin is about to get Spider-Man's attention - and the Punisher's too! COLLECTING: SPECTACULAR...

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  • Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 6 by David Anthony Kraft
    Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 6 (English, Hardback) David Anthony Kraft, Gerry Conway

    The Defenders, Marvel's "non-team" with an ever-changing roster, brings together its most famous members - Doctor Strange, the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner - with new comrades - Red Guardian, Moon Knight, Nick Fury - and fan-favorites - Luke Cage, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Nighthawk - and the result is nothing short of classic! The creative team of Kraft and Giff en jumps into the series feet first and spin...

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  • Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-up Vol. 3 by Len Wein
    Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-up Vol. 3 (English, Hardback) Len Wein, Gerry Conway

    With his popularity skyrocketing, Spider-Man became comicdom's top seller and fans wanted more, more, more! Marvel Team-Up provided a second monthly dose of Spidey action with the added bonus of a new heroic guest star every issue. When even that wasn't enough, Marvel launched Giant-Size Spider-Man, featuring double-sized extravaganzas! And lucky you, they're both being collected here - including...

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  • Punisher: Back To The War Omnibus by Gerry Conway
    Punisher: Back To The War Omnibus (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway, Len Wein

    Frank Castle's war begins! From his debut in Amazing Spider-Man to his first hit miniseries, the opening entries in the Punisher's war journal are collected in this can't-miss Omnibus. A grim figure willing to achieve justice by any means, the Punisher's early adventures shook the black-and-white world of heroes and villains off its foundation. Top creators, from Frank Miller to Mike Zeck, brought...

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