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  • Slaine Time Killer by Pat Mills
    Slaine Time Killer (Paperback) Pat Mills, Glenn Fabry

    Slaine, Ukko his faithful, evil-smelling dwarf and trainee priestess Nest visit the fortress of the Ever-Living Ones. These arch-druids may hold the key to the final defeat of the evil forces oppressing Slaine's people, but a chance encounter hurls Slaine and his allies through time to evergreater battles, threats and challenges!

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  • Slaine: The Book of Scars by Pat Mills
    Slaine: The Book of Scars (English, Hardback) Pat Mills, Simon Bisley

    Marking 30 years of the Celtic barbarian's adventures, this special anniversary edition brings together a sequence of new stories from creator Pat Mills and the artists who have worked on "Slaine" over the past 3 decades.

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  • Slaine The King by Pat Mills
    Slaine The King (Paperback) Pat Mills, Glenn Fabry

    From writer Pat Mills (Marshal Law)and artist Glenn Fabry (Preacher) comes a world of mists and magic and the ultimate Celtic warrior, SLAINE! This classic tale of sword and sorcery, is available again complete with a fantastic host of extras. Exiled from his tribe, Slaine is forced to roam the land of Tir-Nan-Og with his dwarf, Ukko. Ahead of him lie terrifying ordeals that will require all of...

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  • Predator Versus Judge Dredd Versus Aliens by John Layman
    Predator Versus Judge Dredd Versus Aliens (English, Paperback) John Layman, Glenn Fabry

    The ultimate science-fiction crossover pits the legendary lawman, Judge Dredd, against the universe's supreme hunters, the Predators, as they both try to survive an onslaught by the galaxy's ultimate killing machines, the Aliens! Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson have tracked a criminal cult across the Cursed Earth and into the Alabama morass, where a mad genetic scientist with destructive designs...

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  • The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection by John Wagner
    The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection (Paperback) John Wagner, Alan Grant

    Contains all four Batman/Dredd stories in one collection: "Judgement On Gotham", "Vendetta In Gotham", "The Ultimate Riddle" and "Die Laughing".

    5 stars

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  • Rachel Riley by Mac
    Rachel Riley (English, Paperback) Mac, Glenn Fabry

    Book Three of the award-winning series THE PROFESSIONALS! ...

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  • The Adventures of Basil and Moebius Volume 3: Secret of the Ancients by Ryan Schifrin
    The Adventures of Basil and Moebius Volume 3: Secret of the Ancients (English, Hardback) Ryan Schifrin, Larry Hama

    Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox are a pair of scoundrels tethered against their will to serve the mysterious - and other - worldly - billionaire known only as "The Collector."

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  • Bleedout by Tim Bradstreet
    Bleedout (English, Hardback) Tim Bradstreet, Nathan Fox

    Based on the Massively Multiplayer Online Shooter video game from Vogster Entertainment, this volume collects chapters drawn by some of the comic industry's hottest superstars, including Nathan Fox, Zach Howard, Sanford Greene, David Williams, Ben Templesmith, Gary Erskine, Howard Chaykin, and Trevor Hairsine, with cover art by Tim Bradstreet.

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  • Quenton Cohen by Mac
    Quenton Cohen (English, Paperback) Mac, Glenn Fabry

    Book Two of the award-winning series The Professionals. All Quenton Cohen cares about is opening his own restaurant and appearing on his favorite TV show. When a visiting African president is caught in a string of deadly accidents, Quenton realizes that something stinks, and it may just be in his kitchen.

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  • Batman Judge Dredd by Glenn Fabry
    Batman Judge Dredd (Italian, Paperback) Glenn Fabry, Alan Grant

    Il Cavaliere Oscuro contro i Giudici Oscuri. Judge Dredd contro Lobo, lo un mondo del genere... dove

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  • Lot 13 by Glenn Fabry
    Lot 13 (Italian, Paperback) Glenn Fabry, Steve Niles

    Il Male ha spesso origini antiche: si forma e si propaga tra la popolazione, infettando luoghi e persone con la propria insana e sanguinaria follia. L'origine

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  • Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman
    Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" (Paperback) Neil Gaiman, M. J. Carey

    There are two Londons. London Above is our 'normal' world, and London Below, deep underground, is where the Black Friars and the Hammer Smith live alongside the rat-speakers, and the Earl's Court forever travels the Circle line. Now, Richard Mayhew's normal life will disappear as he's plunged into London Below.

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  • Pue La Mort ! by Alan Grant
    Pue La Mort ! (French, Paperback) Alan Grant, Simon Bisley Currently Unavailable More details
  • Neil Gaimans Niemalsland by Neil Gaiman
    Neil Gaimans Niemalsland (German, Paperback) Neil Gaiman, Glenn Fabry

    Richard Mayhew ist ein ganz gewöhnlicher junger Mann, der seine Tage mit einem ganz gewöhnlichen Job verbringt. Bis er etwas Ungewöhnliches tut. Er will einer geheimnisvollen jungen Frau helfen, die verletzt auf der Straße liegt. Wegen dieser einfachen, einzigen Tat wird sein Leben nie wieder gewöhnlich sein. ...

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  • Preacher TP Vol 01 Gone To Texas New Edition by Garth Ennis
    Preacher TP Vol 01 Gone To Texas New Edition (English, Paperback) Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

    Available for the first time in hardcover, Preacher Jesse Custer begins his dark journey to find God.

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  • Preacher TP Vol 02 Until The End Of The World New by Garth Ennis
    Preacher TP Vol 02 Until The End Of The World New (English, Paperback) Garth Ennis, Glenn Fabry

    Written by Garth Ennis Art by Steve Dillon Cover by Glenn Fabry Continuing the new editions of the classic PREACHER trade paperbacks! This volume contains PREACHER #8-17, in which Custer heads to the south to confront the extremely dysfunctional family that abused him as a child.

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  • Slayer by Slayer
    Slayer (Other book format) Jon Schnepp Currently Unavailable More details
  • Preacher Dead or Alive by Glenn Fabry
    Preacher Dead or Alive (English, Hardback) Glenn Fabry Currently Unavailable More details
  • The Authority: Kev by Garth Ennis
    The Authority: Kev (Paperback) Garth Ennis, Glenn Fabry

    The Authority are seven super-powered individuals who have vowed to make the world a better place, answering to nobody, and taking no prisoners as they go. Kev Hawkins is the man the British government calls when they want someone removed - permanently. A former SAS Corporal turned assassin, he has just been given the most difficult assignment of his career: find and eliminate the Authority...From...

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